Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


145. Chris Hemsworth 3

~Two more weeks. Just two more and he’ll be home.
That seemed to become your new daily mantra. Always this many days until Chris comes home. You’d been keeping careful track, since his filming schedule was so hectic, and you were literally down to fourteen days. You could handle that, right? Sure, you hadn’t seen him in three months. But really, in the grand scheme of things, what’s 108 days apart?
A lot. 108 days apart was a lot. It was agonizing, frustrating, annoying, and disheartening. But if there was one thing Chris was good at, it was keeping in touch. He called every night, regardless of his schedule. Whether it be for a few minutes or a few hours, he made sure you heard his voice before you went to sleep.
Tonight, though… Tonight was a bit off. It was nearing midnight, and still no word from Chris. You were pacing anxiously across the spacious bathroom, phone in hand. The small timer on the counter ticked meticulously. Eight minutes never seemed so long. This was the twelfth one this week, and they’d all told you the same thing. Just two more weeks.
Your phone buzzed in your hand, and it startled you a bit. You looked down, seeing an incoming Skype call from Chris. A huge smile spread across your lips like butter on a pancake, and you almost immediately hit the green ‘accept’ icon. His tan, chiseled face popped up. Once he saw you, he couldn’t suppress his own goofy grin.
“Hey, beautiful!” he chirped, waving a bit. You waved back, unable to stop the wave of nervous giggles.
“Now, before you ask about mine, how was your day?” His voice was firm, but inquisitive. You sighed, looking at the timer ticking away on the counter.
“My day? It was decent.” His eyes narrowed a bit, and he tilted his head to the side.
“What did you do all day?” You smiled, taking a seat on the edge of the bathtub.
“Nothing productive. Mostly just housework… Chris? Why are you sitting in the dark?” He raised an eyebrow, glancing around him.
“No particular reason. Just wanted some time alone to talk to you.” It was your turn to give him a quizzical look, and he let out a low, rumbling chuckle. “Tom’s been on me for days now, trying to get me to let him talk to you.”
You laughed a little, letting it come out airy and light.
“And Jaimie and Kat are missing you as well. Both send their love,” he continued, pushing a short stray strand of blonde hair from his eyes. He sighed, taking a long blink.
“I miss you so much.” You sighed inwardly, glancing over at the timer. Tick tick tick tick. Two more minutes.
“I miss you too, Chris. But you’ll be home soon enough.” Another deep chortle echoed through the speakers, and you could practically feel the vibrations from his chest against your ear.
“Okay, I have to ask, love… Why are you in the dunny?” You paused for a moment, and right on cue, the time dinged, signaling the end of your wait.
“Well, I wanted to be sure before I said anything…” You stood up, crossing back to the sink. The pale pink stick on the counter, like all the others before, showed two solid pink lines. Another unstoppable grin settled in, and you held the stick up, showing Chris the result.
“Is that what I think it is?” Your stomach twisted and knotted, tangling up in itself.
“Yes. Yes, it is. Chris, I’m pregnant.”
The look on his face was brief bewilderment, followed by a beam that you swore took up half his face. His steely blue eyes were swimming with a mixture of exuberance and anticipation, and for some reason, he couldn’t stop laughing.
“You’re serious? You takin’ the piss?” Chris rarely reverted to his native slang, but this case was an exception. You shook your head.
“I’m serious. I just showed you the proof!”
“Well, bugger me dead, an ankle biter. Let me go round ‘em up, so we can tell everyone together!” The swirl of street lamps behind him, coupled with his shoes thudding against the pavement, let you know he was still on set. You could hear him yelling for everyone to gather, and various familiar faces began to shuffle in behind him. Before a single word could be said, Chris was holding up his phone, making sure everyone could see you, and you them, and a crisp voice with a striking British accent piped up, calling your name.
“Good to see you, darling!” Chris shot Tom a sideways glance with a smirk. Tom gave his signature chuckle. “So, what’s all this excitement about? Why have you got Chris shouting at everyone?”
You took a second to take in everyone’s eager faces, studying their expressions. Chris hadn’t stopped smiling since you told him, nor had you, and you had an inkling that it’d be a welcomed surprise.
“Well, go ahead, Chris,” you snorted, holding the stick back up.
“Looks like we’ve got baby Hemsworth on the way!”

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