Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


10. Aragorn

~Love doesn't die. People do.
He could still hear her voice, so clearly like it was yesterday she said that. He could still smell her vanilla scent, he could still sense her silk skin under his fingers, he could still feel his heart flutter from happiness while just looking at her.
Elvéwien was fair, her blond hair always falling out of her braids as she fought, her bright blue eyes was burning deeply in his heart whenever she looked at him. She was a princess of Mirkwood, therefore Legolas's sister, great fighter, caring soul, but mostly she was love of Aragorn's life. Elvéwien was part of fellowship and he quickly learn to love her. She was everything to him, everything he longed for and everything he needed. Though, he never told her what she meant to him, now regretting it every second she left. It was battle of the Helm's Deep where he last saw her, last quick glance into his blue eyes before she was dragged away by two Uruk-hais. Aragorn tried to save her, follow her, but too many warriors stood in his way and he could only helplessly watched as his love was carried away from his sight.
"It is time," quiet voice of his friend interrupted Aragorn from his thoughts and he nodded shortly at Legolas as gripping the reins of his horse.
It was too quiet and everyones eyes were fixed on huge Black Gate, the entrance to the Mordor. Aragorn watched intensely as the gates started to open slowly and in their sight they appeared one black rider.
"My master, Sauron the Great, bids you welcome," the Mouth of Sauron spoke up as riding closer to the scared warriors of Rohan and Gondor. "I was bidden to show you this," he continued to talk after a moment of silence as he threw the shiny shirt on the ground before him.
Aragorn rode a bit further to him, his eyebrows furrowed as watching Frodo's Mithril shirt, ignoring the hopeless cries behind him. He grabbed his sword firmly, but before he could do anything, the creature spoke up again.
"It needs more to make a king than a piece of Elvish glass, or a rabble such as this. My master send you this," he said evily as throwing small necklace at Aragorn, who caught it in his hand without much effort.
His eyes waterred and his heart skipped a beat as there in his palm lied golden heart, something what Elvéwien got from her mother, something she never put off. The pain and wrath boiled in his heart and with one quick move he beheaded the Mouth of Sauron, just as long arrow stucked in his lifeless body. Aragorn turned around and seeing such strong pain in Legolas's eyes, broke his heart even more. He refused believe that his love was dead, but cold jewelry against his rough skin proved him he was mistaken. He let out a frustrated scream and with determination boiling in his body, he galloped straight to the army of the black land, followed by all his friends.
The battle was everything but not fair, brutal orcs slicing everything in their surrounding, their black blood covering the earth as the dusty smell soaked the air. There were thousands of them, but none man, elf or dwarf was about to give up. Aragorn's sword was slashing everywhere, trying to get revenge, to kill everyone who could hurt the she-elf who he loved.
"Aragorn!" soft, but loud voice rang in his ears and he frozed on the spot as his breath caught in his throat. He stopped killing and slowly turned around until his eyes met with bright blue ones and his heart skipped a beat. There she stood, beautiful and proud. There was a huge cut on her temple, dried blood covered her right cheek. The thin scar on her neck was slightly pink, dirt and dust on her clothes signalizing she was dragged on the ground. But she was alive.
"Elvéwien," he breathed out, his body filled with relief and happiness. He forgot he was in the middle of the battle, he didn't care about the orcs around him, about the screams and cries of pain. All he saw was her, someone who he thought was dead, and he dropped his sword before running to her.
"Elvéwien," Aragorn whispered again and softly caressed her bloody cheek. "I cannot believe, it cannot be you."
"Aragorn, there wasn't a minute I didn't fight and tried to escape. There wasn't a second I didn't think of you. The thought of you scared all darkness away," young elf princess smiled softly.
"I cannot ask for choosing me over you immortality," heir of the Gondor throne whispered with a sigh.
"I chose a mortal life, I chose you long ago," Elvéwien said.
"Lle naa vanima," Aragorn breathed out and cupped her face. (You are beautiful)
"Amin mela lle," princess whispered before enclosing the gap and kissing him on his lips, something she longed to do from the first time her eyes landed on him. (I love you)

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