Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


16. Crypt Keeper

~As nightfall looms over, everyone is out for a night of fun. Dressed up in costumes, recieving candy from strangers, and going to parties was a huge costum to a normal Halloween evening. But, one house, out in the middle of nowhere, was the site of a far more greater attraction. No, it was not open to just anyone like some haunted house or carnival. This was the house of the Crypt Keeper. He was quite famous to anyone one from the dead to the undead. Tonight it was time to party before the night had left them at their wake. Many people dressed up for this occasion even if they were already terrifying looking enough. Some dressed silly, others dressed kind of different but not scary. Some wanted to go ahead and look creepy but there was no harm in that at all. The Crypt Keeper was dressed as himself as a joke, his wife, Nicole, was dressed as an undead bride, and their son was a cute little vampire in a small cape. He was about 9-years-old and was showing signs of following in his father's footsteps. As the guests gathered in, and the party really got started, Nicole recognized a couple from several years ago.
"Charlie? Francis? How are you doing these days?" she asked an undead couple. Charlie was your normal zombie kind of man. He had dirty blonde hair that was messy and starting to make small bald patches. His skin was dried, decayed, and different parts of his body showed off his bones or insides. Even though his left eye looked bloody and scarred up, he could see perfectly fine. His wife, Francis, was a former Playboy bunny from the 1980s. Her big red curls tied in a hairband were one of the things that showed which decade she was from. She has very styled taste and wears the same clothing from the 80's that still show much bright colors. Even through her rotting decaying flesh, she had a nice hourglass figure. One of her flaws was her high screechy voice but Charlie somehow dealt with it. Charlie, Francis, the Crypt Keeper, and Nicole caught up with each other from the last time they'd seen each other seven years ago.
"Ah, I see someone's gotten bigger since the last time we've met," Francis says to the Crypt Keeper's son, trying to sound cute.
"I see too," Charle replies while glancing at Nicole's breasts. Francis smacks him in the back of the head after seeing where he was staring quickly. It was a habit of his to act all flirty towards women, a habit Francis found annoying. But that's when Nicole realized something behind Francis' legs.
"Who's that little thing?" They look behind Francis to find a little girl in a plain black dress, black dress shoes, and skull n' bones stockings. She had long black hair with a white stripe starting over the top left of her head over her left eye, large marble-like eyes, sharp teeth, and pale skin. She was like a miniture version of Wednesday from The Adams Family.
"Oh, that's our adopted daughter, Tamaska," Charlie says, pushing her in front of them to show to the family in front of them, "It means 'mighty wolf' but we call her Tammy for short."
"How did you find her?" asked a curious Crypt Keeper.
"Well," Francis starts, "We found her on the side of the road, abandoned, one night. We noticed that before that, she was struck by lightening and lived through it." Tamaska started blushing from being stared at by the family in front of her. A shy little girl she was and only 7-years-old.
"The only problem we have from her is that she'll never wear any of the cute clothes I try to dress her up in. She insisted on just coming here the way she is instead of being a little doll." A doll next to two undead lovers dressed as an orange Playboy bunny and a cheap immitation of Hugh Hefner. How very well that goes together...Francis becomes excited, takes a lightbulb out of her purse, and hands it to Tamaska. She puts it in her mouth and it lights up. She laughed after taking it out of her mouth and handing it back to Francis.
"It's a trick she started doing once we took her home with us," Charlie said, "She can even make Christmas lights light up or flicker."
"Hmmm, she could come in handy when it comes to Christmas," the Crypt Keeper jokes, making the others laugh as well.
"Hey, speaking of which, where's the Grim Reaper?" asked Charlie.
"Oh no! I am not inviting him over again! All he does is drink up all my booze and eat all my food from the fridge. The last time he was here, there was barely anything left for the guests!"
"Okay! I was asking."
"Hey, how about our little creatures go and play for a little while? Won't that be fun, Tammy?"
"Yes, Mommy." They go off to the Crypt Keeper's son's room where the little boy has much knoledge of the stories his mother has read him every night. He loved telling stories and lucky enough, Tamaska loved hearing stories. There were also many games the Crypt Keeper had set up for the party and one of them was one he wasn't willing to play with his wife.
"What's wrong?" Charlie asks, "Too dead for the whell of torture?"
"No," Nicole answered, "It's just that a few months ago, I almost stabbed him in the testicles when I played. So, since I'm human and he doesn't trust me with the game, we don't play it."
"Ah, that makes perfect sense." So, instead of playing that, they decide on playing a reversed version of the bobbing for apples game. Instead of you putting your own head in the bucket to get apples with your mouth, you shove your blind folded partner's head into the bucket and they can't come back up until they get an apple. It's very fun and a common game for such parties. When Francis made Charlie go down, they forgot for a moment that he was dead when he went stiff suddenly. But, when Nicole put the Crypt Keeper under the water, Charlie realized he was missing a tooth. So, when the Crypt Keeper came back up, he pulled out a tooth and handed it to Charlie.
"I believe this is yours," he told him. They all cracked up laughing while Charlie struggled to put his tooth back in. Later, the party started slowing down and the guests dispersed into smaller and smaller groups. Charlie and Francis decided on turning in for the night and going home. They found Tamaska in the son's bedroom, tired from staying up listening to stories. And next to her, their friend's little boy was lying next to her, maybe too tired to continue a story he was telling. They pick up their little girl, say their good-byes, put her in her coffin shaped carrier for traveling, and head home. Not too long afterwards, the Crypt family went to bed as well. This was a most memorable Halloween party...Until the Grim Reaper came through the door.
"Hello? I'm here for the party!" He noticed the mess around the house and got the hint that he just missed out on one of the Crypt Keeper's most greatest parties.
"Every time," he muttered and then left, closing the door behind him.

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