Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


253. Clint Barton 2

~Some people loved trading cards. Some people loved shopping. Some people loved dogs. There were all sorts of people that loved different things. And then there was you. You happened to have an unhealthy love for horror movies. Fortunately for you, Clint Barton also held the same love. Little did you know that he also had a great love for you, but how were you supposed to know?
Screams were echoing off the walls. Each one was worse than the last. The only thing that kept Steve from running and pulling an alarm was the fact that your commentary could be heard in between the bloodcurdling noises.
“Eh, if he were to really cut off a leg and arm like that there would be way more blood. Who do they think they’re fooling?” There was something wrong with you.
“I know, man. Slicing into someone’s abdomen like that would cause fucking puddles. Poor realism. Where is this budget going?” Correction. There was something wrong with both of you.
“I say whores and whiskey. I mean how else are these god awful camera angles to come about?” Clint snorted and ate another mouthful of popcorn.
“Well at least it was money well spent.” You and Clint high fived as the woman’s head was finally torn from her body. Steve was watching the both of you in morbid fascination. There were things he would never understand about this century. Yours and Clint’s inappropriate love of horror movies was definitely one of them.
Your face remained stoic as some woman was being mercilessly torn apart via knives and chainsaw. Steve shuddered and left the room, unable to continue with such morbid scenes. You leaned your head back and sighed.
“Clint, this one’s shit. I say we order a pizza and put a different one in. The lack of realism is really pissing me off.” Clint smirked and turned the offensive material off.
“I think that is an excellent idea, my friend.” Clint ordered in the usual for the both of you whilst you browsed Tony’s collection. As a gift to you for your birthday, he had gotten you a lovely collection of horror movies, classics and non. You had nearly started crying when he revealed the room to you. (He was tired of hearing screams in the common area, giving you your own room with sound proof walls was the only option.) C/l eyes glances over a title you had yet to see.
“Clint, you wanna watch the Human Centipede?”
“Nah, how about Teeth? It’s more of a comedy.” You let out a short laugh, nodding and playing the film. Each time the teeth claimed another victim Clint cringed whilst you laughed at him.
When your pizza finally came the movie was half over. Regardless the both of you chowed into it like starving teenagers. Clint looked at you through the corner of his eye, smiling at your happy face as you ate pizza and watched the bodily destruction on screen.
You were his dream girl and he had no idea how he was to tell you. It was wild. When he first walked in on you watching one of the Saw movies in your boxers and shoving trail mix into your mouth, he knew you were perfect. You were lazily sweet as you scooted over and offered him a seat as well as some of your trail mix.
Soon enough every Friday and whenever you had the weekends free, the two of you would binge on movies and food. It was a time of great merriment between the two of you. Then he realized one day when you both were watching Insidious that he was hopelessly in love with you.
You were taking out the movie when he finally noticed the movie was over and the pizza was devoured.
“So, I take it there is something on your mind since you missed the part where the doctor was dragging her across the table. You’ve been out of it since the pizza came. You alright?” You looked at him with your brows knit together in concern. Your lips were curled into a soft smile, eyes coaxing him into telling you everything.
He could withstand torture, but those damn eyes of yours would crumble his resolve every time.
“Uhh. Nope. I’m good. You?” You laughed and sat back next to him, bumping your shoulder into his.
“Come on, Clint. What’s on your mind?”
“Liar liar pants on fire.”
“You’re on fire.”
“Hell yeah. I’m so hot I’m fire.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“You’re not getting off the topic, bird brain, come on.” You leaned back into the arm of the couch, crossing your legs and then your arms.
“Y/n… I have issues.”
“Uh huh, what do these issues entail?” You were getting worried. Clint never danced around the issue, especially when it came to you. You both had gotten so close since you moved into the tower. He was one of the only people you could really relax with. Clint made you so happy, you wanted to make sure he was happy. It was the least you could do since he brought you such good feelings.
“A girl, woman really, but sometimes I’m not so sure. She’s pretty childish sometimes.” Clint was breaking down. He was worried as to what you would do.
“Woman like that are the best, why are you worried?” Lady troubles? You hadn’t heard of him spending time with any woman lately. Your heart broke a little. At least he was happy with her.
“She has no idea how much I love her. I’m afraid she’d run away if I told her though.”
“Is she a fast runner?” Clint smiled and shook his head.
“She’s lazy, but cute. I could pin her down and tell her.” You perked up.
“Hell yeah! Do that. I’m sure she’d love it. You’ve got great arms, Barton and one damn cute face. Pin that bitch down and tell her how you feel!” Clint smirked and pounced on you, pinning you between the couch and his body. You looked confused for a good thirty seconds before you blinked.
“I’m not lazy, you asshole. I reserve my energy for important things.” you huffed. Clint smiled, pressing his lips onto yours. You sighed into the kiss, a short moan slipping out of your mouth as his tongue trailed softly over your parted lips. A low fire was blooming through your body and you fisted a hand in his shirt.
“I love you.” he muttered, pulling away and burying his head into your neck.
“I love you too.” You smiled, softly running your hand up and down his back. “You’re an idiot. I definitely can’t outrun you. You should have told me sooner, stupid.” You felt his lips curl into a smile against your neck before he lightly bit you.
“You’re mean.”
“I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”
“I would never expect you to be.”

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