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17. Draco Malfoy's Son and Harry Potter's Daughter

Name: Odette Potter
Age: 17
Parents: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th
Extra Info:Odette is a Gryffindor Prefect as well as on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a Chaser much to her twin Albus' objections. Her best subjects are Defense Against The Dark Arts and Charms.
Name: Dante Malfoy
Age: 17
Parents: Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass
House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Extra Info: Dante is a Slytherin Prefect and the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. He plays the Seeker and unlike is father he earned his spot on the team. His best subjects are Defense Against The Dark Arts and Potions.

*A Meeting*
Odette walked along the lighted halls of Hogwarts clutching the locket she had dropped in the Great Hall during the Sorting Hat ceremony. She’d gone all the way back to the Gryffindor common room before she had noticed that it was gone. She had left her many cousins and twin brother and gone down to fetch it. She was now passing a sleeping portrait of the great Albus Dumbledore when she heard scrambling up ahead.
“Please! Just let me go,” came a petrified voice. Odette turned the corner to find a first year boy cowering before Lance Goyle and Cole Parkinson.
“Don’t you two have better things to do?” Odette scowled as she approached the two bullies and their unfortunate victim. “Run along Hank.” The little boy didn’t have to be told twice as he ran away as fast as he little legs could carry him.
“Who do you think you are?” Lance growled advancing on her. Odette stood her ground and lifted her chin. “Just because your father was a supposed hero doesn’t means you can go prancing around like a damn queen.”
“At least I’m not a coward who picks on young children to make myself feel better,” Odette responded. “You’re a seventh year, grow up.”
“You’re going to regret that,” Cole sneered grasping her arm roughly. Odette was just reaching for her wand when a spell froze her hand. She looked up to find Dante Malfoy strolling towards them with an air of calm command about him.
“There’s no need for your wand.” Dante’s voice was like cold velvet and had Odette trembling with an unknown emotion. “Parkinson, Goyle get back to the common room now.” The two boys gave Odette one more glare before turning and leaving. Dante, however, did not move to follow them. Odette’s heart pounded as he took a few steps forward to stand before her. It was strange to think that this was their first meeting. In all of her six years at Hogwarts not once had she been left alone with him or even talked to the son of her father’s former enemy. Of course she had seen him around but her twin had made sure that she was never near him and every other time she had stayed well away from him of her own free will. She didn’t really relish the thought of meeting a Malfoy.
“I could have handled them,” Odette said as she tucked her red hair behind her ear.
“Yes, I sure you could have,” Dante replied and Odette was distraught to find that his voice was pleasant to her ears. With him this close to her, Odette could finally study the infamous Dante Malfoy. He was tall standing a head above her and making her tilt her head to look into his eyes. Dante had a lean body that gave him an advantage as his position as Seeker but Odette could still make out the shape of muscles on his biceps through his shirt. He was wearing his robes with the Slytherin crest proudly displayed on them. His tie, however, was loosened and the top of his white shirt was unbuttoned to show a glimpse of the pale, muscled skin. On Dante’s right hand was a silver ring with his family crest displayed clearly. His hair was a golden blond that feel over his forehead and made Odette want to push it back. His eyes were a clear grey that hide well his emotions because as much as Odette tried she could decipher nothing in his gaze.
“You shouldn’t be wondering the halls this late,” Odette said for the lack of anything original to say.
“Neither should you,” Dante replied smoothly, arching an eyebrow. “But lucky for you that I happen to be “wondering” around.”
Odette made an unladylike snort that would have made her mother drop dead in horror, “Up to no good is more like it.”
“You can think whatever you like Odette,” he responded emphasizing her name in a way that had her heart racing. “I suggest you go back to your common room before your brother sends out a search party.” Knowing her twin Odette couldn’t argue so she turned away from Dante and walked away.
She was a few feet away when she turned back, “Dante?”
“Yes?” he answered stopping and locking gazes with her.
“Thank you,” Odette said quickly before fleeing Dante and the surprise that she had seen in his cold grey eyes.
