Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


2. David Thewlis 1

I flicked my big bright eyes at the ceiling in annoyance silently willing myself not to snap at my cousin.
I breathed out threw my nose as I smeared the blue calming facial mask on my face….god knows I’ll need it if she doesn’t shut up.
“What?! What Emma?! What?!” I snapped at her a little harshly but geez….she was bugging the hell out of me.
Her brown eyes widened in shock .
I guess that’s understandable though.
You know normally I’m not like this.
I’m such a lovey dovey sickeningly sweet person and a total cuddle bug but seriously…..she’s been here for the last six hours telling me about this guy she met this morning.
She doesn’t even know his name but apparently she thinks he’s the one.
Is it totally horrible that I’m ready for this publicity thing for Harry Potter to be over so she can go back to Brown?
I guess it is but she’s just driving me nuts.
I sighed, “Look Em. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you but please, please stop about the guy. I know you think he was cute but you’ve told me the same story repeatedly.”
Her cheeks flushed again and she mumbled a sorry.
I smiled at her, “It’s ok, Em. I like your hair by the way.” I said gesturing to her short cropped hair.
“Well of course do you. It’s the same as yours!” she laughed.
I shrugged my shoulders, “I can’t help it if you look to me as your amazing idol.” I said dramatically.
“Right. Right. Hey how’s Aunt Angie?” she asked.
I smiled slightly at the mention of my mother, “She’s doing alright. I mean the chemo makes her a little sick in the morning but she’s pulling through really nicely.”
“That’s good. We really need to go see her soon. Mom really misses her and Alex says he misses you.” she said laughing slightly mentioning her mother and little brother.
‘Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away. Wild, wild horses.’ my phone blared from somewhere in the room.
“Hey your mobile is ringing.” Emma said from the bed.
“Well answer for me ok. I’ve got this mask all over my hands.” I called out to her.
“Who is that?’ she said as she searched for the phone.
“It’s probably Gary or Daniel. It usually is.” I laughed.
“Hello……No this is Emma……She’s in the bathroom smearing some kind of blue gunk on her face…..No it’s not make up. It’s some kind of soothing mask or something….Yeah I know right?…..You wanna talk to her?….Ok hold on just a second.” I heard Emma rant away on the phone and smiled at my reflection in the mirror.
She poked her head in the bathroom, “Hey it’s Gary.”
“I knew it would be.” I said laughing. “Tell him to hold on just a sec so I can wash my hands.”
She nodded and spoke in to the phone, “Hey hold on just- oh ok.” she said.
I raised an eyebrow at her.
“He said he heard you.” she said.
I nodded and ran my hands under the faucet then put him on speaker.
“Hey Gary. What do you need?” I said getting my nail polish out of my bag.
“I don’t need anything. I was just gonna talk. Is that so bad?” I could hear the teasing tone in his voice.
“Why do you sound so weird? You sound like you’re in a barrell.” he said and I could just imagine the confused look on his face.
“You’re on speaker phone. I’m painting my nails and I’ve got a facial mask on my face and I don’t want that on my phone.” I explained.
“Ah I see. So are you coming with Emma tonight to the cast party?” he asked me…. Sounding a little different.
I could really put my finger on why but he just sounded different.
“Yeah we’ll be there later. Why?” I said brushing the coat of silver over my nails.
“Well I didn’t know if you were going with her. I know Dan and Rupert are riding together and I thought that if you didn’t go with them and if you weren’t going with Emma then I’d swing by with David and get you.” he said and I felt my heart skip a beat at the mention of David.
“Well it doesn’t really matter to me. I think I’m gonna go with her though. She’s been with me all day.” I laughed.
He laughed along knowing that I was getting a tad irritated with my hyper cousin.
“Alright. Well I’ll let you get back to getting ready. I’ll see you later, love.” he laughed.
“Alright. See you later, Gary Old Man.” I teased.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Very original. Hilarious aren’t you?” He said dryly.
“I know right? I’m genius.” I said.
“Alright, bye love.” he laughed and I returned it before we hung up and I continued to get ready.
----------------------------------------Gary and David--------------------------------------------------------------
Gary made his way back into the main room and hung up the phone and tossed it on his bed in the hotel room he shared with his co-star.
“So what did she say?” David asked him and he almost laughed at the eagerness in his friend’s eyes.
“She’s gonna ride with Emma, I think.” he said and clapped the man on the shoulder when his face fell.
“Don’t worry, mate. You’ll see her in a few hours.” he said laughing at his friend.
“Yeah I guess.” he said and went into the bathroom to take a shower and continue on about getting ready himself.
Gary laughed at his friend’s love sick teenager behavior and flipped the television on for a while.
