Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


4. David Thewlis 2

~It was one of those days.
My job at the local paper editor has been keeping me extra busy since it was Christmas break and I was in a routine of eatting breakfast, working on work, napping, calling Gary, going out to lunch with Gary, more work, dinner, and then to end the day, I'd curl up on my couch and watch a movie.
But today was a day were Gary was busy and I procrastinated on work. A lazy day. A I-really-don't-care-what-I-do-today day.
Plus it was raining like crazy.
Night had come quickly and I sat on my comfy settee, watching the newest movie out.
London was peaceful tonight. No honking car horns, or screaming neighbors. No...tonight was just a nice rainy night.
I was glad I had taken a break from my small acting career and just got away from America. Everything was so crazy over there, politics, people, places, things.
I had recently done a movie with Gary Oldman, and we had become pretty good friends...and when I say pretty good...I mean like best friends.
We hung out regularly, seeing as he was living just down the street. Mostly out for lunch or dinner, maybe see a movie, or to help Gary get away from his insane children sometimes and leave them with a nanny.
But the best times, were when he brought his friend David.
David Thewlis.
He was the cheekiest, sweetest, down to Earth guy I had ever met. Not to mention he was adorable.
He was in my brain on days like this. Like brain crack. I couldn't get him out of my head.
I sighed and reached down to grab a handful of popcorn when a knock at the door came. It was late at night, so I couldn't imagine who it would be.
"David?" I asked shocked, as I opened the door. He was soaking wet and his eyes were red. "What-wh-come in!" I said nervously, opening the door wider.
"Thanks." Daivd mumbled, pulling the strap of a doufle bag off his shoulder. He set it down by the coat rack and turned to me.
"Sorry about barging in here like this." he apologized.
His hair was stuck against his wet forehead. His clothes floppy and dripping. But the look in his eyes was heartbreaking. They were rimmed red and blood shot.
"Me and Anna broke up." he said softly, staring at his feet. "My house here is getting fixed, water damaged. I'm looking for a place to stay and...well, Gary said you had an extra room." he muttered, glancing up at me.
"I promise I won't be a bother. I'm quiet, don't eat much, you won't even know I'm here. I only need to stay a few days." he said quickly, looking at me scared.
"No!" I said smiling. "Stay. Stay as long as you want." I stepped towards the closet to get sheets. "Just let me get the room ready...do you have a change of clothes?" I asked, looking at the puddle of water around David's feet.
"Oh, yeh. Uh-I'll just...change." he said, picking his bag up and moving towards a random door. He reached for the handle, looking at me questioningly.
"Yeh, go ahead." I answered for him, smiling as I was just about to go into the guest room.
"Jessi." David called out. I turned around, staring at the drenched man.
"Thank you. So much. This means a lot." he said softly, a small smile on his lips.
"Get changed and then I'll make you something to eat-are you hungry?" I asked. David nodded his head, smiling again before closing the door.
'That's my bedroom.' I suddenly thought, cursing myself softly before going to the guest room and putting clean sheets on the bed, trying to calm my heart down into normal beats.
I quickly stepped out of my shoes and peeled off my socks. The blue carpet was warm under my toes.
I looked up, seeing Jessi's room for the first time.
The white walls were covered in posters of music groups and movies. Her queen bed was pushed into the left corner of the room. A wardrobe in the right corner. Next to me was a desk with many papers on it. A guitar was leaning against the table.
But what really caught my eye was the framed pictures on her desk.
A large one of a man, who looked a bit like Jessi, and another man, both smiling in the arms of the other.
Her father perhaps?
There was another large picture next to that one of 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl: Jessi. The boys were standing, smiling, in front of a brown horse, which Jessi was sitting on top of.
'She's a cowgirl.' I thought laughing.
The last picture wasn't framed, but taped to the desk top. It was cut from a magazine. A photo of Jessi and Gary, and me and Gracie. It was obviously a popperatzi shot, none of us were looking directly at the camera. Gary was in mid giggle as I was facing Jessi and we were laughing at Gracie.
I remember that day.
~Still David~
"Gracie you need to eat your food." I said pointing to her plate. She shook her head, humphing and crossing her arms across her chest.
"Gracie." I said warningly.
"It's gross!" she said, sticking her tongue out.
Gary had invited me out to lunch with his co-star Jessi Thompson, who I had met a few times before. She seemed like a lovely girl. Down to Earth, peaceful, funny. Very beautiful.
We had decided on a regular lunch joint around the block, and I brought Gracie along because Anna was filming a movie in L.A. Needless to say, Gracie had been hanging around a pretty bad nanny, and her attitude hasn't been good.
Sighing, I leaned back in my chair, looking over at Jessi. "Sorry, she's just being difficult."
Jessi laughed, looking back at me smiling.
She really was quite beautiful. Her short black pixie cut hair and hazel eyes. Full lips and tiny freckles across her nose. What I really loved was her sleeve tattoo of a peacock. It was different colours and textures; so cool. Something I had always wanted: a tattoo. But I had a triangle on my upper arm, but no other tattoos, which is why Jessi laughs at me for wearing Ed Hardy I guess.
