Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


289. Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman 3 Part 2

~59. Rain
I lay in bed listening to the raindrops hit the windows in my room. It’s been raining everyday since he left. I was healed now, though my wrist is still in a dark blue cast, it was due off in a week or so, though. So, I lay in bed all day, cradling his pillow, which lost his scent weeks ago, to my chest. Tears slip down my cheeks, my eyes burn and are blood red from all the tears I have shed over all of this. I haven’t really eaten or moved since I got home from the hospital. I just lay here, eating small portions of food every so often and only move to pee, other than that I’m in bed holding his pillow, staring out the window wishing for him to come back.
86. Memories
Closing my worn out eyes, I remember what he always said to me on days when it would rain and I would be sad and depressed. He’d pull me into his lap, wrapping his arms around me lovingly, protectively and carefully, kiss my temple and smile. “What’s wrong?” He'd ask and I’d snuggle deeper into him. “I'm upset because it’s always raining when I’m sad.” He’d laugh and hug me tighter. “No, baby, it doesn’t rain when you’re sad, it rains because you’re sad.” It always made me happier for some reason.
21. Wet
For the first time in a month, I lifted myself from my bed and walk over to the balcony doors inside my bedroom. Opening the double doors, a cold wet breeze brushes by me. It’s raining the hardest today, and I feel the worst today. The sun has set but the sky is still several different bight colors, like the northern lights. Stepping out into the rain, I'm almost instantly soaked through and through. Dropping into the deck chair near me, I sit in it. My legs wide open, my hands rest atop my knees and survey the land that I own. My face is stone hard, but my eyes give away the pain, hurt, abandonment and loneliness that I feel inside myself.
99. Darkness
Everything's dark around me. I didn’t understand why it was so dark. The house it surrounded in flood lights, so it should be bright, but it's pitch black. I was in and infinite blackness and I hated it. It was only me in this pitch black, empty place.
9. Awake and Shivering
Thunder jolted me awake. The black infinity was only a muffed up dream created by my tired, hurt mind. I’m shivering and shaking from the icy rain that has drowned me. My body tells me I should move, go inside and get dry and warm. But everything else in me won’t budge a micro inch. A shadow appears in the still open balcony doorway, in the moments before finding out who it is, I prayed, hoped and begged for it to be him. But it’s only my brother, “Bro, what are you doing out here?” He asked stepping out into the rain. “You’re gonna get pneumonia out here.” He grabs me by my shoulders and pulls me up. He takes me back inside, gets me into warm clothing, drys my hair and puts me to bed. “Everything is going to be okay, dude. He’ll come back. He just needs to clear his head and get some help.” He said to me, rubbing my back. I laid awake all night shaking and shivering with an on-coming cold and the familiar tears of missing him.
30. Sick
I have pneumonia. After 3 days of shaking, shivering, high fever, night sweats and vomiting, my mom took me to the emergency room where they ran a zillion tests on me and concluded that I had pneumonia from being in the cold rain for too long a few nights ago. Luckily, they didn’t hospitalize me for it. They put me on Penicillin, bed rest and told me to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I laid in bed the covers half on me and half off me because I couldn’t decide whether or not I was hot or cold. Four bottles of half drank water sat on my nightstand, a box of tissues by my side, a 3rd gone, and the used tissues laid all over the bed and floor. There was a soft knock at my door, then it pushed open, my mom came it holding the antibiotic and a spoon. I grimaced at the thought of having to take the stuff, even if it tasted good. Can’t I die in peace? She poured some of the medicine in the spoon and held it to my mouth; I hesitate a moment before opening my mouth and having her shove the spoon in. I swallowed the stuff like a dog trying to eat peanut butter. She smiled at me and left. “Evil woman.” I hiss when she was gone.

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