Living With Skele-Bros

(Reader), a human like Frisk, fell into the Underworld not long after Frisk saved everyone. While (Reader) is much older than Frisk, she still feels the wonder of the monsters in the Underworld. Specifically in the company of the skeleton bros, who took her in. The three take it upon themselves to teach each other about the human and monster world alike.

Kind of a Story with Plot Mixed In with short Stories
Updates on Mondays


2. Just Like Being Strapped To A Backboard

I hear another chuckle. "*jokes aside, you really look like you need some help."

A raspy laugh leaves my throat, looks like I was saved by Sherlock and Wacky Watson.

"*just don't move, ‘kay?"

I nod my head to the best of my ability.

A minute passes and nothing happens.

A minute more gone. Did he leave me to die?

That thought and the anger boiling up inside me forces me to open an eye.

Blinding light. I shut my eye tight. Really should have taken that slower...

I open the eye slower and feel a bit dizzy as everything comes into focus.

And by everything I mean yellow flowers, cave walls, and a skeleton.

So much for Heaven, I must be in Hell.

Groaning, I shut my eye again and take a normal sized breath, which is more air then I was taking before.

The skeleton sighs, "*really thought you were going to die there. guess i was a bit too bone-ful."

I ignore the skeleton joke, hoping he'll just go away if I don't pay to attention to what he says.

Luck sadly isn't on my side today. As I try to even out my breathing, despite my most likely broken ribs, I start to feel lighter. It feels like I'm floating. Passing it off as getting oxygen back into my body, I continue my deep breathing.

The feeling of lightness continues for a couple minutes before I decide to open my eyes again.

I am not met with the same still picture I was once looking at, but a moving version of rock.

Panicking, I struggle with the feeling. I do my best to flail but am pretty much stuck in place.

I'm stuck in mid-air.

I hear a sigh,"*it's not going to get you anywhere, struggln' like that."

I tilt my head in the direction of the voice and am met with the back of the skeleton.

I sigh, deciding if he was taking me hostage, fighting in the state I'm in would most likely get me killed.

After deciding this, I take a better look at my captor.

Short and 'big-boned'. A blue hoodie with fur around the hood and basketball shorts. I feel a bit lighthearted at my captor’s choice of clothes, but I am able to suppress a laugh up until I see his footwear.

Pink Fuzzy House Slippers.

Without meaning to, I let out a small snort of laughter. This catches the skeleton man’s attention.

"*you must be feelin' better if you're able to laugh like that," he says, casually looking up at me.

I blush. I haven't snorted like that in years. I immediately hate the skeleton in the pink slippers for making me laugh.

"*and as much  as i'd like to tease you over that laugh, we're here."

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