Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


119. Dean O'Gorman 8

~Dean had been friends with you for a while now. He was always seen as your best friend and nothing more. He visited you when he could when he wasn’t busy doing something else. He was worried about you though. You were always dealing with things that you should have never had to deal with on your own.
Dean walked up the stairs to your flat and knocked on the door. He waited for a few moments. You hadn’t come to the door. He opened the door to your flat and went up the stairs after closing the door. He heard music so that was probably the reason why you hadn’t answered the door.
He walked up the stairs and opened the door and what he was greeted with was a wonderful sight. You were dancing around. He felt his heart flutter in his chest. He always liked it when you danced around. It was like you were gliding around on the air. Seeing you dance like that made him only hope that you would open your eyes and see him for more than just a friend. He really wanted more with you, but how was he going to ask you?
He cleared his throat.
You whirled around and looked at him. Your eyes were wide. “Dean.”
Dean smiled a shy smile. “Hello ______.”
“What are you doing here?” You asked confused of why your best friend of over twenty years was here at your flat.
Dean smiled. “I knocked. You didn’t answer. I also called. I thought I would come by and check on you to make sure that you were alright.” Dean said rubbing the back of his neck.
You tilted your head to the side and walked towards him. He always did look so adorable when he did that. “You were worried about me?”
Dean nodded his head.
You planted a soft kiss on his lips. “That’s so sweet of you.” You whispered softly.
“______.” He said shyly.
“Will you be my girlfriend.”

You kissed him softly again giving him your answer.

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