The floating town.

The town I lived in was different from others. All of our houses floated on water, anchored. It didn't look pretty, it was rather spooky. Foggy all the time. Luckily my friends were over when it all happened..


2. Chapter 2

~Kait's POV~

I was sitting with the boys talking about random things. "Calum have you ever had potato chips while in the shower?" Michael said. 

"Umm no I haven't," Cal answered confused. 

"Well try it, it's the best I promise," Mikey was giggling by now. Calum got up and did just that. A little while later he came back. 

"They got all soggy," he said pouting.

"You're not supposed to hold them where they'll get wet, noob," Mikey said back. Calum huffed and plopped on the couch.

"I think we should get a picture of all of you together," I said with a small giggle.

"Okay but why?" Luke asked. 

"Because your dorks come on," I smiled. They all got up and looked at me. "Okay Cal and Luke hug each other then look at me Mikey hug Ashton from behind" I laughed snapping the photo then showed it to them. (Here is the picture, If you're reading on a phone then the picture will show up at the end) 

~Cal's POV~

After we all took the picture we sat down watching stuff on the tv. Then randomly Luke shouts out "I feel sorry for the people who don't have a favorite band, I love bands" 

"I feel sorry for people who like your band, your band sucks," I said back. 

"We're in the same band idiot," Luke replied. 

"Yeah we suck," I giggled. He just shook his head and threw a pillow at me. "Pillooooowwww fiiiiggghhtt" I charged after Luke with a pillow and just fell on him. "You didn't even move," I was pouting. He didn't answer me. 

~Ashton's POV~

I'm pretty sure everyone at the house has no idea I'm not at the house, or Maddy. I was worried about her. She has been missing. I checked the whole house and she wasn't there. So I went out jumped in the water and started swimming around looking for her yelling out her name. Then I remembered where she always used to hang at when she got too tired of something - at the top of the hill on the edge. I swam there as fast as I could there hoping she was there and sure enough she was. I finally hit the land of the hill running up to her. "Why are you out her?" I asked her. 

"Got tired of being in the house I needed to get out and I needed to think and thinking here has always been the best place to do it," she answered. "Also I brought a blanket in some plastic so it wouldn't get wet, you look cold want to use it?" 

"Yes please," I said softly. She smiled handing it to me. I wrapped it around myself looking off at our dark town. Maddy then leaned on me also looking at the city. 

"It sucks what happened but I'm glad I get to be near someone I care about so much," she whispered softly. I smile kissing her head. 

"I'm glad about that too," I smiled. 



Pictures I was inspired by (plus the one in the story) - 


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