Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


250. Bruce Banner

~The city was alight and bustling with life. From such a height, little noise could be heard. The city was wonderful, but you missed staring into the forest with your feet in the grass. Concrete was unyielding and hard beneath your toes. However there was some comfort you derived from watching the smoke curl into the air.
You took a deep drag, blowing out the smoke in silence. Tony hated it when you smoked, but the rest of team didn’t seem to mind. At least they didn’t harp on you for how bad it was. It wasn’t like you weren’t aware of the health drawbacks. Living with the Avengers would probably kill you faster than the cancer stick that was in your mouth.
You scoffed at the thought.
“You alright?” You turned around only to see Bruce cautiously coming closer to you. You smiled and nodded, patting the seat next to you.
“I’m alright, just thinking about how bad cigarettes are for me.” Bruce chuckled and sat down.
“I think Tony just wants you to be safe.”
“It’s not his job to keep me safe.”
“One day he’ll stop…”
“… Don’t lie to me.” Bruce smiled and swiped his hand across his cheek.
“Okay. Maybe he’ll stop.”
“But probably not.”
You turned your head up to the sky, wishing you could see the stars. New York City was far too bright to see anything but an orange glow in the sky.
“You ever get tired of the city?” You turned back to look at Bruce.
“I wouldn’t definitely feel more control if we weren’t stationed here.”
“Maybe we could convince Tony to take us all out to the country for a week or something. It’s too bright here… too fast.”
“That would be nice.”
“Yeah.” you sighed, leaning your head on Bruce’s shoulder. “Or you know, maybe you and I could just go.”
Bruce smirked, laying his head atop your own.
“I thought you wanted to slow down.”
“Maybe I want to do that with you. I didn’t say anything about an ulterior motive.”
“You didn’t need to.”
Bruce couldn’t read many people, but he had a good handle on you. It was nice being able to be in his presence and knowing that he knew how you were feeling.
“You feeling angry?”
“No. The big guy likes you for some reason.”
“’cause you like me, dork.” You nuzzled your head into his shoulder.
“Shut up.”
Bruce gripped your hand in his, smoothing his thumb over your knuckles. Slowing down was something you couldn’t do in New York, but whenever you with Bruce, time slowed to a stop, and there was nothing more beautiful.

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