Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


35. Andy Sixx 4

Becca Walked In The Pre-School Classroom With Her Mom.Becca Was Always Shy Around People She Didnt Know,Now She Had A Whole Classroom OF People She Didnt Know That She Had To Stay In For Hours.
"Alright Becca,Mommy Will See You When You Get Out Of School"Becca’s Mom Says As She Releases Becca’s Hand And Becca Slowly Walks To The Carpet Where A Boy Was Sitting By Himself.
Even Though Becca Was Shy She Still Would Be Friendly To Other People.It Was Just In Her Nature Even Though She Was Normally A Keep To Herself Kid.
"H-Hi" Becca Says As She Sits Down Next To The Boy With Black Hair And Big Blue Eyes.
"Hi,I’m Andy"The Boy Shyly Says Looking At Becca.
"I’m Becca Do You Wanna Go Play With The Blocks"Becca Says Pointing In The Back Corner Where Piles Of Blocks Sat With No One Around Them.
"Yeah,I Didnt Wanna Go Over There By Myself"Andy Says As He Stands Then Helps Becca Stand Up.They Race Over To The Blacks And Start Bulding Different Thing.
And Thats What Started Their Whole Friendship
Becca Walked Down The Sidewalk To Her Best Friend Andy’s House.Her Dad Had Came Home Drunk Yet Again And She Didndt Wanna Fight With Him.She Had Called Andy And Caught Him Right Before He Was Gonna Take A Shower And Lay Down.Becca Reached Andy’s House And Smiled.She Always Felt At Home At Andy’s House.
She Grabs A Small Rock And Throws It Up At Andy’s Window.His Window Opens And He Sticks His Head Out And Looks At Becca With A Smile.Andy Always Did Like Becca But Didnt Wanna Ruin Their Relationship.
"I’ll Be Right Down"Andy Yells Down Before Sticking His Head Back In His Window.His Mom Was Cool With Becca Coming Over Since They Had Been Friends Since Pre-School.Andy Slips On A T-Shirt,He Had On Basketball Shorts.
Andy Does His Best To Fix His Crazy Hair As He Walks Downstairs.He Combs Through His Hair With His Fingers Before Opening The Door To See Becca With Her Black Hoodie On.Her Blonde Streaks Shined Against Her Brown Hair.Andy Lets Her In And Then Shuts The Door After Her.
"Come On,Lets Go Upstairs We Can Listen To My New Kiss CD I Bought Today"Andy Says Grabbing Becca’s Small Hand In His And Leading Her Upstairs Into His Room.This Was A Reagular Thing,When Becca’s Dad Would COme Over AT Night They Would Put In A Cd And Leave It On All Night.
Becca Giggles As She Watches Andy Bite Open The Plastic Of His New Cd To Put It In His Radio.Becca Slips Off Her Jacket And Crawls Under The Blankets Of Andy’s Bed.They Thought Nothing Of Sleeping In The Same Bed.Plus In The Middle Of The Night When Becca Couldnt Sleep She’d Cuddle Up To Andy And Immediately Fall Asleep.
Andy Hits Play On His Stereo And Music Blasts Through The Room Making Becca Cover Her Ears.Andy Quickly Turns It To A Quiet Volume So It Only Was Heard In The Room.Andy Waits To See If He Woke His Mom But Everything Was Silent.Becca Begins Giggling And Andy Shakes His Head At Himself.He Turns Off The Lights As He Walks To The Bed
Andy Slips Under The Covers Next To Becca As The Music Plays.Andy Locked His Hands Behind His Head As He Listened To The Rock Song.He Feels Becca Move But It Was Closer To Him So That She Had Her Head On His Shoulder And Was Molded To His Side.
"Is This Okay? I Just Really Need To Be Cuddled Up To Someone"Becca Whispers Looking Up At Andy In The Dark.
"This Is Fine Becca"Andy Says Turning Toward Becca And Wrapping His Arms Around Her Frame.Becca Smiles And Snuggles Into His Embrace.Andy Was So Happy,He Was Thankful He Turned Off The Light So Becca Couldnt See Him Smiling Like And Idiot.
"Andy.........You’ve Been My Rock Threw All These Hard Times And These Nights That I Spend With You.These Keep Me Alive"Becca Says Softly Not Sure If Andy Had Already Drifted To Sleep Or Not.
"These Nights Are What Keep Me Happy Becca,I Get To Spend Them With The Girl I Love-"Andy Quickly Shuts His Mouth.He Just Confessed His Feelings To Becca On Accident.Becca Looks Up At Him,The Moon Light Made It Able For Them To See Eacother’s Eyes.
"You Love Me Andy"Becca Asks Looking In His Brilliant Blue Eyes.
"Yes,I Have For So Long But I Didnt Wanna Ruin Our Friendship And Not Be Able To Have These Nights With You"Andy Sighs Sadly,Looking Down.Andy Figured Now That Becca Would Sleep In The Living Room Then Leave And Never Come Over At Night.
"You Didnt Ruin Anything"Becca Says Lifting Andy’s Head."I Love These Nights"

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