"Gracie?" Jessi asked, looking at the small girl. "Since you're not going to have your fish and chips...can I have them?" she asked smiling.
I was a bit confused at first, staring at Jessi weirdly.
Gracie nodded, still holding her arms across her chest.
Jessi smiled, picking up a chip and placing it in her mouth, chewing thoroughly.
"Mmm, this is so good! Gary? David? Don't you want some fish and chips?" she asked, picking up another chip.
Gary laughed, "I think I could go for another fish." he said, taking one off Gracie plate.
I smiled, grinning over at Jessi before taking some of Gracie's chips. "Boy, Grace. You sure are missing out. These are so good!" I said, grinning my daughter.
She slowly started to frowned, looking between the adults.
"Okay! Okay!" she cried, pulling the plate towards herself, covering the food. "Don't eat it all!" she said, eatting a chip quickly.
The adults laughed, smiling at the funny young girl.
I smiled at the memory, quickly pulling a new pair of pants on.
A knock came at the door. "Hey David, do you want some sushi? Gary brought some over last night but we never got around to eat it. It's still good." she said through the door.
I grinned, "It's my favorite!" I laughed.
"I brought you a towel too." Jessi added. "I'm setting it outside the d-"
I opened the door quickly, still shirtless.
Jessi was staring shocked at my chest. I slowly took the towel from her, smiling. "Thanks."
Jessi nodded, blushing as she met my eye. "Mmhhmm." she mumbled, turning away and hurrying to the kitchen.
I laughed, drying my hair and finished up changing.
I balled up my wet clothes and put them in her clothes hamper. Leaving the bedroom, I went into the kitchen, Anna suprisingly not on my mind.
"I love sushi." I grinned, reaching forwards the veggie rolls.
I glanced towards the TV. "You're watching Kung Fu Panda?" I asked laughing.
"Kung Fu Panda 2!" Jessi defended, laughing as well. "Gary's character is so funny." she giggled, bringing the plate of sushi towards the couch. "Wanna watch?" she asked, turning around and smiling at me.
I shrugged my shoulder, following her. As we sat on the settee, Jessi sat Indian style next to me, leaning against my shoulder.
"You're warm now." she mumbled, eatting a shrimp.
I chuckled, placing my arm around her, my heart hurting slightly. Anna never used to lay like this with me. She was only a kiss, fuck, leave, type of girl. Tears formed in my eyes though. We had been together almost 10 years...and deep down I loved her.
I was curled against David's side when I heard him sniff. Then another. His chest jerk, as I felt something wet hit the top of my head.
"David?" I asked, looking up.
David quickly put a hand over his eyes. "Please...don't look." he whispered, wiping his tears away. His red eyes looked at me sadly.
"Oh Davy." I mumbled, pulling him in for a hug. "It's okay. You can let go." I softly said, smoothing the back of his hair down.
David wrapped his arms around me, holding me close as he let his tears go. I held him and it felt like hours before his body stopped heaving with sobs and his whimpers of pain faded. His face was pressed into my shoulder and his body curled around mine, shivers shaking me intermittently.
I tightened my arms around him and felt David do the same. My face felt tight from my own tears, it was hard for me to watch someone I really care about break down. I was exhausted but I didn't want to break the connection between us yet. Some one needed me; someone I could help.
"David?" I said softly after several minutes, my eyes starting to droop. His grip on me had relaxed and the shuddering that racked his body had stopped.
I pulled away slowly, smiling softly at the sleeping David Thewlis. I gently moved off of the settee so that he could lay all the way down. I guess he'd be staying on the couch tonight. I picked up the blanket I had discarded on the ground, and slowly placed it on David's sleeping form. He mumbled something quietly and seemed to sigh before snuggling deeping under the blanket.
The peervy part of me that crushed on David, wanted to stay and watch him sleep, just for a while. But I needed my own sleep, so I made my way as silently as I could back to my bedroom.
~The Next Morning-David~
My head was aching as I woke up. At first I wondered where I was. Everything seemed fuzzy and unfamilar, until I started to realize it was Jessi's flat. I sat up, rubbing my eyes roughly.
"You're up." Jessi's voice called out.
I stood on shaky legs, looking around for her. She was in the kitchen, standing by a steaming frying pan.
I slowly walked over to her, everything from yesterday running through my head.
'Crying. Fuck'. I thought. I cried in front of Jessi.
"About last night." I began, only for Jessi to cut me off.
"It's okay." she said quickly. "Sometimes we have those kinda days. I understand. I won't tell anyone." she promised, pretending to zip her lip and twisted her hand as if to lock it.
I smiled, grateful I had someone I could trustfully lean on.
"Thanks." I muttered, peering into the cooking pan.
"Eggs." Jessi answered for me. "Bacon and toast. I've made some tea. It's under the cozy." she gestured towards the covered tea kettle.
She made our plates in silence, setting them on the small table. We ate quietly, the only sound was the scrapping of forks against plates or the slurp of the tea.
"I have to finish up some stuff for next weeks articule." Jessi said softly.
"Still working for that newpaper?" I asked, leaning back in my chair, pushing my empty plate away.
Jessi sighed, nodding.
