Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


30. Andy Sixx 2

~I Was Waiting For My Date Andy To Show Up.My Friend Sammi Had Set Me Up With Him After I Gushed About How Hot He Was.So She Had Arranged For Me And Him To Go To The Carnival That Was In Town For The Weekend.I Had Went Casual With With A Pair Of Dark Blue Ripped Jeans,Simple Black Converse,And A Red And Black Plaid Shirt Button Up.It Was Suttle And Appropriate Just To Walk Around In.I Was Fixing A Few Fly Aways That Had Escaped My Headband,When There's A Knock At The Door.I Jump And Stick One More Hair Down Before Casually Walking To The Door
I Take A Deep Breath Before Opening The Door And My Jaw Falls At The Sight Of Andy.He Had His Hair Slicked Back And He Had On A Black T-Shirt And Some Jeans On.My Eyes Glaze Over Him Then Our Eyes Meet And His Take Away My Breath.They Were A Beautiful Blue Color That Just Made Me Lose My Train Of Thought.
"Are You Ready To Go"Andy Asks Looking At Me Curiously.
"Huh,Oh Yeah Let's Go.I'm Sorry I Like Zoned Out For A Bit"I Say Embarrassed As I Close My Door And Lock It With The Key Around My Wrist.I Turn To See Andy Already At His Camaro,Holding The Door Open For Me.I Walk Over To Andy And Slip Into The Car And He Shuts The Door Once I Was All The Way In.He Was A Perfect Gentleman,That Was Some Major Points With Me.
"So Before We Even Start On Our Way There,Everything Tonight Is On Me.This Date Is My Treat"Andy Says As He Starts Up His Camaro.
"That's Understandable,And Might I Say That You Are Queit The Gentleman"I Say Smiling At Him As He Pulls Out Of My Driveway.He Keeps One Hand On The Steering Wheel And Puts His Other Hand On My Thigh.Goosebumps Rise On My Thigh,Thank God I Had On Jeans.I Put My Hand On His And Let My Fingers Slip Through His.
We Pull Into The Carnival Parking Lot And I Gaze At All The Pretty Lights That Made The Rides Look Even More Attractive.Andy Gets Out And I Wait For Him To Open My Door.I Step Out,Looking At All The Different Stands.Andy Grabs My Hand And We Walk Up To The Ticket Booth.He Gets Us Both A Wristband,They Put Them On Our Wrists Securing Them With The Little Sticky Part.We Walk Into The Park And I Look Around Like A Kid In A Candy Store.
"Let's Get On The Scrambler.I Love Rides That Make You Dizzy"Andy Says Pointing To The Scrambler Then Looks To Me For Approval.He Was Adorable.I Nod And We Walk Over,Getting In Line In Back Of A Few Kids.The Ride Stops And The Operator Evacuates Everyone Then Opens The Gate For Us To Pick Out Own Seats.I Lead Andy Over To The Red One And He Chuckles But Climbs In.
I Slip In Next To Him,Closing The Safety Bar.I Go To Lock It But Dont See The Plaace To Lock It.I Look Around And Andy Puts His Hand On Mine And Locks It.Andy Pulls Me To His Chest And I Snuggle Into Him.
"I Knew How To Lock It"I Say Messing With His Hand.
"Sure You Did"Andy Chuckles As The Operator Walks Over And Checks To Make Sure Our Safety Bar Was Locked Before Starting The Ride.
As It Sped Up I Kept Squishing Andy Against The End Of The Seat.He'd Make Gagging Noises Making Me Laugh So Hard Evertime We Were Jerked By The Ride.When We Got Off Andy Was Complaining About How I Had Apparently Hurt Him.I Just Push Him Away But Her Ends Up Right At My Side Like He Was Before The Ride.
We Ride A Few More Rides Before Andy Decides To Take A Break And Look At All The Different Stands.I Was Looking At All The Game Prizes When I See A Purple Panda.I Stop In My Tracks And Andy Follow My Gaze And Chuckles.
"Do You Want It"Andy Asks
"Yes Please,It's So Adorable"I Say Jumping Up And Down Like A Kid That Was Going To Get Ice Cream.Andy Walks Up To The Counter And Asks What He Had To Do To Get The Purple Panda.
"Pop 5 Ballons WIth The Darts And You Get The Purple Panda.3 Dollars For 5 And 5 Dollars For 8"The Guy Says Grabbing A Handfull Of Darts From A Basket.
"Give Me The 5 Darts,I Can Do This"Andy Says As He Throws The First Dart And It Pop A Balloon.He Launches The Other 4 And Pops Baloons With Each Of Them.The Game Guy Grbabs Down A Panda And Hands It To Andy.
"You Wanted And Now You Recieved"Andy Says Holding The Purple Panda Out To Me.I Quickly Take The Panda Into My Arms And Hold It Close To My Chest.It Was So Fuzzy And Cuddly.
"Thank You So Much Andy.No One Has Ever Won Me A Stuffed Animal"I Say Kissing His Cheek Then Grabbing His Hand And Pulling Him Over To The Ferris Wheel.I Point To The Line And He Sighs But Walks With Me And Gets In Line.After A Few Rides Of The Ferris Wheel,It Was Mine And Andy's Turn To Finally Get A Carriage.The Operator Opens The Gate And I Shakily Walk In WIth Andy And The Operator Straps Us In Before Turning The Wheel To Get The Next Carraige.
"What's Wrong,I Though You Wanted To Get On Here"Andy Says Grabbing My Hand Gently,Sliding His Thumb Back And Forth.
"I-I Thought It Would Be Fun Then I Saw How Far Up It Goes.I'm Scared Of Heights"I Say Cuddling Into Andy's Side.
"Everything Will be Okay,As Long As I'm Here"
A Few More Shifts Of The Wheel Then We Started On A Constant Turn.I Just Held Andy's Hand With My Eyes Focused On Our Hand Until The Wheel Stoped.I Look To See We Were Stopped At The Very Top Of The Wheel.I Close My Eyes And Take Deep Breaths,Not Thinking About How Far Up We Were.
Andy Lifts My Head And Presses His Lips To Mine,Distracting Me About The Whole Height Thing.I Put My Hand On His Cheek As Our Lips Mold To Eachothers For A Moment When The Ride Starts Moving And I Pull Away.We Both Laugh And I Just Look At The Moon That Was Showing Tonight.It Was A Hald Moon Or As I Called It The Half Eaten Cookie.
"So After We Get Off This Ride Do You Wanna Head To The Concession Stand To Get A Sno-Cone Then Head Back To Your House"Andy Asks Running His Fingers Through My Hair.
"That Sounds Nice,A Cherry Sno-Cone"
"You'll Have To Owe Me For The Sno-Cone Though"
"What!? But You Said"
"You Can Easily Pay.You Just Owe Me A Kiss"Andy Smirks,Kissing Me Cheek.I Poke His Side Making Him Jerk,Causing The Carriage To Shake A Little And I Clutch Onto Him Scared.After A Few Seconds I Release My Grip On Andy And Begin Drawing Pattern On His Thigh Making Him Bite His Lip.
I Was Such A Tease ;)

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