Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


288. Aidan Turner & Dean O'Gorman 3 Part 1

~29. There Will Be Blood
He hit me across the face and I went flying backwards. He was drunk again. I know what to expect from him when he’s been drinking like this, a beating to remember. A beating to blame on a failed stunt on Set. “You filthy little whore!” He spat and slurred as he beat on me. I lay in a ball protecting myself as well as possible. “You’ve been fucking him again, haven’t you?” He stomps on my ribs and I howl in pain. I learned well enough a long time ago, not to answer him, it only worsened and prolonged the brutal beatings he delivers in moments like these.
14. I Love Him
They ask why. All of them ask why I stay with him when he beats me so savagely. Most of the time I shake my head and tell them, “You’ll never understand why.” Because they won’t ever understand why I stay with him, when he treats me so harshly. They wouldn’t understand the love we share and have. How gentleness he really is, when he’s not drunk. When he’s not drunk, he’s a true gentlemen. Sometimes I cry uncontrollably over it to the point I am paralyzed in spot. Other times, I leave. But more than not, I simply say, “I love him.”
8. Simple
In rare moments, when the world is still, dark and quiet. When he’s not drunk and it's just him and I, we sit in our room snuggled up in bed together being silent for a long while. I manage the courage to ask him why he does what he does to me, when he’s not sound of mind due to mind altering substance. He sighs and closes his eyes, “It’s simple.” He utters, almost as if in a distance. “It’s not really me. It’s the alcohol.” It’s an answer that he’s never told me before, and I’m not sure I should believe him.
7. It's Bad Now
I’m in the hospital. He beat me bad this time around. My eye is almost swollen shut, my ribs are broken, my lip stitched back together, my wrist is broken from where he twisted it to far, my ear drum is broken and visible bleeding, bruises and cuts are all over me; head to toe. My family and friends surround me. Some are upset and pissed off, my mother cries; my brother puts a hole in the wall. But the real person I want here, the very person that did this to me, that put me in the hospital isn’t here, and it makes me cry. I want his presence, his protection, his love…the REAL him.
5. A Note From Him
I so swear never to do such a thing again for as long as I shall live, I love you with my life.
With that I promise, with that I will follow, with that I will protect you, with that I have you by my side.
666. He’s Gone, For Now
He left, but his things are still here in the house. His cell still sits on the nightstand on his side of the bed. All his clothes are still in the closet except for a few pants and shirts. He’s coming back, but for now his gone. Where? I don’t know. Why? I have my ideas. When will he be back? Only he and the universe around him know. Will I miss him? Of fucking Course!! How do I know he will return? I feel it in my heart and soul. Until that then, I'll wait patiently for him, never losing any amount of love I have for him in the time being.

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