Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


93. Dean O'Gorman 4

~“Dean come on baby.” You said with a huge smile on your face. Your hand was clasped around his tightly as the two of you were running in the rain. You both were trying to get out of the rain.
Dean laughed as the two of you ran. Your feet were splashing the water around as the two of you ran. “Wait, ________.” He pulled you into the cafe that he seen.
You squealed with delight. You laughed lightly and rested your head on his chest.
Dean laughed. He had to admit it was nice getting caught out in the rain with you.
You two were in the club dancing together. Loud music boomed through the speakers and neither one of you were listening to what was going on around the two of you. You both were focused on each other.
You were the one that was able to get Dean to come out with you and enjoy everything. You had wanted to go dancing. There was no way that Dean was going to say no to you that was for sure.
His hands were on your hips as the two of you danced together.
You smoothed your hands over the blue gown that Dean had gotten on his card. You were going out to the Desolation of Smaug premiere with him. You couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend of four years on the big screen again as the hot dwarf Fili. You came out of the bathroom.
Dean took a sharp breath when he saw you. “You look beautiful darling.”
You grinned and walked over to him.
He gave you a kiss. “Are you ready to go?”
You were out with Dean that night. The two of you were heading home from a date. The weather of course was fairly crappy. Rain and thunder was how your night was going to end.
Dean was driving of course. He decided that it was best that he drove because he knew that you had a problem with driving through thunderstorms.
“I love you Dean.”
“I love you too, __________.”
You put your hand on top of his on the gear shift as he drove.
Dean felt something was wrong with the car and tried to slow it down, but all of his efforts were in vain.
Dean awoke to the sound of a beeping machine. He looked around trying to place where he was at. He was in the hospital.
“Look who’s awake.” He heard a Irish male speak up.
Dean looked over and saw his best friend Aidan there. He was hoping that you would be there in the same room as him. “Aidan…. where’s _______?”
“The doctor wanted to speak with you on that.” He said softly.
“Aid… tell me. I don’t want to hear anything from the doctors. I want to hear what you know.”
Aidan felt his eyes water. “You survived… she didn’t.” He said softly.
Dean felt his whole world collapse around him. “No….”
Dean stood there with Aidan and Richard. You had become fairly close friends with Aidan and Richard, but them being here was something that Dean wanted. There was no way that he was going to be able to bury you without them here. They were there to support him. The rest of his friends had shown up to give him moral support. After all this was the worst thing that could happen.
Dean felt a drop of rain land on his cheek. What a fitting way to end today. The day that he was laying you to rest. Perhaps he took it as a sign of you crying from heaven. He wasn’t sure. But he was happily engaged to you that night of the accident. It had been a cruel twist of fate.
Dean stood in front of your grave. He placed flowers on your grave. He ran his hand through his hair as he looked at your name that was engraved into the gravestone. He wished that it hadn’t ended this way. You were his world. You were everything to him. He had found a little note to yourself to go and get checked by the doctor to see how far along you were in a pregnancy. You were going to have his child.
Dean wiped his tears away. “I miss you, _______. I wish you are here with me now.”

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