“Dracula. Wow is that really what I looked like?” he said to himself and stared at the T.V. incredulously.
---------------------------------Ellie and Emma------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Ellie!” Emma screeched at me from the bathroom.
She’s gonna do that enough and someone’s gonna come running in here thinking someone’s killing her.
“Yeah?!” I hollered back being a complete hypocrite.
“Come help me with this dress.” she said and I entered the bathroom to see her attempting to lace a dress behind her back.
I arched an eyebrow at her and she laughed, “Just help me.”
I laughed and laced her up.
-------------------------------------------Gary and David-----------------------------------------------------------------
“Gulliver. Gulliver listen to me. Tell Alfie to call me when he gets home and send my love to Charlie.” Gary spoke to his son through the phone and hung up after exchanging good byes.
He rolled his eyes and rubbed his temples.
“You alright?” David asked as leaned forward to tie the laces in his shoes.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Alfie’s just being a little difficult here lately…but he’s at that age you know and Gulliver..” he stopped to laugh. “He’s recently developed a crush on some little girl across the street so he’s just so scatter brained.”
David laughed before looking down at the floor thoughtfully.
“You alright Davy?” Gary asked his eyes narrowing in concern.
“Yeah I’m alright. I just miss my daughter is all, you know.” he said shaking his head, getting up and pulling his jacket on. “You ready?”
Gary nodded his head. “Yes I’m ready.”
He watched his friend walked out and he closed the door behind him and he followed him down to the car.
----------------------------------Ellie and Emma-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Oh my god the paparazzi were so intense.
You’d think I’d be used to this by now.
I mean Emma usually took me to these things.
She did tend to want to cart me around.
“Emma!” “Emma!” “Emma!” “Emma! Over here!” they shouted and we made our way to a woman from e! t.v. or something like that.
She smiled at us, “Emma who’s this?”
“Oh this is my cousin Ellie.” she smiled and linked her arms with mine.
“Cousin? You look more like sisters except for the eyes.” she said.
“Well we look like our mothers and they’re twins so I’m sure that’s why. I got my dad’s brown eyes and Ellie got her dad’s blue ones. Neither us of have the green eyes that our mums have.” she explained.
“So Ellie? As in Ellie Harrison? The artist? We haven’t seen much new work from you here recently. Have you anything in store for us?” she asked me.
“Yes I’m working on something with Kat Von D from the States for her art gallery ‘Wonderland.’ You should really check it out. She’s got a lot of great pieces there.” I said.
“Oh how interesting! So will you be near your cousin while she’s attending Brown?” she asked.
“I will be around some time while I’m doing some business there but I’d like to stand close to home.” I said and she smiled and had us look into the camera and say the company slogan before we made our way down the carpet.
“Ellie! Emma!” we heard behind us.
Well actually we heard Emma a lot but this was slightly closer and we turned to see the two tall Phelps twins.
James swept me up in a hug, “Ellie, how’ve you been? We haven’t seen you in ages.”
“I’ve been doing pretty good. How have you two been?” I asked only to be passed to Oliver. “You know I can walk. My legs work just fine.”
Oliver laughed and set me on my feet while he and James hugged Emma and continued down the line.
“They’re something else aren’t they?” she asked me holding her arm out to me.
I laughed and nodded my head linking my arm with hers while we walked down the carpet into the building.
--------------------------------Gary and David-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Where is she?” David whispered to his friend as they waited toward the entrance of the building.
“Davy, old man, relax. James and Oliver just said they saw her and Emma coming down the carpet.” said Gary willing himself not to roll his eyes.
“Alright well you go on inside if you want. I’ll wait for her.” David said silently thanking God for making him 6’3’’.
Thank you long legs….
“Nah I think I’ll wait. Tease her a bit about wearing a blue mask. I bet she looked like a smurf.” Gary laughed.
“A beautiful smurf…” David sighed and Gary did roll his eyes this time.
“You’re going soft, Davy.” he said and David glared at him before snapping his head in the direction of laughing.
---------------------------------------Ellie and Emma---------------------------------------------------------------------
“I can’t believe you did that!” Rupert said coming up behind us. “You do realize that that will be all over the papers in the morning. Emma Watson and Ellie Harrison sticking their tongues out at the press!”
“What did you do now?” I heard and looked up to see Gary and …..sigh….David.
I hid my embarrassing fan-girlishness and smirked at Gary, “Nothing you wouldn’t have done.”
