Accidental Love

Scarlett Doesn't expect much when she moves to London to work on her writing career. She has published 3 books, and wants to find inspiration in Europe. But that is until she meets One Direction. She isn't a fan. In fact she hates the band. But when most of them fall for her. Will she realise that they're not as bad as she once thought>? Find out in 'Accidental Love'.


2. Chapter Two: A Fan?

She smiled at me, and tried to slowly move farther away from him. "Hello." He said to me. Without even making an effort to look at him, I replied; "Hey."    "I'm guessing you're not a fan, eh?" He responded. "Sorry, I just don't like boys that wear skinny jeans, and think they can get whatever girl because they're famous, and good looking." I explained, still not looking at him. And I thought to myself, how many floors down until this elevator stops. "You think I'm good looking?" He said, shocked. I giggled. The elevator dinged, and the doors flung open.  "See you around.....?" 

"Scarlett, my name is Scarlett." I told him.  "See you around Scarlett." He said, waving, and walking away. "Bye." I said, and waved back. I walked along the sidewalk passing many shops, and the spotting a Starbucks, I quickly got a coffee, and headed to the nearest park. I saw a bench swing, and sat down, taking my notebook out of my purse, along with my pen. But something terrible happened. Writers block.




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