Random One Shots

Random one shots with actors, musicians/bands and characters.


156. Aaron Taylor-Johnson 3 Part 2

~“Dinner. For the two of us,” he replied coolly. There was no fluctuation in his voice to suggest that it was a question, leaving it as either a statement or a demand. You looked over to Mr. Fenton, who had his eyebrows raised, creating rolling creases in his forehead. Your lower lip found its way between your teeth, and you chewed on it for a second, mulling over your options.
“I’m still on the clock right now,” you sighed, looking back. “Maybe-“
“Don’t you dare say ‘another night’,” he chided, thumbing his scruffy chin. You raised a challenging eyebrow. “I’ve been waiting years to give you a proper apology, and I can’t wait another day. I’ll sit here and wait until your shift is over if I have to. This is important.”
David, ever the eavesdropping little shit, poked his head around the corner of the door. He called your name, and you turned, glaring.
“You been waitin’ long enough. Just go. I’ll close up tonight, yeah? Don’t sweat it, chick. Get outta here,” he insisted with a smug grin. You squeezed your eyes shut and shook your head slightly.
“Oh,” Mr. Fenton butted in. “So this is the little punk you’ve told me about? Why I oughtta…” He shook his fist towards Aaron, but the smile on his face suggested he was jesting. Aaron put his hands up defensively and let out a low chuckle.
“Fine. Let’s go, then,” you sighed, taking off your apron. You rolled it up and tied the strings around it before sliding it into a separate cubby below the counter top. Mr. Fenton gave you a crooked smirk and a two-finger salute as you packed up all your books and papers, and David bid you a good evening as you were walking out the door with Aaron in tow.
The glass of the front door rattled as it slammed behind him, and you opted to leave your bag in your car, rather than lug it around. Aaron had waited patiently, silently, for you to return to his side. When you did, his fingers brushed from your wrist to your palm, like he wanted to take your hand. Before he had the chance, you crossed your arms over your chest.
The walk felt more like aimless wandering, and you weren’t exactly sure where the two of you were supposed to be headed. A heavy silence had settled in, feeling more like an awkward walk with a stranger, rather than your former best friend. To be fair, so much had changed for you both since you’d last spoken, making him feel like a stranger. You licked your lips, prepared to break the silence, but you quickly closed your mouth. No words came to mind. You couldn’t be sure if you were angry with him or saddened by his sudden resurfacing.
“You really shouldn’t do that,” Aaron muttered, glancing over to you. You raised an eyebrow as your eyes shifted to his. “Your lips will get chapped. I know how much you hate that.”
A huff of laughter exited your nose, and you smiled a little.
“How did you find me?” you prodded. Curiosity, not surprisingly, got the best of you. You had to know. Had it been an accident, he would’ve corrected you right off the bat, but he hesitated.
“I, uh… I just got back from the States this morning. Had to drop some things off for my parents, and I ran into your dad. He told me you had moved, that you were going to school and such. So, I asked him to write me directions to the easiest place to find you.” He fell silent again, and you let your arms fall loose, dangling by your side. He must have seen an opportunity and elected to take it, because he laced his fingers between yours and gave you a squeeze.
“I did try to call, you know?” You looked down, watching the pavement pass under your feet. His admission hit you hard. “Took me three months of being gone to realize what I’d left behind, and I tried to call. Your mum said you changed your number, but she wouldn’t give it to me. Sounded chuffed to bits that I rang her, though, dunno why.”
“She never told me,” you replied curtly. His free hand moved to swipe a stray strand of hair from his face and he stopped, forcing you to stop as well.
“I’m so sorry,” he said gently, using his grip on your hand to pull you closer to him. Your eyes darted to a chunk of gravel beside his foot. Another squeeze on your hand prompted you to nip at the inside of your lip.
“Will you look at me? Please?” The urgency seeping through his words sent a pang of guilt through your gut. Since he came into the diner, you’d managed to keep the eye contact to a minimum, but there was no avoiding it anymore. So, you mounted your best defensive face and looked him square in the eye. You tried to tell yourself that there was nothing he could say or do that could possibly make this up to you. Adamant, you weren’t about to forgive him so easily.
“I know I’ve been a royal prat since the last time I saw you. I’ve had to live with that every day. This is a piss poor apology, and I’m sure I’m a few years too late, but I love you, too.” He kept his tone strong and even, probably in an attempt to show you that he meant it. He was seriously.
“Really?” You cocked an eyebrow.
“Arse over elbow, darling.” The look in his eyes was the furthest thing from mockery. “I don’t expect you to feel the same way anymore, but-“
You’d heard enough. There was a brief moment of consideration before you pressed your lips to his, and it seemed to catch him off guard. He reacted immediately, winding his arms around you. Your hands came to rest on his cheeks. When you felt the desperate need for a breath, you parted from his mouth. Still caught up in the moment, you left less than an inch between your lips and his.
“But I would never forgive myself for not telling you,” he finished with half-lidded eyes and a mad-man smile. “Glad I did.”

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