*First Glance*
“I’m starving!” Hugo, one of Odette’s cousins, grumbled as he sank into the bench next to Odette’s best friend Linda Fitzgerald and her twin Albus who were both eating pancakes.
“You’re always eating everything,” Rose, Hugo’s sister and yet another of Odette’s cousins complained.
“At least I’m not studying,” Hugo replied with his mouth full.
“I’m sorry I didn’t catch that with your mouth stuffed with god knows what,” Rose said flipping the page of the book she had next to her plate.
“It’s sausage, duh,” Hugo said.
“Maybe you should eat something Rose,” Odette said taking a bite of toast.
“Come on sis! It’s the first day of school, what could you possible have to study?” Hugo said as the rest of the group burst out in laughter.
“A lot of things. I have to review spells for Charms, I almost didn’t get an Outstanding in Potions and I have---.”
“Dear god it must have been the end of the world,” Albus teased.
“Well whenever you need favors with your homework or papers don’t even think about crawling to me,” Rose responded, flicking her hair behind her back as the boys protested and immediately begged her pardon.
“So did you see Jack Nicholson?” Linda asked with a sly smile.
“No, why?” Odette asked already annoyed by the mention of his name.
“Well he’s been asking about you and if it’s possible he got even hotter during the summer…” As Linda babble on and on about the playboy of the school Odette tuned her out. She could care less about Jack Nicholson when another guy was on her mind. All of a sudden Odette got the odd feeling that someone was staring at her. Looking up her gaze collided with a pair of grey ones watching her from across the Hall. Her breath caught as Dante’s gaze locked with hers and Odette felt as if they were the only two people in the world. Her friends beside her were gone as well as Dante’s blonde bimbo wrapping her tentacles around his arm and the bullies he called friends. In that moment even the distance between them was gone and she could almost feel his breath tickle her face.
“Odette, hello?” Linda’s voice intruded on her daydream.
“What?” Odette asked tearing her eyes away from Dante’s powerful gaze.
“I was just saying that I think Jack is going to ask you out,” Linda replied. “What were you staring at?”
“Nothing,” Odette said quickly, earning her a suspicious glance from her twin. “I thought I saw something on the wall over there but it was nothing.”
“Okay then,” Hugo said spitting out some sausage in the process.
“Eww gross!” cried Odette.
“That’s disgusting Hugo,” chided Rose.
“You’re such girls,” he replied rolling his eyes.
“You are a pig!” Rose snapped. As the siblings started a mini fight, Linda elbowed Odette in the side.
“Ouch!” she said.
“Dante Malfoy is staring at you,” Linda whispered confidentially.
“You must be dreaming,” Odette whispered back but couldn’t resist looking at Dante. He was in fact still looking at her and she was amazed to find a small smile on his lips.
“Oh my lord he just smiled at you! Who even knew he could smile?!” squealed Linda.
“Who smiled at who?” Albus asked curiously looking behind him but thankfully Dante had turned his head and was talking to the people around him.
“No one special,” Odette interjected hastily. “I have to get to class. You coming Linda?”
“Yeah,” she said as they got up and walked away together.
“Are you crazy?!” Odette said when they were out of earshot.
“What?” she asked innocently.
“It’s a Malfoy you were talking about and I don’t even think he was looking at me,” Odette said.
“Sorry I forgot that little detail and he was,“ Linda said as they walked down the hall to Transfiguration. “Deny it all you want but you have to admit that he is one hot man! Have you seen his body?” Lind closed her eyes in wonder and Odette couldn’t help giggling.
“Get your mind out of the gutter,” Odette said smiling.
“If you haven’t noticed then you’re blind!” Linda responded.
“Let’s just get to class,” Odette replied because she couldn’t admit that her eyes were very much open when it came to Dante Malfoy.
