Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


21. Andy Sixx 1

~I Was Sitting With My Phone In My Hand Waiting For The Call.
What Call You May Ask?
I Had Entered A Photography Contest To Take Photos At The Warped Tour.I Wanted To Go Soo Badly,Black Veil Brides Would Be There.They're My Absolute Favorite Band.I Was So Anxious To See Them.I Looked At The Time.3:26.I Sighed As I Looked Back At My Phone.I Got,Keeping My Phone In Hand As I Walked To The Kitchen I Got A Bottled Water,Taking A Sip.
"Lyssa!!"Abby Yelled Walking In My House.
"Kitchen!"I Yelled Back Looking At My Phone Again,Before Setting It Down.
"Oh Hey,Any News Yet?"She Asked Sitting On One Of The Stools.
"Nope,3:30 Needs To Hurry Up"I Grumbled Takin Another Drink Of Water.
"Trust Me Lyssa,You Got This"Abby Said Putting Her Hand On My Shoulder.
"I Hope So,Being On The Same Stage As Black Veil Brides Is An Amazing Thought"I Said Fantasizing About It.The Sudden Blast Of Black Veil Brides Song "Knives And Pens" Made Me Snap Out Of My Fantasy And Grab My Phone.I Immediately Pressed Talk And Said"Hello".
"Yes,Is This Alyssa Swan?"A Womans Voice Asked.
"Yes This Is Her"I Said Looking At Abby.
"Yes,I Am Happy To Tell You That You've Won The Photography Contest And Will Be Going To The Warped Tour"She Said.
"Okay,Um Could You Give Me A Moment"I Asked Covering The Reciever.
I Screamed Making Abby Cover Her Ears And Walk Out The Kitchen.I Calmed Myself Before I Uncovered The Reciever.
"I'm Sorry About That I'm Back"I Said Calmly.
"Ah Yes,You're Backstage Pass Will Be Waiting For You At The Door.Just Bring Some Kind Of Identification With You So You Can Get Your Pass"She Informed Me.
"Okay,I Won't Dissapoint"I Said Happily.
"Okay Good Luck"She Said Before Hanging Up.
"Is It Safe To Come Back In"Abby Asked As She Walked In The Kitchen.
"Yes"I Laughed Putting My Phone Down.
"Im So Happy For You!"Abby Yelled Giving Me A Hug.
"3 Days Away Until Im On The Same Stage As Black Veil Brides:"I Said As I Sat Back On My Stool.
*******-----3 Days Later--------******
I Was On My Way To The Venue For Warped Tour.I Was Litterally 10 Minutes Away From Bein Onstage.I Was Blasting Black Veil Brides,Singing Along With Andy.He Had Such An Awesome Voice And Was So Cute.I Couldn't Wait To See Them Perform LIVE Again! I Pulled Into The Parking Lot Of The Arena And Could See All The Fans With Different Band Tees.I Grabbed My Camera And Went To Get In Line.About 20 minutes later I Finally Made It To The Ticket Takers.I Saw A Woman With A Bunch Of Landdyards And Figured She Was The One To Talk To.
"Uhm,Im The Photographer And They Said To Talk To You"I Said Showing My Camera.
"Can I See SOme I.D"She Asked.
"Oh Yes"I Said Pulling My I.D From My Pocket Showing Her It.
"Oh You're Alyssa,Yes I Have Your Pass Right Here"She Said Smiling.
"Thank You"I Said As I Threw It On.
"Mark Will Show You Where To Go"She Said As I Looked Seeing A Tall Guy.I Followed Him And He Showed Me BackStage Where I Was To Stay.I Looked Around Hearing The Crowd Chant "Warped".I Was Checking My Camera When Someone Bumped Into Me Causing Me To Jump.I Looked Back To See None Other Then Andy Sixx.
"Oh My Bad"He Said As He Regained His Balance.
"I-It's Fine"I Stammered As I Smiled.
"I Didn't See You Here Earlier.You One Of The Bands Personal Phtographers?"He Asked Smiling At Me.
"No,I Won This Contest And Got To Take Pics Of All The Bands"I Said Raising My Camera Taking A Random Picture Of The Stage To See If It Was Set Right.
"Well Get My Good Side"He Said Posing.I Quickly Snapped A Picture Of Him.
"Got It"I Laughed As I Looked Back At The Picture.
"Hey I Didnt Mean Now"He Said As He Looked Over My Shoulder At The Picture.He Smelled So Good,His Cologne Was Perfect.He Was Posed With His Hand On His Chin,Standing Sideways.
"Well It Looks Good"He Said As I Turned To Him.
"Yea,Thats Definitely A Keeper"I Laughed.
We Talked A Little More And Were Laughing The Whole Time.He Was So Funny And I Had Alot In Common With Him.
"Uhm,Alyssa Can I Ask You Something"He Said Sheepishly.
"Yea Whats Up Andy"I Asked Smiling.
"Um,After The Show Did You Maybe Wanna Go For Some Lunch?"He Asked.
"Sure,I'd Love To,Meet Me Here After The Last Band"I Said As I Saw The Beginning Band Get Ready To Go Onstage.
"Okay See You Then"He Said As He Walked Out.
I Turned With As Smile And Started Snapping Away.i Had Got Some Pretty Awesome Pictures Of The Bands.I Was Looking Over Some Of My Pictures When I Heard A Backstage Person Say"Next Is BVB".
"Ready"I Heard Andy Say.I Looked Back To See Him Talking To The Band.He Looked Over At me And Saw Me Looking.I Hurried And Went Back To Looking At My Pictures.
"Snap Away"I Heard In My Ear As BVB Went On.They Started With "Knives And Pens".I Sang Along As I Snapped Pictures.I Decided To Change Angles And Go Down In Front Of The Stage.I Walked Down And Andy's Eyes Immediately Met Mine.He Looked Right At Me As I Snapped A PictureOf Him.I Continued Getting Pictures.After BVB There Were About 5 More Bands.I Finished Taking Pics And Headed Back.I Waited For Andy,Was Starting To Get Worried But Then He Came Through The Doors With A Smile On His Face.
"Ready Alyssa"He Asked Holding His Hand Out To Me.I Simply Took His Hand Letting Him Lead Me Out.We Ended Up Just Walkng To A Close By Diner.We Sat In A Booth And Started Talking.
"So What Happed Under You Eye"Andy Asked As He Took A Bite Of His Fry.
"Oh Uhm,My Dog Did That On Accident"I Said Taking A Drink Of My Pop.
"You're Still Beautiful"He Said As He Grabbed My Hand.
"Thanx Andy"I Said Blushing.
We Finished Our Food And Headed Back To The Arena.It Had Got Super Cold.I Wrapped My Arms Around Myself To keep Warm But My Arms Were Replaced By A Leather Jacket.I Looked Up At Andy Who Just Smiled And Wrapped His Arms Around Me.We Got Back To the Arena And He Walked Me Up To My Car.
"Well Thanks For The Dinner"I Said As I Began To Take His Leather Coat Off.
"No You Keep It I Got ALot More.It Looks Good On You"He Said Stopping Me Slinging It Back Over My Shoulders.I Just Looked Down As My Face Got Hot.He Lifted My Head Pressing His Lips To Mine.I Kissed Him Back And Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck.He Pulled Away Leaving Me Breathless.He Simply Smirked Before Handing Me His Number.
"I'll See You Soon,Right"He Said.
"Yea,You will"I Smiled As He Kissed Me Once More Before Walking To His Tour Bus

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