Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


290. Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman 3 Part 3

~13. Sound
Sitting in on the couch in the living room flipping through a magazine, I heard the front door open. Figuring it was only my brother coming back from where ever he was. Ignoring him I continued to flip through the mag. I heard him stop a few feet from me and make a small sound like he was gunna say something, but changed his mind and continued on upstairs, probably his room.
97. Touch
The touch of a hand on my shoulder made me jerk. A blind fold covered my eyes. “What the hell is going on!?” I demanded. A finger touched to my lips, silencing me. I was thrown over a strong shoulder and marched upstairs. Panic rose in my gut as I was laid back against a bed. I reached for the blindfold covering my eyes, but my hands were gently pulled away from it. The buttons to my shirt were opened and it was pulled off. Soon after my shirt was off, my pants and boxers were removed. Hands touched me all over; I felt so violated, so raped, that I could barely move. The touching stopped and warm sweet lips pressed to mine causing me to freeze all together. The blind fold was removed, but my eyes remained closed. I didn’t want to open them and see the person that was doing this to me in case, afterward, when the cops caught him, and I identified him, he couldn't put a hit out on me, to kill me for putting him away.
26. Taste
I tasted the person’s sweet lips against mine. A taste the was so familiar to my taste-buds, that they sung.
88. Smell
The person’s smell was intoxicating. It wasn’t strong, but it was there none the less. Their smell was all male, it was musky, warm, inviting, and strangely, welcoming. It was a mixture of natural body smells, light spring Irish body wash, Men’s deodorant and sandalwood scented shampoo. All of it seemed familiar, just like their taste, but I couldn’t place it.
34. Sight
After experiencing all these things, I heard the person removing their clothes, I snapped my eyes open, not caring anymore if they killed me for seeing their face. But what I saw, overwhelmed me so much I started to cry. A body so lean and so strong, so healthy and glowing with life. A body that was more familiar than my very own.
1. He’s back!
I looked up at him tears of overwhelming joy and relief flowing from my eyes. He looked down at me smiling, “I’ve missed you, Dean.” He whispered, laying over me. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, “I have missed you a million times more than you have missed me.” I sobbed. He kisses me again, “Let me make up for everything I’ve done to you the last few years.” He whispered against my lips. “I’ll let you do anything to me, just please…please don’t leave me again, Aidan.” I begged, my voice cracking. He licked his full pink lips and nodded, “I won’t ever leave or hurt you again, for as long as I live.” And for the first time in 3 years, we made true, honest to god, LOVE.

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