Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


158. Aaron Taylor-Johnson 5

~LAX to Heathrow, what a fucking nightmare. Ten and a half uninterrupted hours of screaming children, yappy elderly women, and probably some big ol’ whopper of a guy taking up half the fucking seat next to me... Sounds like a magnificent evening, doesn’t it?
You were certainly bitter enough about having to catch a last-minute flight to London, but the fact that it was Christmas Eve was even worse. Mechanical troubles were responsible for an unscheduled stop in New York City, and to top it all off, a god damn snowstorm grounded the remainder of the flight until said storm passed. Couple that with the biting temperatures outside and you were beyond livid. Absolutely nothing was going right for you.
The chair beneath you was hard and unforgiving, the edge digging into the back of your thighs. No matter how you crossed, uncrossed, or tucked your legs, the metal continued to jab into your skin. With an aggravated groan, you shifted yet again, earning an initially irritated stare from the man seated across from you. You noticed him do a double take, then proceed to ogle any of your visible skin. Your fingers pulled your cardigan tighter around you. He continued to eye you over the top of his tablet with suggestive facial expressions. More than once, he reached down to adjust the zipper of pants. For the billionth time, you squirmed a bit, about to move to another seat.
“So sorry, my love!” an unfamiliar voice chirped in your ear. A young man, roughly your age, took a seat next to you, slinging his arm over your shoulders. “I couldn’t find that magazine you wanted, but I did get you some sweets!” He tossed a small paper bag in your lap, winking at you. You smiled kindly, not quite sure what he was playing at. He nudged your thigh with his knee, turning to face you. His gaze darted from you to the man across from you and back. He leaned it, whispered ‘play along’ almost inaudibly, and kissed your cheek.
“Thank you,” you replied as soon as he began to retreat. Whether you were thanking him for the rescue or the candy, you weren’t so sure. But it was enough to deter the uncanny stranger.
“It’s late, dear. Would you like to go grab some coffee or do you wanna have a kip?” You raised an eyebrow. He chuckled, tucking a wild curl behind his ear. “A nap, love. Coffee or nap?” Apprehensively, you weighed your options before deciding.
“Coffee, if that’s okay with you, babe. I’ll sleep when we can board.” He grinned at you and stood again, grabbing his sack of candy off your crossed legs. Ever the apparent gentleman, he shouldered your carry-on and offered out his hand to you. You took it without a second thought. Anything to get away from that fucking creep… Your knight in shining armor (well, jeans and a sweater) escorted you away from the seating area. Once you were certain that creep could no longer see you, you stopped, pulling your new companion to a stop as well.
“Thank you,” you sighed, reaching for your bag. He pulled back a bit.
“You’re very welcome. I was serious about the coffee, though.”
“I suppose I could manage that. Such an act of heroism on your behalf, I’ll gladly buy you a cup.” His expression was serious, but hinted amusement.
“I won’t have that. I’ll buy if you’d be so kind as to sit and chat with me, yeah?” A small smile cracked your lips and you nodded. He shifted your bag on his shoulder and held out his hand.
“Aaron, by the way,” he grinned. You shook his hand firmly, replying with your name. Aaron adjusted, holding out his elbow. You slipped your hand through and made your way to the closest Starbucks in the airport.
After four hours of the flight being grounded, it was finally cleared for takeoff. The runway had been shoveled, the snow had stopped falling, and the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon. It was just after seven in the morning, and you were finally allowed to board the plane again. You scanned the row numbers, finding your seat: 42A. There was a thought at the forefront of your mind, praying that no one would occupy the seat beside you, nor the aisle seat, for that matter. But alas, no such luck.
A familiar tangle of dark curls bounded down the aisle, concentrated on the numbers. He paused about three rows ahead, sliding his bag off his shoulder. Once he spotted you, a mad grin appeared. The bag was unceremoniously stuffed into the overhead bin above you, and he took he seat: 42B. Well, if I’m going to be stuck next to someone this whole time, I’m glad it’s him.
“So we meet again,” Aaron chuckled.
“Were you next to me on the first flight, too?” He looked a bit disappointed at that, but shook his head. Your heart dropped into your stomach, and you placed a hand on his forearm. “That came out a bit rude, didn’t it? I just meant that I’d probably remember having you beside me on the first half.”
Aaron perked up a bit at this, that mega-watt smile returning, doubling in size.
“I was actually sitting by the aisle. Stewardess kept bumpin’ my elbow when she passed. ‘sides, that prat across from you earlier was sitting beside you. Definitely didn’t like the way he was looking at you while you slept either. Right arse, that man. S’pose it’s okay for me to sit here, or do you figure I ought to move?” He started to get up, but you tightened your grip on his arm and pulled him back down.
“Don’t go,” you insisted, tacking ‘please’ on the end. He just chuckled and settled back in his seat.
“Going to London for business or fun?” he asked, putting his other hand over yours. You glanced up to see that disgusting excuse for a man from the sitting area making his way towards you with that contemptuous look on his face.
“Business, but I’ll be there for a while. How about you?” He followed your gaze, unflinching when you laid your head on his shoulder.
“If it’s not obvious,” he whispered, resting his head on top of yours. “I’m heading home. So I’d say a bit of both, really.”
“And you’re up to pretending you actually know me for the next seven hours or so?” He nodded and laced his fingers between yours, kissing your knuckles just as the man approached. The man cleared his throat, and Aaron looked him over with a skeptical look.
“You’re in my seat, buddy,” he snapped. Aaron just laughed.
“Look, you tosser, I didn’t fight you on it when you sat between us, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to sit by my girlfriend this time. I’m sure if it’s that big of a deal, the crew will allow you to find another open seat once we take off. ‘m not movin’, though.” There was a scoff, followed by incoherent grumbling. The man begrudgingly took the seat, but not without more protests and gripes.
Aaron laid his head back down on yours and squeezed your hand. You could just tell he had a big ol’ shit-eating grin on his face. It was probably smug as all hell, too. The flexion of his facial muscles against the top of your head kind of gave it away.
“Would you like to get some food when we land? Y’know, before we go to see my parents?” he asked softly. Considering you’d only met him mere hours before, you knew exactly what he was asking.
“I’d love to.”

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