"Are you happy?" I asked, staring at her intently.
Jessi looked up at me shocked. Her hazel eyes glistened in the sunlight from the open window. I was once again, taken back by her beauty.
"I-I guess I'm happy." she answered, looking down. "It's not what I really wanna do...acting is what I want. But sometimes it just gets so hectic that I don't wanna deal with all of it. How you and Gary do it only God knows." she laughed.
"You like Gary a lot?" I asked, feeling a bit jealous.
She was always hugging on the older man. Always smiling at him and laughing at his jokes. He made her smile and laugh more easily than I did, something I was always sore about. She was so pretty when she was smiling; her laugh was about the cutest thing ever.
"Yeah." she said grinning. "I like Gary a bunch. I like you a lot too." she smiled, placing her hand on top of mine on the table.
"I like you a lot too Jessi." I said softly.
Everything seemed to just slow down. Her warm touch on my hand, her lovely smile and bright hazel eyes. She was beautiful, but my heart was still hurting. Anna and I had just broken up, but why couldn't I get Jessi out of my mind.
I knew there was something about her the first day I met her. She was giggling and telling jokes; she was so friendly. Not to mention stunning. I was immdediantly drawn to her like a bear to honey. She had laughed as I awkward intruduced myself, and she told me I was one of her favorite actors.
Sometimes I would get a call from Gary about what they did that day or how much fun she was. Sometimes he invited me to come see a movie or go to a art museum with them. I would always go. Not because I wanted to see the latest film, or to look at paintings...but because of her. Because of Jessi.
"Jessi." I whispered, staring into her hazel eyes.
Jessi smiled, her thumb rubbing the back of my hand.
My mind went blank as she suddenly looked scared, quickly standing and grabbing our empty plates, turning away from me to wash them.
"Jessi?" I said again, louder this time.
She just shook her head, finishing the dishes and hurrying over to the couch. I was standing by then, and grabbed her arm gently, pulling her back to me.
"What?" I asked. "What did I do?"
Jessi advoided my eyes. "Nothing David. Don't worry, it's just...work. I'm just worried about work."
"Jessica." I said sternly. "It's not work. What is it?"
She was silent, still looking at the ground.
My right hand raised to her chin, tilting her head up and locking my eyes with her.
"Anna was a lucky woman to have you." Jessi whispered, her eyes filling with tears.
"We fought to much. She wanted to be with another person...so did I." I admitted, staring back.
"Y-you what?" Jessi asked, eyes wide with shock.
"I wanted to be with someone else." I said slowly, my eyes drifting down to her full lips.
Jealously burned through my stomach. I pushed David's hand from my face, twisting out of his hold and just about to turn back towards the couch when he caught me again.
"Where are you going now?" he asked, smirking slightly.
"Let me go David. I have work to do." I said, looking away and glancing towards my bedroom, where my 'work' would be crying my eyes out.
"Don't you want to know who I love?" David asked me softly, reaching back up to touch my face.
I clenched my eyes shut, shaking my head no.
"Jessi." David whispered, holding my head in his hands. "I...I love you."
I opened my eyes, staring at David startled. "What?" I practially yelled.
"I love you." David repeated, his own eyes wide.
"Y-you...love...ME?" I asked, laughing. "Me?"
David nodded, his thumb moving across my cheek softly.
"Oh wow..." I whispered. David chuckled lightly, giving me a loving look before leaning down. His face got closer; he pressed his forehead against mine.
"Do you love me?" he asked.
I nodded, my mind going wild. I tried to push the nasty thoughts out of my head but they continued to burst through.
Take me. Right here. Throw me on that table if you want. God his breath is sweet.
I closed my eyes as David's face leaned down even farther, his lips brushing against mine gently.
I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close, but not to tightly. David's arms snaked around my back, holding me to him. He lips moved away, only to come back a second later at a different angle.
He was so loving. So passionate. So adorable. So amazing.
"So he kissed you?" Gary asked through the phone.
"Yeah." I answered, smiling at the sleeping man on my sofa.
"What did he do after that?"
"We sat down on the settee, kissed some more, and then talked about what we wanted." I sighed, feeling happiness bubble in my stomach for the 1 millionth time today.
"What did he want?" Gary questioned.
"To wait a while before getting into a steady relationship again. To make sure Gracie is okay with everything. To know how I feel about everything...and then he said he just wanted me to be happy." I smiled.
"And are you happy?" Gary laughed.
"Very." I said, glancing again at the now awake David, who was smiling back at me from the couch.
David got up, walking slowly to me as I answered some more questions from Gary.
"Did you two shag?"
"No!" I said honestly, giggling as David wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Is that David?" Gary asked, only to be cut off by a whinning child.
"Is that Gulliver?" I laughed.
"Yes-Gulliver! I'm on the phone buddy! Yeh I'll play in a second-l-let me get off the phone and-Gulliver!" Gary sighed heavily. "I better go. I'm happy for you two. But Jessi-" Gary said seriously. "Don't hurt him. He just broke up with a long time girlfriend who he had a child with. He's fragile right now. Take care of him."
"She will Gaz." David answered for me, glancing at me sideways and smiling. "I'll take good care of her too."

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