“Well that give you lots to choose from, my dear.” he said pulling me into a hug before shoving me into David.
I glared at him slightly before turning my eyes up to meet the bright blue ones of David.
“Sorry. Apparently some one didn’t take his meds today. Crazy Old Man.” I mumbled and received a thump on the head as Gary headed in the building.
“It’s no problem, love.” he said and I flushed brilliantly. “You know you look rather lovely with some color in your cheeks.”
He touched his fingertips to my cheeks making me blush further and I only just realized that he was still holding me.
He smiled for a moment and I just stood there staring dumbstruck.
His eyes saddened and he dashed off somewhere and me in my shock just stood there.
The cameras were flashing and people were yelling out questions but I couldn’t hear them.
Emma was pulling on my arm and she dragged me inside.
She was talking to me and then some one caught her attention and I snuck out the side door and down the stairs where I found the lanky Englishman that had been consuming my thoughts.
“David?” I said and he turned.
“Look I’m sorry about before- I just - I thought that you--” he sighed. “ I don’t know.”
I didn’t say anything as I sat down beside him and stared out the window at the small fountain placed there.
I just stared at him for a moment….completely caught up in the blue of his eyes.
They always spoke for him.
Anything and everything he was too afraid to say….they just screamed it.
It was like there was a cable that linked from his heart and soul right to those cerulean orbs….spewing every untold emotion that lie there.
They always told the untouched truth, whether it was something I wanted to hear or not.
I often wanted to lose myself in them because up until now it was the only thing he’d allow me to get lost in.
Maybe it was the electrical, exciting, exhilarating shock of love and devotion that made him run like that.
Maybe it was that he was still hurting after his ex-wife broke his heart and he was terrified of falling in love.
“David?” I said stirring out of my trance and his eyes glittered as his listened to me.
“Look I know you’re still hurting from your divorce. I know that you’re about twenty years older than me and that you have a daughter but I just want you to know that I really like you. I always have and earlier I know you probably took it the wrong way but I was just a little shocked. I mean I never really thought you’d see me that way. I just thought you’d think I was just some young girl crushing on you….which is true but I never thought you’d like me….but….
I just want to show you that love isn’t something to be afraid of. I know I’m not really experienced a lot in that area but I know that much is true. It’s not waves crashing and pulling you under the current until you can hear the ocean in your lungs….I don’t think love is about falling, David. I think it’s about flying.
I mean I think about all the little things you do that don’t really mean anything but they mean the world to me.
Like when you call and wake me up in the morning or….even though I know you hate texting…you send me a good night text. It’s about things like that….stolen cuddles and blushing cheeks. It’s about exposing yourself…the most raw, sensitive….weak part of yourself to someone you know won’t hurt you. It’s about trusting that your heart is in good hands. “ I said.
I cupped my hands in front of me and held them out to him, “I know they’re dainty and not very strong. They’re not very big and they’re pretty young. They’re often stained with paint and my nails are usually painted some obnoxious color….but I know these hands can take care of your heart. I know that I can cup them around your face at night and relax you. I know that they can fit perfectly in yours and let everyone know that I love you. I know that they can lay on your chest and write our names together….if you’ll just give me the chance.”
He stared me for a moment before placing my hands on his chest then holding his hands out to me in the same way.
“My hands are old and rough and weathered through the years. They’re clumsy and big and my fingers are much to long but they’re yours if you want them….along with the rest of me.” he said a small smile on his lips.
I slid my hands up his chest and neck to his face where I held his face close to mine.
His blue eyes concentrated on mine then fluttered close as I pressed our lips together.
As I kissed him once more, I realised something. David may not be 'the one'… may not be my soulmate, or my destiny.
Fate twisted their paths together for a reason.
Was it for this right here?

I don’t know.

Maybe it was for something else in the future…something tomorrow…or years along.
I’m not concerned about that though.
I’m not concerned about stupid exes.
I’m not concerned about the stupid pictures of Emma and I that will be in the tabloids tomorrow.
I’m not concerned with the pictures of David and I from earlier.
I’m not concerned about family problems or work.
Right now all I’m concerned about was just being happy and making David happy.
And right now this seems to be making us both pretty happy.

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