Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


81. Dean O'Gorman 2

~You remembered when you and Dean had first met. You were painting a picture in your homeland of New Zealand and he was taking pictures of your homeland. You knew who he was right off of the bat. He was like a shy kid getting caught having his first crush. He was shy and you liked him. He was polite and that was a good quality in men.
You fell in love with him right away. You had never thought you would see yourself with a popular actor, photographer, and painter. He had fallen in love with you because you were everything that he had asked for in a woman. He was happy with you and you were happy with him.
You laid your head on Dean’s shoulder as the two of you watched a movie.
Dean’s fingers lightly danced on your side that wasn’t covered with your shirt… well his shirt. You had always had a habit of taking his shirts when you wanted something to wear that was baggy and not your own. “You look beautiful in my shirt.” Dean said softly.
You looked up at him tiredly. Your cheeks were rosy with blush. You were use to his compliments, but you still blushed.
Dean smiled when he saw your blush. “You tired darling?”
You nuzzled into the side of his neck. You shook your head. “Why did we have to pick a sad movie?”
“You wanted to watch a love story.” Dean said kissing the top of your head. “You were the one that picked out Moulin Rouge.”
You nuzzled the side his neck again kissing the side of his neck softly.

Dean tilted your head up and kissed your lips softly. One of these days he would ask you to marry him. He just needed to get the guts to ask you to marry him. After all you were his everything.

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