Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


83. Chris Evans 1

~Chris watched you talking to his little brother about something important he assumed. He would never admit to you that he indeed liked you a lot. But he would always be dreaming about how the two of you could be. He always thought that the two of you would be together. Perhaps married and have a few kids. His parents thought the same thing when they had met you all of those years ago, but it didn’t come to light. Not like he had planned to.
He had watched you through high school dating a jock that was rude to everyone and didn’t care what others thought including you. Chris had enough when he saw you get hit by your boyfriend and Chris was the one that took care of you. He made sure that you were taken care of.
You looked over at Chris. You were always kind of in love with Chris. You always had been in love with Chris. But you were scared of ruining your friendship with him. But you couldn’t help, but wonder what it would it be like.
Scott pushed his shoulder into you to get you to look at him.
You looked at Scott. “What?’
“You are staring at him. You should ask him to have a movie night with you.” Scott said, with a cheeky smile.
Your face went red. “I can’t Scott.”
“Yes you can.” He said pushing you towards his brother.
Chris and you were over at your flat. You both were enjoying time together. You both were watching a movie.
Your head was on his shoulder.
Chris looked down at you.
You looked up at him. “What?” You asked confused.
“I was surprised that you asked me to come here.”
“Because we hardly had a chance to really hang out.”
You nuzzled your nose in his neck.
His cheeks went red. “What are you doing?”
Your cheeks went red. “Sorry.” You moved away from him.
Chris looked at you. “It’s fine.”
You looked at him.

Chris leaned over and kissed you softly on the lips.

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