*Second Glance*
Two months later, Odette hurried to her History of Magic class after having stayed a few more minutes with Rose than she should have. Rose had caught a cold and had to be physically brought to bed so that she wouldn’t go to class. Then her brother had given her a lengthy sermon on how she had to remain in bed the whole day or he would hunt her down. Then for go measure he had taken her school books away. Rose was in a bad mood to say the least. Odette entered class with a minute to spare. As she started to make her way to her usual spot next to Linda she saw that it was taken by that low life Jack Nicholson. When Linda caught her eye she shrugged in apology. Odette was mad but couldn’t blame her friend for wanting to sit next to her dream guy. She looked around the room and her pulse stopped when she spotted the only free spot…next to Dante Malfoy! Screw it, now she was pissed. Her friend had to choose the one day that everyone seemed to have come to class to want to sit next to Mr. Nicholson. Squaring her shoulders and knowing it was inevitable she made her way to Dante’s bench. She kept her face relaxed as she sat beside him and saw him lift his head from the notebook he was writing in. When he saw it was her his lip formed a small smirk as his eyes watched her. Odette was acutely aware that the whole class was staring and whispering about them. Odette could only thank God that this was the only class that her twin didn’t have with her. Odette blushed and ducked her head as the teacher Professor Binn floated through the wall and went to stand in front of his podium.
“Today we will be learning the history of the giant’s war. The giant’s war began in the year three hundred and was because of…” the ghost continued on and on. A few took notes but most of the students were either passing notes or had fallen asleep. Odette was one of the few that were taking this class seriously…or at least trying. The only problem was a little distraction called Dante. Problem number one, she could almost feel the heat of his leg next to hers and had to fight the temptation not to lean her leg against his. Problem number two, Dante had decided to push his sleeves up so his strong soft skin was bare. And finally number three, every once in a while she would feel his beautiful grey eyes upon her. Focus, Odette thought to herself. Then she felt Dante’s leg brush hers and she half jumped out of her seat uttering a tiny cry. Odette was shocked to hear a small chuckle escape Dante as the whole class stared at them.
“Are you quite well Miss Potter?” asked Professor Binn.
“Yes quite,” she replied.
“Very well then. As I was saying the leader of the giants…” Binn’s droning voice continued as everyone turned back to what they had been doing. Odette saw Linda give her a look before Dante’s whisper made her forget everything but him.
“Sorry,” he said so quietly that she almost thought she had imagined it. She gave a curt nod and went back to taking notes. Not a minute had gone by before Dante slid a folded piece of paper over to her. She glanced at him curiously as he listened to Binn but unfolded the parchment.
Will you go out on a date with me?
Odette blinked a few times to clear her vision as she was positive she hadn’t read correct yet the words were still there.
You're kidding right? She wrote back before passing it to him. He looked at the paper before writing his reply.
I’m not the kind of guy to kid around. My question still stands.
Is this some sort of bet you having going with your buddies?
No. Is it so hard to believe that I might find you interesting and beautiful?
Odette blushed to a color as red as her hair when she read those words before hurriedly writing a Yes.
Well I do. Now stop stalling and answer the question.
Odette pondered for a few minutes about the lectures she was going to get from her parents and brothers if they heard of this. Not to mention the possibility that this could be a trick that she was playing into. Odette then looked up to fine Dante glancing at her again and threw caution to the wind.
I’d love to go out with you. She passed it to him before she could change her mind and then stood as the class was dismissed. Odette threaded her arms through Linda’s and they exited the class to head for Charms. Odette didn’t turn back to see the honest smile spread on Dante’s face as he read the note.
*A Date*
“Why in the world are you dressed so nice?” Hugo asked as the whole group made their way down to the main hall. It was about a week later and the weather was turning a bit chilly but that wasn’t going to stop any of them from enjoying a day at Hogsmeade.
“Because I have a date,” Odette replied smoothing down her green shirt in nervousness. For her first date with Dante she was wearing a light pair on blue jeans and a green long sleeved shirt with a V neck. Odette had on a pair on matching green flats and her hair was slicked back in a tight ponytail. Her shirt brought out the natural green of her eyes but she added a bit of mascara and eye liner to make them pop. Her lips were glossed and she was wearing green chandelier earrings.
“Excuse me?” Albus said his eyes widening. “How come I didn’t hear of this before?”
