I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


16. Suspicion

Today was beautiful, a nostalgic wave was sent over me as I felt the breeze of the wind, and the air felt nor hot or cold. My black hood that was covering my head, slightly blew in the wind. "Your new favorite spot?" I heard Purple's voice behind me as I sat along the edge of a cliff. I found this spot not long after we moved into our home, and fell in love with it ever since. The view of the forest, the trees, the sun or the rain falling down. This place was way better than our old hideout. Purple's voice sounds much older, I can tell that his voice has gotten deeper. Purple is now twenty years old. Seven is twenty five years old. Lunar is twenty two. My birthday is coming soon, and I'll be thirty one. I've never been one to care for birthdays though. I still find myself missing Ashes at times. He would have been twenty six. "You didn't notice me sitting out here a lot, four years ago?" I heard the thump sound of Purple sitting down beside me on the cliff. "Yeah dad, I was just joking around. You know..sometimes I miss our old missions. I don't think Ashes would have wanted us to stop doing what we do because of his death." My eyes shifted downward and they fixated on a leaf falling from a tree. The way that we get our food now is by hunting animals. Lunar is the one that hunts them, and Purple skins them. We make our own clothing as well. "I know you miss it bud..I just stopped after that day. I didn't want to keep taking chances of any of you getting killed. I still feel like he would have been here today, if I would have never set foot in that mansion." Purple dangled his legs over the edge of the cliff, swaying them back and forth. "Don't get too close to the edge." I still had a bad habit of treating Purple like a child at times. I'm not used to the idea of him growing up. Purple listened to me, thankfully and moved his legs away from the edge of the cliff. "You're overprotective of me still?" He asked in an annoyed voice. "Yeah, it's my job as a parent. Aren't you glad I wouldn't be like, "Hey kid, stick your legs out even further so you can fall off the edge of this cliff and land on a pterodactyl's back and then fall off and die?"" Purple kinda laughed at my joke. "How would I even take you seriously if you said something like that?" We sat along the cliff for a few more minutes, talking about the past. The fun moments with Ashes. 


Purple and I walked back home. The front wooden door was open, Lunar brought home another wolf for us to cook. "I miss macaroni. There's no way we can make wolf macaroni though." Purple made me want to laugh, and I did. "Maybe we can make wolf pasta." Seven joked. "Or we can make wolf spaghetti. We can use it's intestines." Lunar spoke up. I jumped in the conversation as well. "Come on guys, you all know that wolf pizza is better." Everyone went quiet and then Seven leaned down to the wolf, putting his hand on the wolfs mouth. Seven took the bottom jaw, and opened the wolf's mouth, making it look like the wolf was talking as Seven spoke. "I'm still alive you bastards! I can hear you all making jokes about my dead body being turned into macaroni, spaghetti, pasta, and pizza!" Seven spoke in an old man voice and we all burst out laughing. It took a while for Seven to return to his joking ways, but I'm glad he does it again. There were a few times where he joked, but not as much as he usually did. A sudden noise in the forest made us all stop laughing, it sounded like somebody stepped on leaves. Lunar turned around very fast, raising his bow and arrow. Everyone crouched down, but I was still standing. "Lunar, it's just a bird." I held onto his arm that was raised with his bow. "Oh..never mind then." He got embarrassed. Purple helped Lunar and Seven carry the huge wolf into our home, but I stayed behind. My eyes scanned the forest, to make sure that the noise really did come from a bird. "Hey Broker, you gonna help us cook this?" Lunar asked, while setting the wolf onto the table. I could see them in the living room, from the outside. "Yeah I will, but I'm going to check something." Lunar walked outside, wondering what I was doing. "What are you checking out? Like you said, it was only a bird, right?" I'm not the lying type, so I wasn't about to lie to him. "I didn't want to say this in front of any of you, but I worry we're being watched by somebody. Four years ago, Seven was attacked by a gang. Remember? The gang belonged to my half brother. Something tells me they found us somehow." Lunar looked worrisome, holding onto a sharp arrowhead. "Well, if anyone tries to hurt us I will cut their throat and watch them die. I'll cut their eyeballs out with this." He showed me the arrowhead that he held in his hand. His violent talk surprised me, but that's how Lunar became within these four years. "I know you have anger problems Lunar, but try to control what you say in front of Purple. Please? I feel exactly like you, protective, so I know how you feel." Lunar bit his lip out of anger, trying to bite his tongue also. "I'll try to watch what I say. Be careful out here, try to stay close. I'm going back inside to help out with the food. If you need me then yell for me." Lunar walked back inside our home, but I decided to walk into the forest, to see if anyone dangerous is out there somewhere. A color of red passed by the corner of my right eye, it looked like someone was running in a long red hood. I put my hand on my holster, in case I needed my gun. Red appeared again, causing me to turn to the right. My hand reacted, pulling the gun out of its holster. Steadily aiming, in case I needed to shoot a threat. Everything was clear, but I was left confused. "Maybe it was nothing.." I spoke to myself, looking around to make sure the forest was clear. I walked back home, and the food was already prepared by Purple and Seven. I joined in with my family, and ate with them. Tonight, I was going to sneak out, and search the forest for any trespassers. I planned to not tell anybody, because I don't want to endanger them. 

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