Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


87. Chris Hemsworth 1

~You let out a soft sigh. You weren’t certain at first that you were pregnant or not, until you went to the doctor. You were expecting your husband’s child and you couldn’t even tell him. He was in another country filming Thor The Dark World. You weren’t sure if you would be able to fly all the way to the country that they were filming in, but you wanted to tell Chris in person that he was going to be a father. You weren’t sure of how this was going to work out that was for sure. You were going to have to call a friend that the both of you trusted and one that kept secrets rather well.
You picked up your cell phone and dialed your friend’s number. You waited nervously. You weren’t even sure of what to say to the person you called either.
“Tom.” You said softly.
“I need to know when you guys are filming.”
“I have something important to tell Chris…”
“What’s that dear?”
“Well he knew I was sick when he left….”
“Yes, I heard from him about that dear. What is wrong?”
“I want to come and see him. I need to tell thing in person.”
“And what would that be dear?”
“I am expecting.”
“You are?”
“That’s great.”
“I need to come and see him to tell him.”
“Well we are filming almost every day, but I am sure that you can see him before filming starts.”
“If I catch the first flight out?”
“I will be taking the first flight out.”
“Ok dear.”
“I will talk to you later Tom.”
“I know dear.”
You hung up your phone.

You took a deep breath as you walked towards the set of filming. You watched your husband with wondrous eyes. You weren’t sure if Tom had told Chris that was coming,
They had to stop and take a break.
Chris looked over and saw you standing there.
You waved shyly to your husband.
Chris walked over to you. “Baby what are you doing here?”
“I need to talk to you.”
“About what?”
You took a deep breath. “Chris… we are going to have a baby.”
“We are going to have a baby.”

His eyes widened. “We are? This is the best thing that I could ever hear.” He lifted you up and kissed you softly on the lips. He could not wait to be a father to you child.

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