I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


23. Thank You

                                                                      -4 Years Later-



I walked into the room of my now fully grown son, Purple. "How do you like the new life? Living here in Illinois?" I asked him. We lived in a normal house now, and until he can get a job of his own, we lived together. It took a few years for Lunar and Seven to find a nice place of their own, and their own jobs. "It's hard to believe where we are now. All thanks to you though. I love the new life way better than the old one." We all loved the new life. I'm not sure if I would go back to my old thieving ways. I think Ashes's death really did change me, for the better. I still think of Hollow and Whisper sometimes, and have bad dreams about them. Dreams of them showing up randomly, and killing me in my sleep. "Yeah..I just realized that we don't have to all be together all the time. Four men living together and not having their own children to raise. It's better to be independant instead of having a group, something I thought of more, now that I'm older." Purple got up, showing me his job application. "I have an interview tomorrow, it makes good money too. If I keep this job, I can move out in three months." I was proud of what my son became. His phobia has gotten better, his social anxiety is dimmed down. He still has his moments, but thats understandable. "I'm proud of the young man you are. Good luck on your interview. I'm sure they will give you the job." He thanked me, and I walked outside of the front door of my home. Sometimes I imagine that I'm opening the wooden door to our hideout. That the birds chirping were the ones from the forest. I sat in the plastic white chair on my front lawn. It's so weird to have neighbors, and seeing children play on a daily basis. A basketball rolled to my feet, a little kids voice appeared from across the street. "Hey! Um, sir! My basketball rolled over there! Mind if you give it back?" I smiled at him. I've always loved little kids. "Sure kiddo." Whoever is raising this little boy, is doing a good job at it, considering he has manners. I rolled the ball very fast over the street, and he tried picking it up. It was too heavy for him. Somebody walked toward the little kid, this person was nothing but..red. A familiar red cloak, and they leaned down, helping the little child pick up the ball. It was Whisper. My throat had a lump in it, and my heart pounded. It was Whispers son!? The red cloak started shifting towards me, and I held onto my chair very frightened. How can he have found me? It's been four years since!


"Hello familiar face." Whisper said as he took off his hood. For the first time he showed his face. He's a very strange looking guy, but not in an ugly kind of way. His eyes were dark green, and he had red and white hair short hair. "What are you doing here..I..I mean..do I know you?" Whisper joined me, shockingly and sat in the chair next to me. "Don't fret, I'm not here to start chaos in front of my child. I heard your voice a minute ago, talking to someone else not far from me, so I knew you were near." He was different, and actually seemed nice. He turned to me, and smiled with tears in his eyes. "You know..the real reason that Hollow wanted a million dollars?" My heart was beating fast again, and I shook my head. "Well, Hollow and I had an argument. I'm not going into..details. Anyways, he was going to kill me. Take his own little brothers life. I begged him for my life, which lead me to say something drastic, out of fear." I wondered what he meant, but I stayed silent. Listening to him. "People say the most weirdest sentences out of fear, and out of desperation of wanting their life spared. Mine just so happened to be that I made a deal with him. I told him, if he lets me live, then I will find someone who can get a million dollars for him." My heart sank and I was shocked. The real reason I did this mission, was to save Whisper's life? "What are you trying to get at?" I asked. "We were always close, but after finding dad dead, something in his receptors went off, in his brain. Hollow slowly became hollowed in his own head. We both found out that you were the one who killed dad, we knew you were called the Shadow Broker. The one that's amazing at thieving." I checked to make sure Purple was no where near outside, because he would flip his lid if he knew Whisper was sitting here. "Are you kidding me..? He wasn't going to kill my family, but you instead? Is that why I had to go through all of that?" Whisper shook his head. "No. He would have killed me AND your family. I had to act along with his evil ways. He bossed me around, saying if I don't say the hateful comments to you, or anyone that's with you, then I would have to deal with him. I have this ability to hear very far distances. Sometimes I'd..eavesdrop you talking to your family, all the way from my hideout to yours. While lying in bed, I'd even use the stories that you told your family about the past, as a bed time story. You all had a rough life." I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. This was all shocking, but at least now I know that only Hollow was the evil one. "The day you and your family were packing to Arizona, I decided to go along with that plan too. I stole half of the money that Hollow had from the crystals. Took a plane, landed here, and stayed far away as possible from him. Sometimes I get afraid that he's watching me from afar before deciding to use his ability, to summon Dark Horse and chase after me before slicing my head off." Whisper was actually nice, which was shocking. I have no idea how to tell my family about the fact that we encountered again. They would be having panic attacks. "Well, at least you aren't as bad as I thought you were. That night, you wanted to say something to me. What was it?" Whisper leaned in and talked low. "Thank you for saving my life. I'm sorry for what I said about Ashes that time, but Hollow was around, so.." He got up, and I felt some of my emotions going insane. Even though I couldn't save Ashes, I saved someone else, unknowingly. "You're..welcome." It felt weird to shake hands with a once so called enemy. "Thanks for telling me everything. So he really is your son? The one with the basketball?" Whisper smiled, looking across the street at the little boy playing. "Yeah he is. Although I have abilities, I'm not sure if he inherited some of them or not. We'll find out when he's older. His name is Lonnie. Lonnie Parcel Whisper ." I thought his son was adorable, playing with a tiny basket ball goal. "He's nice, has manners too. I remember raising Purple to be respectful. It's hard work..but once they grow up as a nice person, it's good to see them showing good qualities that you instilled into them." Whisper agreed, and examined my house. "You have a nice place, better than the hideouts." I missed the hideouts a lot, but he was right. "Thanks..I tried to get the best place. Anyway..maybe we can talk again sometime?" Whisper looked like he wanted to reject, but he didn't. "Sure..but I've never had friends. My dad forbid it, and made my brother and I stay around each other." Hopefully my family won't have a problem in the future with this, but I doubt it. They always trust people I trust. "Don't worry about it, maybe I can show you what having a friend is like. I'm glad that I could help you back then. I know how it is to have a brother that doesn't..care." We shook hands, before he walked back across the street to his little son. Life was better, still scary at times, but better nonetheless. I sat outside for a few minutes more, and had time to think to myself about what just happened, and the past four and five years. I wish Ashes could sit in the chair beside me as well, but everyone dies eventually. No more having to fight for our lives, no more thieving or worrying about money. Life was a challenge, a hard quest, that can only end once you lose a life. It's just like a video game. We are in control of our games, but eventually it comes to an end. If one things for certain, I learned that I should always be nice to people, no matter how evil they are. Maybe some day I'll have my own child, blood related. Not that Purple isn't good enough, but I want someone else in this world, with my DNA. I can't wait to meet Purple's future children. He will make a good father like I tried to be. Seven would make his kid laugh all the time. Lunar would raise them to be brave, never thinking that they aren't good enough, because even if their life gets bad, whether it be homelessness, or no money, they will be alright some day. We were once going through rough times, but now we are all alright, and are going to be alright, safe in Illinois. 

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