Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


34. Christian "CC" Coma

~Lily Was Laying On The Grass Of The Field That She Found In The Woods.It Was Her Quiet And Peaceful Place.All That Was Heard Was The Whisper Of The Trees When The Wind Blew And Birds Communicating With Eachother.Lily Watched As Clouds Of Different Shapes And Sizes Passed By.Lily Would Come Here When She Needed To Think.
Lily Had Just Been Hurt By Yet Another Guy That She Thought Was Gonna Treat Her Right,But He Had Fucked Another Slut So She Broke Up With Him.Lily's Heart Was Tired Of Being Broken,It Wanted To Be Healed Permanently By Someone That Actually Liked Her.She Wanted To Not Be Scared Of Being Hurt.But That Just Seemed Non-Real For Her.
She Sees Movement In The Woods And Sits Up To See A Guy Walk In.He Was Tall And Slender With Black Hair And Brown Eyes.She Recongnizes Him As Christian.Lily Had Met Him Here Once,He Knew About The Field Too.They Would Always Talk,Christian Was The Guy That She Told Everything Too.He Went To A Different School Then Her But He Was Really Nice So She Trusted Him To Be Her Secret Keeper.
"Hey Lily"Christian Smiles As He Walks Over To Where She Was And Takes A Seat Next To Her.
"Hey Christian,What's Up"Lily Says Putting On A Smile For Him.Christian Kew HEr Netter Though,He Takes Her Hand And Looks In Her Eyes.
"What Happened"
"D-Drew Cheated On Me With Kelly So I Broke Up With Him.I'm Just Sad Because I've Been Hurt So Much.I Just Want Someone To Actually Like Me And Not Fuck Whichever Girl Wants To Hop On His Dick"Lily Says As A Tear Rolls Down Her Cheek.
"Hey,Hey Please Dont Cry.I Hate When Girl's Cry Because Of Stupid Guys""Christian Says Wiping Away Lily's Tear With His Thumb And Kissing Her Cheek.
"It's Not Because Of Him,It's Because My Heart Hurts From Being Beaten And Battered So Much"Lily Says Looking At Christian.He Puts His Hand On Her Cheek And Slowly Leans In Pressing A Gentle Kiss To Her Lips.
"I Can Be That Person That Wont Hurt You"Christian Says As He Pulls Away And Looks In Lily's Eyes.
"Christian,I-I Just Broke Up With Drew I Dont Think I Can Jump Right Back Into A Relationship"Lily Says.She Wanted To Go Out With Christian But She Was Still Hurting From What Happened.
"Let Me Show You That I Wont Hurt You,Come To The Fair With Me,It's Been In Town For The Whole Weekend.We Can Go Right Now.It's Just A Little Way Up The Road"Christian Says With Hopeful Eyes.Lily Couldnt Be That Mean,She Simply Nods And Christian Stands Up.He Holds His Hand Out To Her And She Takes It.
He Helps Her Stand And They Walk Out Of The Woods Onto The Sidewalk.Christian Keeps Her Hand The Whole Way As They Walk To The Fair.Lily Knew Christian Would Never Hurt Her But Drew Had Been Nice To Her At First Then He CHeated On Her.Lily Had A Reason To Be Defensive.
Christian Pays For Wristbands Before Leading Lily Into The Fair.There Were A Few Rides But Mostly There Were Games.They Roam Around The Fair Until Christian Stops At A Shoot The Star Game.Lily Looks At Him Curiously As He Hands The Vendor 3 Dollars.
The Vendor Loads The Gun And Christian Lets Go Of Lily's Hand And Begins Shooting At The Red Star With The Gun.The Star Dissapears And Christian Points To A Bear With A Heart In It's Hands.The Vendor Smiles And Takes The Bear Down From It's Hook And Hands It To Christian.
"For You"Christian Smiles As He Hands The Bear To Lily.Lily Smiles And Hug Him.He Was So Sweet To You.
"Thank You Christian"Lily Says As She Takes Christian's Hand Once Again And They Walk To The Rides.Lily Spots The Paratrooper And Points To It.Christian Nods And They Get In Line.The Ride Lands And The Two Get On.The Ride Starts And Lilly Keeps A Grip On Christian's Arm And Her Bear.
After A Few More Rides,Christian Walked Lily Home.This Day Was The Best Day Ever For Lily.She Had Seen How A Real Boyfriend Should Treat His Girlfriend.Christian Held Her Hand,Won Her A Bear,And Payed For The Whole Thing.They Even Shared A Pretzel.And Fair's Were Expensive.
"Well I Hope I Proved To You That I Can Be The Guy Who Treats You Right"Christian Says Smiling At Lily.She Pulls Him Down For A Passionate Kiss And He Puts His Hands On Her Hips Gently.Lily Slowly Pulls Away And She Smiles At Christian.
"You're My Secret Keeper So You Can Be My Boyfriend Too"Lily Says Hugging Christian Tightly.
"I Like That"Christian Says Kissing Her Head And Holding Her In His Arms.

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