Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


159. Aaron Taylor-Johnson 6

~With a sharp hiss followed by a hushed groan, Aaron dropped beside you. Sweat beaded on his flesh, periodically rolling down the front of his throat, sometimes down his chest. His hair was mussed, sticking out at odd angles. The air was thick with the scent of sex. Humidity from perspiration only managed to make the room feel hotter, and it felt like flames were licking at your exposed flesh.
Aaron was still breathing erratically. His chest rose and fell in an unnatural rhythm, and he pressed his palms firmly to his chest. In an attempt to regain control, he forced out a long, hard breath, puffing his cheeks. You glanced over at him, offering up a weak smile. Every muscle in your body felt like jell-o, trembling, quaking. His eyes were trained on the ceiling.
“I think that’s a new record,” he muttered breathlessly when you placed one of your hands on top of his. Timid fingers laced between yours, and he brought your bundled hands to his lips, kissing each of your fingers. “Don’t think we’ve ever gone at it so many times in one day.”
Your smile hesitantly grew. He squeezed your hand in his and allowing his gaze to wander from your face downward. The feeling of his eyes washing over your bared flesh sent a sharp chill up your spine. How does he always manage to get to me like this?
“I don’t think we’re done yet,” you murmured, using all your energy to roll to your side. His free hand came to rest nonchalantly behind his head, but he did look at you. That look was filled with so much care and concern; it damn near broke your heart.
“That so?” He pressed more kisses to your fingers, pausing to trace a line with the tip of his tongue up your index finger. You nibbled on the inside of your lip, fighting back a sigh. It never failed to amaze you how quickly he bounced back.
“I may need a shower and a quick nap before we go another rough, though,” he chuckled, giving you a quick kiss. As soon as he pulled back, you leaned in to steal a few more. Each was as soft and sweet as the last, and they all made you want to swallow the words that were about to come out.
“Guess I’d better head out, then, huh?” Aaron frowned slightly. You knew exactly what he was thinking.
“You don’t have to, you know…” You shook your head adamantly.
“Aaron, we agreed, remember?” You sat up slowly, grabbing your panties from where they’d landed at the end of the bed. Still seated, you worked them up your legs. It was easy, considering you could control your muscles again, but still difficult in the aspect that the fatigue was starting to set in. You let out a muted grunt of discomfort.
“You alright? Was I a bit too rough this time?” His voice was weighed with concern. You gave him a sympathetic smirk as you hooked your bra.
“I’m fine. You know I like it rough.” With a wink, you moved to pick your shirt up off the floor. Just as you pulled it over your head, Aaron’s arms slipped around your hips. His forehead dropped against the side of your head. Kisses plastered your neck and shoulder.
Every time he was home, this was what happened. The pair of you would go at it like animals for hours, only stopping long enough to catch your breath. Even with a refractory period, he’d take to teasing until he was ready again. Once he mentioned food or sleep, you’d get dressed, give him a few chaste kisses, and assure him you’d let him know when you got home. Neither of you ever pressed the issue further.
To be fair, it’s not like you were using him, nor he you. There was an immense mutual attraction between you two, but with his schedule, your schedule, and everything in between, there was no way it would work. Things would be great until they suddenly weren’t, and then it’d just be a disaster. Your break-up would be over the phone or by text. That just wasn’t the kind of thing you wanted to have with him. He had even agreed with you, saying that it wouldn’t harm anything to be physically intimate without the confines of a relationship. As much as you both desperately wanted a relationship, it just wasn’t in the cards.
“Don’t go,” he whispered, lips not leaving your skin. “I don’t want to wake up later without you here.” With a loaded sigh, you turned to face him. His fingertips dug into your lower back as he pulled you closer.
“Aaron, we agreed…” He shook his head softly, making his tousled curls bounce to and fro.
“I know. I know we agreed. We said this could never work, but I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep pretending like it’s not killing me to watch you leave. When we talk about all this, I made a mistake, okay? I fucked up. I wasn’t expecting to feel this way. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to; I would never force you to. But I know you. I know you wouldn’t keep coming back to me if you didn’t still feel something too. So, please, darling, please stay.”
Damn him. Damn those eyes, that smile, those hands. Damn it all. He was making this so much more difficult than it needed to be…
You placed your hands on the sides of his neck, cradling it like he was made of glass. He stared intently, pleadingly.
“Do you want this to change?” you asked softly. Aaron’s hands shifted to give your hips the same fragile hold. He tugged a bit, pressing his entire front to yours.
“I want everything to change. I want us to be real. Us. You and I together. We’ll figure out how to work around our schedules. I’d rather we find out just where this will go instead of just assuming it’ll end awfully. We can try.”
“Did you just monologue me?” He chuckled, giving you a quick peck.
“I’m taking that as you agreeing.”

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