Living With Skele-Bros

(Reader), a human like Frisk, fell into the Underworld not long after Frisk saved everyone. While (Reader) is much older than Frisk, she still feels the wonder of the monsters in the Underworld. Specifically in the company of the skeleton bros, who took her in. The three take it upon themselves to teach each other about the human and monster world alike.

Kind of a Story with Plot Mixed In with short Stories
Updates on Mondays


3. Not Hell, Just The Underground

I glance back at there 'here' is. A house.Most likely belonging to the person named Toriel.


We reach the door just as it begins to open.

I feel faint at the sight. A goat. A goat person to be more exact.

"*good to see you again, tori. just wish we didn't have a skele-ton of work ahead of us with this one."

I fight back a small laugh. His puns were starting to grow on me... Yep, definitely Hell.

I am floated into a living room, where I see a small cot set up near the corner of the room.

I am floated onto the cot and I feel the weight of gravity hit me like a train.

I laugh slightly, groaning. And I thought I hated gravity before.

I hear a small, feminine laugh and open my eyes to see the occupants of the room. The skeleton and goat woman are looking at me strangely. Goat woman's expression soon breaks into a smile, though.

"Hello, child. My name is Toriel, caretaker of the ruins."

I smile slightly in acknowledgement.

"And this bone-head is Sans."

The skeleton chuckles at the joke before looking at me and winking.

I blush strongly as I look back to Toriel, who is glaring at Sans.

I look down to my hands placed in my lap. They are scraped and bleeding slightly. The blood reminds me of my aching body and splitting head.

I clear my throat to get the attention of my audience. Sans glances at me and Toriel seems flustered that she forgot I was there.

"Anyway, do you have any idea where you are?"

I nod my head yes. As much as I want to think I've fallen into Hell, I know that's not the case.

Years ago monsters were banished into this pit. Into the underground. As much as my friends and family hated the idea of monsters, I thought that they couldn't be that bad. I mean history books lie all the time, right?

Toriel smiles at me, "That's one less step for me to explain. Now that that's out of the way, are you ok, my child?"

I laugh slightly, nodding my head yes.

A few seconds pass.

I shake my head no.

"I'm in a lot of pain," I croak out. “My head specifically."

Sans grins, "*oh look, it talks."

Toriel and I glare at Sans before looking back at each other.

"I think I may have something that can help," Toriel says before walking off into another room.

I look back at Sans. He is staring at me, a serious look in his eyes. I immediately feel small under his gaze. It feels like he's looking into my soul. I look back to the direction Toriel went before sighing. She wasn't going to come out and save me.

I take a deep breath, "So, you're a living skeleton?"

Sans break into a smile, "*One of bone-ly two. You pretty much met the other one back in the ruins."

I wince slightly at the thought of the loud voice, “He's quite loud."

Sans chuckles, "*that's my bro for ya. don't worry, you get used to it."

I look at him skeptically and he keeps his eyes straight on me.

"*his name's papyrus, though most of us just call him paps anymore."

Papyrus and Sans both sound familiar but, I can't place where I recognize them from.

"Nice to meet you, I guess. First time meeting a monster," I say, rubbing my neck slightly.

He smiles at me, "*same kid, though i can't say this is my first time meeting a human."

I look curiously at Sans, "There are more humans here?"

Sans shakes his head. "*nah, just one. a kid a lot younger than you."

I look sadly out the window, "The poor thing must have been terrified."

Sans shrugs his shoulders again, "*kids got determination."

"Determination?" I ask, tilting my head. A dizzy spell strikes me and I pray again that I don't have a concussion. I mean, third time’s the charm, right?

Sans looks out the window himself, "*it's nothing you need to worry about, not anymore at least."

I look at Sans. He seems troubled, but maybe it's just the angle of the light.

I look back at my horrible looking hands before glancing back at sans. I don't like the tension that's building between us.

"So, do you think I'll get a chance to meet the other human?"

Sans looks at me,"*hm, frisk? probably within the next hour or so. i think tori sent paps out to find them. they do say they get a bit bone-ly being the only human."

I scoff, "I doubt those are their exact words."

Sans makes an x over his chest, "*cross my heart."

I smile, "I also doubt you have a heart."

This causes Sans to smile back at me.

The feeling in the room is more comfortable as Toriel comes back into the room with a tray. It has what looks like antiseptic, gauze, bandages, and a tea pot.

I feel more joy rise up inside me as I think of drinking the tea.

Toriel smiles me, "I figured you'd need some cleaning up after such a bad fall."

She moves the tray to a small table and lifts the lid off the tea.

"What kind is it?" I ask.

Toriel shakes her head before pointing to her nose.

I sigh before leaning over to smell the tea.

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