“Because of the way you are acting right now,” Odette snapped. “You’re not father Albus.”
“But I’m your twin and I have to keep you out of trouble,” Albus insisted as they stopped outside of the doors which was were the meeting place was set.
“Lighten up mate. The only problem she’s going to encounter is whether to French kiss or not,” Hugo teased. “Or if they should make ou--.”
“Will you shut it!” Albus shouted. “Good God you’re going to make me vomit.”
“You two are so immature,” Rose cut in. “Odette is seventeen and can very well go on a date.”
“No buts Albus. I’m sure she’ll find you if she needs anything,” Rose said. “Now come along.”
They were a few feet away before Hugo shouted, “So who’s the lucky bloke?”
“Dante Malfoy,” Odette replied before she thought better of it.
“Haha Malfoy, very funny Odette,” Hugo laughed as he but his arms over a pale Albus. “She was only kidding Albus. What is with you today? You’d think…” Odette didn’t hear the rest of their conversation because they walked out of her hearing range. She waited another ten minutes before Dante finally showed up.
“Sorry I’m late,” he said stopping to stand closer to her than was proper. He looked very handsome today with dark jeans and a white dress shirt that showed of his muscles magnificently. “I had to lose my friends, didn’t really think you would want to be around them. Hell, I didn’t want to be around them.”
“It’s fine. I didn’t wait that long,” Odette replied as they started to walk side by side to Hogsmeade. Odette was glad that most of the students were far ahead so that they couldn’t comment on the two of them being together.
“Why do you hang out with them if you don’t like them?” Odette asked looking up into his eyes. Her eyes widened a little in surprise. They had a warmth in them that she had never seen and it had her melting inside.
“Same reason you thought that I was asking you out because of a bet,” Dante replied running his hands through his blonde hair. “People expect me to befriend them just like everyone expects us to hate and want to humiliate the other.” He paused and hesitated before admitting, “I hate that everyone expects me to be just like my father.”
“What’s he like your father?” Odette asked as they passed the Shrieking Shack. “I’ve really only heard rumors about your family.”
“The rumors you’re talking about must be about my family being Death Eaters and how they helped the Dark Lord.” Odette looked down at her hands but he lifted her chin to look at him. “My family has done a lot of horrible things, I won’t deny it. But I hate that the wizarding world seems to be waiting for me to slip up as well. You have no idea what it feels like for people to already count you out as evil before even getting to know you.” Dante’s face was pinched with so much anger and sadness, his grey eyes had gone darker and were flickering with so much depression that Odette took his hand. Dante’s head jerked to meet her green gaze and then looked down at their intertwined hands.
“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Odette said softly. “Let’s talk about something else.” The rest of the way to the Three Broomsticks they talked about school, friends, Quidditch, and their plans for the future as they walked hand in hand. Sometimes Dante would brush his thumb over the back of Odette’s palm and then she would squeeze his hand gently in affection. For all the world to see, they walked the streets of Hogsmeade like they had been a couple for years. Some students that noticed them stared like they were seeing a demon and ran to tell their friends. Dante and Odette paid no attention to them as they laughed and got to know each other. Dante held the door of the pub as Odette entered. She noticed that the place was full of people and thanked god that her twin didn’t seem to be anywhere inside.
“There’s a table right over there,” Dante pointed. “You go sit and I’ll get you a butterbeer.”
“Alright,” Odette said smiling as she made her way to the table. She had just sat down when her twin, Linda, and her two cousins arrived at the pub. Rose was the first to spot her and they all made there way over to her.
“Fancy meeting you here,” Hugo grinned. “What happened to your date? Ran away when he saw you.”
“Hugo!” Rose said hitting him on the arm as they all sat down before Odette could say anything. This was going to be awkward.
“No, he went to get butterbeers,” Odette replied.
“Is he being nice to you? Keeping the proper boundaries and not groping you?” Albus interrogated her. “Did he kiss you yet? I can punch him for you if you want.”
