Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


33. Andy Sixx 3

Courtney And Andy Were In The Front Yard Playing Soccer While Their Father's Worked On A Fence For Andy's Backyard.Courtney And Andy Were Youngsters,Only Being 9 Years Old.They Were Best Friends,Their Fathers Being Friends And Always Having The Children Around Eachother Made Courtney And Andy Form A Friendship Like No Other.
"You Wont Get That Passed Me"Andy Says To Courtney As He Stood With A Wide Stance And His Arms Out To Block The Ball.They Made A Line With Sticks To Stand As The Goal.
"I Bet I Will"Courtney Said Confidently As She Passed The Ball Between Her Feet.She Looked For A Open Space In Andy's Defense Then Shot The Ball Clear Betwee His Legs Past The Sticks.Andy Looks Behind Him Then At Courtney And She Simply Smiles And Sticks Her Tounge Out At Him.
"That's It"Andy Says As He Takes Off Toward Courtney.Courtney Begins Running And Takes A Turn Into The Backyard.She Runs Across The Deck,Andy Was Inches Away from Her As She Gets Off The Deck And Runs Back Into The Front Yard.Andy Tackles Her Into A Pile Of Leaves Making Both Of The Nine Year Olds Giggle And Laugh.
Andy Helps Courtney Up And She Begins Picking Leaves From Her Hair,Andy Helping Her With The Process.This Was Nothing Compared To Last Week When They Tried To Make A Smoothie At Courtney's House And Andy Started The Blender Without Putting The Top On.They Both Smelled Like Strawberries For 2 Weeks Even With Taking A Shower Everyday.
Courtney Loved Her Best Friend Andy,Not In A Friend Sense But As A True Love Sense.But She Would Never Have The Courage To Tell Him.No Matter How Bad She Wanted To She Just Couldnt.
Courtney Kirk Was 20 Now,And Was At The Studio Practicing With Her Band "Silent Vengeance".It Consisted Of Her On Vocals,Her Friend Maggie And Jamie On Guitar,Drew; A Drummer They Had Found A Year Back,And Her Cousin Seth That Played Bass.Courtney And The Band Were Working On Songs For Their New Album "Asylum Poems".Seth Was Recording His Part When Coutney Began To Get Thirsty.
She Ventures Out Of The Studio To The Vending Machines They Had In A Small Open Area.Courtney Scans The Drink Selection And Spots Mtn.Dew.She Deposits Her Dollar And Presses The Button But Nothing Comes Out.
"What The Hell"Courtney Says Pushing The Button Once Again But Nothing Happens.Courtney Groans And Stomps Her Foot.This Machince Was Being Mean To Her.A Chuckle Comes From Behind Her And She Turns Around To See Andy With His Arms Folded Just Staring At Her Amused.
"You Know I Dont Like Machines That Are Mean To Me"Courtney Says Pouting.Andy Simply Walks Over To The Machine And Hits It A Few Times Before The Pop Comes Out.
"You're New To This Studio,Me Not So Much.But For Future References,After You Press What Pop You Want You Hit It A Few Times Then It Comes Out"Andy Says Crouching Down,Grabbing The Pop,Then Handing It To Courtney Smirking.
Andy And Courtney Had Managed To Remain Friends As Their Bands Got Bigger And Went On Tours.Every Night At Exactly 10 P.M,They Would Both Log Onto Skype And Video Chat The Night Away.But This Upcoming Tour They Werent Going To Do That,Their Bands Were Going On Tour Together For 8 Months.Courney Couldnt Wait To Get On The Road And Make Bus Memories With Andy.
"Mean Machine"Courtney Mutters As She Twists Open The Cap Of The Pop And Takes A Drink.She Screws The Top Back On Before Hugging Andy And Saying Thank You.They Talked For A Few More Minutes Before Walking Back To Their Seperate Studios To Get Back To Constructing Their Albums For Their Release Dates In 3 Months.
Courtney Was About To Walk Into Her Studio When She Sees Andy About To Go Into His A Few Doors Down.She Wanted To Make Her Move,Show Andy That All These Years She's Been Madly In Love With Him But Could Never Get The Courage Up To Tell Him.How She Wanted To Be His Courtney And For Him To Be Her Andy.Courtnay Takes A Deep Breath Before Jogging Over To Andy,Stopping Him Before He Reached For The Handle Of The Door.
"Hey Courtney Is Something Wrong"Andy Asks Looking At Her Concerned.His Blue Eyes Fixate On Hers As She Looks Up At Him.
"No,But I Forgot To Do Something"Courtney Says As She Gets On Her Tiptoes And Kisses Andy Softly.She Begins To Sink Back Down To Stand Flatly On Her Feet But Instead Of Breaking The Kiss,Andy Leans Down,Keeping Their Lips Connected In The Innocent Kiss.
Courtney Pulls Away Slowly And Looks At Andy For His Reaction To What She Just Did.His Face Was Blank For A Moment Before A Smile Appears On His Face.
"You Dont Know How Long I've Wanted To Do That"Andy Says Cupping Courtney's Face Gently In His Hands.Blush Fills Courney's Cheeks As She Shyly Looks To The Side.
"I've Liked You For Awhile And I Just Finally Got The Courage To Actually Tell....Well Show You That.Do You Possibly Feel The Same"Courtney Says Looking In Andy's Love Filled Eyes.
"I Do Feel The Same"
You Sat In The Tour Bus Living Space With Andy.He Had His Head On Your Stomach Talking To Yours And His Baby.It Was Such A Heart-Warming Moment.
"Hey Buddy,I Cant Wait To Meet You"Andy Says To Your Stomach.You Smile As You Feel The Baby Kick At The Sound Of His Voice.Andy Takes His Head Away From Your Tummy But Replaces It With His Hand.
"I Cant Wait Courtney,I'm So Excited To Be Able To Hold And Cuddle Our Son"Andy Says Looking At You With The Biggest Smile.
"I Know,I Think He's Gonna Look Exactly Like You"
"Maybe,Are You Still Mine Though?"Andy Asks,Already Knowing The Answer.It Was One Of The Cute Little Things You Two Did.
"Yes,As Long As You're Mine,I'm Yours"

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