I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


18. Then There Were Two

Seven, and Lunar were very much pissed off at the idea of having to fight for our lives. "So where can we break into? We can't risk going to a rich neighborhood." Lunar said as he sat down his glass of water onto the kitchen table. I rubbed my forehead out of frustration. "I don't know..that's the problem. We have to think of something worth a million..I know that once, I wanted to steal a certain watch that was priced at one million." That was five years ago, but Ashes stopped me, because it was risky. "A stupid time teller on your wrist, that's one million dollars?" Seven commented. "That's just dumb, why not use your phone to tell time, and not spill out a million." I hushed Seven, because I was still trying to think. Purple was sitting at the table with us, holding onto his long silver sword, that I made for him a year prior to this year. "I remember the place that I wanted to break into, believe it or not. I know the person I was going to steal that high priced watch. I gained their trust, so I wonder if he will remember me." The man I wanted to thieve from, wasn't a mission for a customer, it was an item that I wanted for Ashes birthday as a surprise. Unfortunately, Ashes found out by discovering a piece of paper that I wrote on, giving away the information. Sounds of wind hit against the front door of our home, causing me to second guess whether or not somebody was really knocking on it. Wind stopped gushing against the door, but I noticed the knocking didn't stop. I stood there in the kitchen with my family, and became severely scared. "Purple, go to your room. Everybody just go to Purple's room..quietly." They all walked slowly, to the bedroom at my request. It really wasn't the wind, someone has actually found our home, paying us a visit. I could see Purple leaning his head out of his room, to make sure that I was going to be fine. My hand waved to Purple, telling him to lean back into his room so that he will not be seen. The knocking became progressively loud, as my hand inched closer to the door knob. My gun was in the holster, on my left side. Life was filled with nothing but scary situations ever since Ashes died. I opened the door and my eyes were fixed on the long red cloak that belonged to the tall messenger that I previously met. I remembered that his name was Whisper. It was no surprise that he found out where I resided, since eventually this entire forest was to be searched by him. There was something different about this encounter, Whisper wasn't alone. Beside him, was an even taller unknown figure. Nothing but black. Whisper sorta laughed, and stepped forward to me. "Hello. It's nice to see that we found your home." Without permission, he pushed me out of the way and entered my living room. "Get out of my home, right now. What do you want?" Behind Whisper, the darker one followed him. I was shaking at this point, even though I took my gun out, aiming at the both of them. They were way taller than I. The height of Whisper had to roughly be seven foot, whilst the other one looked eight foot tall. "Don't talk to my little brother Whisper like that. It's rude to point a gun at strangers by the way." Whisper looked over at the even taller ally when he spoke up. "I'm serious, get out of here..or I will shoot and kill you both!" I threatened them further. "Oh, let me introduce you to my black wearing brother, his names Hollow." Both ignored my threats and walked closer to me. Hollow grabbed my gun from me before I could even think of pulling the trigger. My gun was twisted, and then bent in two pieces, before completely breaking. "In case you couldn't hear Whisper, since you are a little dense and stubborn to listen, my name is Hollow." He mocked me and then put both arms against the wall, opposite sides of my head. Whisper laughed at my frightened look, then talked with sarcasm. "Hollow I think you're scaring him, don't be so hard on him." The black hood moved closer to my face and all I could hear was an evil deep laugh. "Did you read the letter yet?" Hollow asked me. "Yeah..I'm going to work on getting the money. I already thought of some ideas on how to obtain one million." Sweat ran down my right temple. "Awww, Broker are you shitting your pants? I think you would sweat even more when you see what I can be capable of doing to you." Whisper laughed at his brothers threat. "He wouldn't have time to even do that, you know we would rip off his face and blow him away like his dear friend Ashes." Flashbacks of watching Ashes die, made me infuriated. "GET OFF OF ME!" I pushed the arms of Hollow, but he didn't budge. "You are so weak, I think Whisper hit a soft point, mentioning your best friend. Were you two lovers or something?" My heart was so heavy with anger, my legs started to shake. "He was my brother, my best friend. Stop implying something so damn foolish!" I gave up when my strength was nothing compared to Hollow. "Anyway, we are going to find your family, like it or not. If you don't get the money within ten days." Hollow moved his arms away from the wall, and began scanning the living room with his eyes. I couldn't see what either of them looked like, but it was obvious to know that they were looking around. "You can go back to our headquarters Whisper. I'm just going to do a little egg hunt here." Whisper nodded his red hood, walking out of the front door. 


"So..just you and me now. The thief, and the murderer. I am the murderer, in case you were too stupid to understand what I mean by that." Coldness filled the room, coming from the outside. Wind blew the front door shut, causing me to jump up. "I'm not afraid of you. If you were going to kill me, you would have done so by now. What you are doing right now is pissing me off." Not once did I look down the hallway, that lead to Purple's room. If I looked, then they would have suspected that my family is hiding in one of the rooms. "Hmm. Listen, Booker. I mean Broker, whatever your foolish name is. Once I pay a visit to somebody, whether it be a man, woman, girl, boy, child, baby." The drapes from Hollow's arms were hanging down, like a long black sheet. "Then that means they are going to die soon. It is sorta like symbolism. Death is black, I guess you can say I am the reaper in this world." He sounded confident and kept walking back and forth, along the creaking floor boards. "I suggest you remain quiet, like you are doing now. If you say one more word, then I will inject this poison into you." A long needle was shown to me, and then a long chain of spikes. "So listen, to what I have to say. Whisper was wearing red, because it symbolized blood being spilled. Your blood will be spilled soon, and you will also die soon. I still don't know if the boss wants you dead regardless of you completing the task. Who knows, I might have to just kill you no matter what, and when you do the task then your death just won't be as harsh. Maybe that's what the point of your task is." I wanted to speak to him and scream out insulting curse words, but I didn't want to die, so I remained shut mouth. "It would be a shame if your family was under this roof right now. What if one of them walks out just to get food, some cereal perhaps, something to drink. If they do, I will kill them so that you will have more to deal with." My heart raced, but it was comforting to know that everyone was hiding and wouldn't move unless I told them. "Anyways, since I made my introduction to you, I shall be going now." The black cloak walked over to me and held the needle to my throat. "Remember the deadline, or you will be dead." He laughed, leaving out of the front door just like Whisper. 

Sounds of loud foot steps outside soon faded away, and I ran to Purple's room. "There's two of them now..they wanted to talk to me about the deadline." Purple, Lunar, and Seven all stood up. Purple looked out of his bedroom window. "I say we move out of the state, and find a different place in the world to move." Purple said. How could we all move with no means of transportation? "We could..but how do we know they don't have other members from across the world? We also are unsure of how dangerous this Whisper and Hollow guys are." Lunar put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me, like he always has. "I could kill them off, instead. I'm..interested in becoming an assassin. I have been interested to protect this group ever since I met you guys." I looked over at Lunar, thinking for a second. "It's something to think about, but for now, we have to think more about this..money plan more than anything." We all grew exhausted and spent the rest of the day discussing what to do. It was finalized, I agreed to Lunar trying to take the enemies out, while I deceive the enemies, that I am away thieving. 

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