“Yes, no, no, and no you can’t punch him. You don’t even know who it is,” Odette said. Her brother was too protective sometimes.
“Here you go Odette,” Dante said placing a glass before her and sitting next to her. “I see a few more people have joined us. Hello.” Hugo’s mouth dropped and Albus looked like he was about to faint or hit something.
“Blimy th-that’s Dante Malfoy,” Hugo whispered loudly enough for them all to hear. “She wasn’t joking about going out with him.”
“Shhh,” Rose told her brother before addressing Dante. “Hi, it’s so good to…meet you?” Odette gave Rose some credit for trying but when it sounds like a question it looks fake.
“What the heck are you doing with my sister?” Albus said not beating around the bush.
“Albus!” Odette hissed in anger as she kicked him under the table.
“It’s fine Odette,” Dante replied placing a hand over hers.
“Oooo, there’s about to be a fight!” Hugo said excitedly to the two girls when he caught sight of Albus‘ face. “Oww!” He cried as they both hit him on the back of the head at the same time. “That was uncalled for.”
“We’re on a date,” Dante said leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. “I thought you were smarter then that Potter.”
“Well this little date is over,” Albus replied fisting his hand.
“It’s not,” Odette said glaring at her twin.
“Look Potter. I’m not doing this to hurt or ridicule her,” Dante said his gaze honest and powerful. “I want to get to know her. Now if you need to let out your frustration then go ahead and hit me. I won’t fight back and you can do it as many times as you want. But afterward you leave the two of us alone,” Dante said seriously as silence spread throughout the table. Albus was debating with himself but never looked away from Dante’s face. “Well?”
“If you hurt her I’ll kill you,” Albus said the tension loosening from his body. He stood and motioned the rest of the group to follow. “Let’s go.”
“Wait! What about the fight?” Hugo insisted.
“Let it go Hugo,” Linda said pulling his arm.
“And the punch? I thought you were going to punch him Albus?” Hugo added running to Albus’ side as they exited the Three Broomstick but not before Albus shot Dante a death glare.
“I think he likes you,” Odette said smiling widely as she tried to keep from laughing.
“Really? He must be terrifying angry,” Dante said sarcastically. Odette burst into laughter and smiled when Dante joined in.
*A Kiss*
“Dante I’m trying to study,” Odette said slanting her head away from Dante’s caress. They were currently in the Room of Requirements because even after three months of public dating people still watched them like hawks. Most likely by now almost the whole wizarding world would know of their involvement except their parents. Dante had threatened all his friends from telling and I had convinced Albus not to talk about it to father and mother.Albus said he didn’t approve and didn’t want to be on the receiving end of father’s wrath when it became known I was dating his enemy’s son but I think the real reason was that he liked Dante more than he cared to admit. However, the eyes that followed them around had forced them to find a quiet place to be alone.
“We’ve been studying for hours. I think you know everything for the Potions test tomorrow,” he said from behind her as he replaced his hands with his lips.
“I’m not a genius in Potions like you,” Odette said trying to sound firm but his lips were crumpling her resolve. “I need…I need to s-study…” she finished in a moan as he found her spot and licked it before kissing it. Her Potion’s book completely forgotten, she turned around to sit in his laps. He smirked wickedly as he claimed her lips. At first is was like all the kisses they had shared, slow and passionate as he took his time exploring her mouth with his tongue. Odette gasped as he pulled her closer against him. She braced one hand over his thundering heartbeat as the other plunged into his blond hair. “Dante.” The sound of his name on her lips must have done something to him because he groaned and pushed her gently to the ground. His hard body was laid out on top of her as his kisses became heated. His tongue meet hers in a familiar dance as his hands caressed her body. He was not the only one. Odette tugged furiously at his shirt and they paused in their kiss long enough for him to discard it. Marveling at the smooth plains of his body, she let her hand wonder over his six pack and rippling arms as they flexed from the effort of keeping his weight off of her. Dante’s hands slid across her body, leaving a trial of heat. Everywhere his hands went--her sides, stomach, neck, and chest-- was scorched by a yearning for his touch. Then he slid his hands under her skirt and touched her thighs making her weak with passion. Desire was clouding her mind and for once she didn’t care. Her whole focus was on the fire burning brightly in Dante’s eyes as well as another emotion that flickered in them before fading just as quickly as they become one.
