Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


128. Chris Evans 4

~“You know, Jess, I really love you,” Chris muttered, squeezing your hand.
“I really love you, too, Johnny,” you answered, looking from his eyes to his lips. He gave you that perfect smile and pulled you underneath him, rolling on top. He balanced his weight on his elbows, pinning you to the mattress. Chris buried his face in your shoulder, probably to hide the chuckle that wracked his body.
A chill ran the length of your spine as his lips brushed the base of your neck, and you struggled not to break character. Your fingertips trailed his scruffy jaw line and stopped under his chin, pulling his face to yours. He hesitated for a moment. Such a good actor. He looks like he actually wants to kiss me. You told yourself.
Chris caught his lower lip between his teeth for a second, then rushed forward, tenderly pressing his lips against yours. You kept one hand on his jaw, allowing the other to thread itself into his hair. His bare upper body was pressed to yours, keeping your breasts hidden from the camera. The rhythm of his lips slowed a bit more, and his left hand came to rest of your hip. He gave it a gentle squeeze and you shifted to wrap both arms around his neck. There was next to no space between your bodies, and it felt like someone had set the entire bed on fire. You felt him smile against you, then a loss of contact.
When Chris pulled away, chest heaving, a gasp escaped your mouth. A grin set itself back on his fucking perfect face, and he tucked your hair behind your ear. You both fought to regain control of your breathing, both sounding winded and ragged.
“Cut!” the director, Adam, called, clapping his hands together enthusiastically. Chris’ eyes lingered a moment longer on yours, before finding their way to Adam’s.
“How’d it look?” he asked in anticipation.
“Flawless, you two! Really! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you guys were practicing,” Adam quipped, giving you a lopsided smirk. Chris shook his head, lifting his body off of yours.
“Not this time, Adam.”
Ever the gentleman, Chris pulled the sheet up to cover your bare chest, shielding you from any eyes that may wander. He slid off the bed, handing you the t-shirt that was on the floor. You flipped it right-side out and pulled it on over your head. Sure, it belonged to Chris, but that was beyond okay with you. The scent of his cologne hung in the air for a moment and hugged your body.
The springs in the mattress gave a groan of protest as Chris stood up, stretching out his shoulders. Then, he gave you a small wave, leaving that particular area of the set.
“Maybe we should shoot that scene again. You know, make it longer, crazier…” Adam gave you a teasing wink and nudged you with his elbow. “When are you gonna tell him?”
You tilted your head slightly, lifting an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“You know damn well what I mean! It’s so obvious that you’re head over heels for him,” Adam accused, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You shook your head furiously, closing your eyes for a second. Instantly, the image of Chris on top of you filled your head. Your eyes focused intently on his blue ones. Your eyes shot open.
“No… No. We’re friends, and we’re working together. You’re mistaking camaraderie for flirting again, Adam!” It was his turn to shake his head, and he pushed your shoulder lightly, walking you out the door.
“You’re lying to yourself, kid. We can all see how you look at him.”
“Over here! Over here!” The photographers kept calling your name, expecting you to stop every few steps. You complied, always looking directly into one camera or another with a big smile.
Normally, you weren’t one to get too cocky, but you weren’t surprised by any of this. You knew you looked damn good for this premiere. The lengthy black dress you’d chosen for this clung in all the right places, revealing a lot of cleavage and most of your back.
You gave the photographers a small wave and took a few steps forward, lifting the edge of your dress.
Ahead of you on the carpet, you caught sight of a familiar face. Chris. Your stomach leapt into your throat, and you felt your heart skip a few beats. Cliché, yeah, but he cleaned up almost as well as you.
His eyes were skimming the carpet between flashes, and as soon as he caught sight of you, a massive grin appeared. He motioned you to join him up ahead, and before you could process it, your legs were carrying you towards him.
“Jesus Christ,” he whispered, pulling you into a tight hug. “You look fucking incredible!” A laugh escaped your lips, which were positioned right next to his ear.
“You look pretty snazzy yourself, Mr. Evans,” you cooed, lingering for a second before pulled away. You could swear the smile on his face had grown tenfold.
Chris settled an arm around your waist, silently directing you to whichever camera you needed to smile at. The two of you made small talk until you were ushered into the theatre by security. Your seats awaited up a small flight of stairs, leading the theatre balcony, but Chris stopped you before you were even halfway up the stairs.
His calloused fingers felt strangely soft against your skin as he pulled you to a stop. Chris found his footing on the same step as you, and his hands both found you face. There was an all too familiar gleam in his eyes.
“I’ve been waiting almost a year for this, and I should’ve told you.”
His lips pressed to yours once more, but this time it was different. There was nothing innocent about this kiss. It was heated, rough, almost desperate.
Chris nipped at your lower lip, before sucking on it feverishly. The sensation coaxed a small moan from you, and he took that opportunity to let the tip of his tongue prod yours domineeringly. You could feel that same smile forming on his lips again as he pulled back, resting his forehead on yours. Both of your eyes remained closed. His warm breath drifted over your lips, and you were sorely tempted to pull him back in for another kiss. He twirled a piece of your hair around his finger, moving his right hand down to hold the small of your back, keeping your bodies pressed together.
“I should’ve said it sooner,” he sighed, voice gravelly, still just centimeters from your lips. “The want never went away. Adam told me how you felt, and I was so fucking stupid. I can’t keep you off my mind. Haven’t been able to since that first kiss. I need to hear you say you’ll be mine.”
You just nodded, finally opening your eyes.
"Say it," he commanded, his husky tone dropping lower.
"I'm yours."

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