Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


78. Dean O'Gorman 1

~You nervously ran your hand through your hair. You couldn’t take it any more. You felt self conscious around Dean. You felt almost every single flaw that you had come out more when you were with him. You didn’t feel like you were really good enough for him. After all he was handsome and well you were just plain jane. A friend of his up until he had gotten big roles for movies and tv series. Sure you had other guys do that to you as well, but it still bothered you that you thought that you were not deserving of anyones love.
You just weren’t sure of how Dean was going to take this after all he has been first and for most your best friend. Falling in love with him wasn’t part of the plan that you had. You had your defenses up so high you never thought that you would fall and fall hard for your best friend.
You two were always attached at the hip. You always had fun together, but throwing yourself into a relationship with Dean was something that you weren’t so sure about.
You closed your eyes in pain. This was the hardest choice that you had to make. You had promised yourself that you would never fall in love. Just because of a few failed relationships on your end. The guys always in the end said it was your fault. And you really didn’t want it to be your fault again. You didn’t know if you could even bring yourself to end things with Dean.
Dean was always a sweetheart to you. He always made the relationship that the two of you were in always work out. You two hardly fought and when you did it was over the silliest little things. Then everything seemed to work out in the end.
You brought your knees up to your chest. You felt the tears slip from your eyes. How were you going to do this. You couldn’t hurt Dean. Dean was everything that you had strived to be in life and you hadn’t gotten there yet.
You heard the door open. You looked up from your sitting place on the floor and saw Dean was there.
Dean looked concerned in seeing you on the floor. “Darling is everything alright?”
You locked your eyes with his blue ones. God you loved him. But were you willing to continue this relationship. When you were so afraid that it wouldn’t work. You saw the concerned look that he held in his eyes, but you could also see that he loved you deeply. You couldn’t do that. Not to him. Not when he has given you the love that you needed and you had given him all the love that you needed.
You got up to your feet and threw yourself at him
Dean caught you around the waist and buried his face into your hair as you buried your face into his chest. He was fine with you hugging him. But he wanted to know what was wrong. “What’s wrong darling?”
You looked up at him. You just wanted to hold him and tell him that you loved him so much. “I love you Dean.”
“I love you too darling.”

You got up onto your tip toes and brushed your lips against his. This you could handle.

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