*A Surprise*
A month later, Odette stood in the tunnel leading out into the Quidditch pitch pacing. It was the final between Gryffindor and Slytherin and the parents had been invited to watch but that was not why she was nervous.
“Hey sis,” came Albus strolling out of the dressing room wearing the same red and gold Gryffindor uniform she was wearing. “Ready for the big game?”
Odette sighed and wished that he hadn’t been the first one out of the dressing room, “Listen Albus--.”
“Just keep your game face on today. You’re our best Chaser so keep your eyes open for Bludgers because I’m sure Slytherin will be aiming for you even if you are their Captain’s girlfriend,” Albus instructed.
“Albus,” she started to say.
“And focus, don’t let your eyes wonder to a certain player. He’s the enemy today! You must crush him and dest--.”
“Albus!” Odette yelled over him. “Listen to me.”
“What is it?” Albus asked, eyes wide from her outburst.
“I can’t play today,” Odette blurted out rapidly.
Albus’ jaw dropped, “Excuse me?”
“I’m not playing in today’s game,” she repeated folding her hands in front of her.
“Like hell you’re not,” Albus said straightening and putting on his Captain of the Quidditch team face on. “I have no one better than you to play.”
“Put in Kendra. She’s decent,” Odette said.
“You are playing this game Odette if I have to drag you on the field screaming,” Albus threatened.
“I cannot play,” Odette said calmly.
“Yes you can,” Albus said between clenched teeth. “I don’t care if you don’t want to hurt your boyfriend when we win---.”
“It’s not because of Dante,” Odette said. Well it half is, she thought to herself.
“Then why in the world won’t you play!?!?” cried Albus.
“So pleasant to hear your musical voice Potter,” Dante smirked as he walked to them in his handsome green uniform. “What’s wrong today?”
“What’s wrong?!” cried Albus rounding up on Odette’s perfectly unruffled boyfriend. “Odette won’t play because you’ve gotten in her mind! That’s what’s wrong!”
“I’ve done nothing to put her up to this,” Dante half growled as he towered over her brother. She could feel lightening between the two.
“Stop it both of you!” Odette snapped stepping between them.
“Odette it's not worth it,” Albus said. “He’s a little prick, let’s teach him something out on that pitch.”
“I’ve been nothing but kind,” Dante replied with venom in his tone.
“Oh please--,” added her twin but she cut in.
“I’m pregnant!” Both stopped pointing the finger at each other and stared at her. Albus’ mouth dropped for the second time in less than three minutes and Dante’s skin went pale--well paler than usual.
“Huh?” was all Albus managed to say but Dante came to her side and pulled her in his arms.
“Are you alright?” he whispered into her ear.
“Yes,” Odette said wrapping her hands around his middle. “Are you mad?”
“No,” he said and she felt him smile when he pressed the side of his face to hers. “I’m nervous and shocked but happy. You?”
“I’m happy,” Odette whispered back.

"I love you," Dante declared.
"And I love you Dante," Odette said.
“Oh sweet heaven,” Albus said shaking his head. “I don’t know if I should hit both of you or congratulate you.”
“I say the second,” Odette smiled.
“Definitely the second,” Dante grinned his arms still around her possessively. “And don’t worry Potter.” Dante’s grey eyes sought her green ones. “After Hogwarts I intent to marry your sister.” Odette smiled widely as she drew him in for a short kiss but one that promised a lifetime together.
“A Malfoy and a Potter,” Albus said in wonder.
“There’s only one problem now,” Dante said as the rest of the Slytherin and Gryffindor team entered the tunnel.
“What’s that?” Odette asked.
“Telling the parents,” Dante replied.
“We'll do it together,” Odette responded placing her hand over his heart.
“Together,” Dante repeated with a smile as he clasped the hand over his heart. “Forever.”


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