I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


15. Looking Back

Voices from the living room were heard from my new bedroom. "I'm gonna check on him..he's been sleeping all day, hasn't eaten, not even said one word the entire day." Seven stormed in my room and sat on my bed. "Broker, you can't be sleeping the entire day. What are we gonna do? Are we going to discuss what we're doing as a group now? Make new rules?" The room was silent and I didn't appreciate Seven walking into my room abruptly. "Don't worry about me. I've been exhausted all day, I just went through all that trouble four days ago, just to save you and get you out. Don't you think I deserve to get all the sleep I can get?" Seven groaned in annoyance, sighing. The way he moved on my bed made it look like he was uncomfortable, or frustrated. "Broker you said that three days ago. Are you going to get up or not? What did you tell me when I was punching the wall out of anger? You said that hurting myself won't help, right?" He was right. "With how you sleep all day lately and not eating, you're hurting yourself physically." Seven's words were smart, which caused me to finally sit up. "Hell, even Purple misses you. He hasn't been in your room though because he thought you wanted to be left alone." I rubbed my forehead and ran my hand through my head to fix the tangles in my black hair. "I'll get up, you're right. I'm just depressed lately." Seven lifted himself off the bed when I decided to get up. "Trust me, we've all been depressed because of Ashes." He walked out of my bedroom, I followed. Purple was sitting on the couch, I could tell he missed me. The first words he uttered were of concern. "You alright? I reheated you some food for today.." I nodded, without saying much. "I'll be fine Purple, just don't let my mood rub off on you." Making my way to the kitchen, there was a bowl of food for me. My appetite has been weird but I forced myself to eat, because I wanted to avoid making Purple feel like he was a bad cook.


Purple's foot steps inched closer and into the kitchen. "How's the food?" He saw me eating slowly. "It's very good, but I keep feeling full easily." Lunar joined us and sat beside me at the table. "Do you need something to drink with the food?" He asked. All of the concerns of my family made me feel better at least. They were making sure I was alright, giving me food, something to drink, and helping me in the process of grieving. They were grieving as well, even Lunar. Lunar barely knew Ashes, but the sight of everything that happened, stuck with him. Lunar hates the fact that I lost a close friend, which caused him to be sad for me. Lunar sat down a cup of tea for me. It's like he knew me very well, because he made the tea exactly how I love it. My kind of tea consisted of a lot of sugar, and ice in it. "You remembered how I like my tea?" After taking a sip I felt cared for. Lunar smiled and added an extra ice cube. "Oh, sorry I forgot you like six ice cubes in there." I kinda smiled and thanked him for the tea. I thanked Purple for the food as well. Seven popped up behind me out of nowhere. "THE HELL? SIX? HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME BROKER, SHOULDN'T YOU LIKE SEVEN?" His loud mouthed joke caused me to start laughing and then Lunar laughed, along with Purple. Seven kinda smiled too, because he saw me laughing, slowly feeling better. Lunar talked after he was done laughing. "You have such weird humor dude, but it's pretty funny." He told Seven. Seven turned around and made a dumb looking face, making his eyes crossed. "I KNOW I'M FUNNY!" The sound of Seven's voice was very low, as if he was imitating a mouse. "What in the world was that..?" I laughed my ass off at his jokes. After having a good food and laughing because of my family, we all went into the living room. 


Everyone was quiet, including me. The silence lasted for ten solid minutes. It was quite awkward, since I'm not used to silence at all in a room. Seven, Lunar, and Purple all cleared their throats at the exact same time. Now, I'm not sure if they planned that, but that's kinda weird. They all did it again and again. Purple and Seven looked at each other and bit their bottom lip, to avoid laughing. Lunar nodded with his hands crossed. "Yeeeep..I guess I should grab a book in this library." Lunar broke the ice and we all somewhat laughed. "Did you guys plan that just to make me laugh?" I asked. Everyone nodded at the same time. "I knew it had to be planned out, the timing was just too on point." My legs felt like they were going to sleep, so I got up off the couch. An old TV sat in the living room, along with a DVD player. "Hmm.." My bag of supplies sat in the dusty wooden floor, so I made my way over to it. Reaching my hand into the black bag, I felt a home video that I recorded on a DVD. I documented my whole life, growing up with my family, and raising Purple. Blowing the dust off of the DVD, I flipped the TV on, and slipped the DVD into the player. Purple thought we were watching an old movie. "What movie are we watching?" I stayed quiet before taking a seat on the couch again. The home video flashed and then the picture focused. It was me as a kid, and Purple as a baby. Ashes was also helping me raise Purple, but he was out somewhere on this day. 


"Um, well..I found this baby on the side of a curb about two weeks ago. He looked alone..and I know what it's like to be alone." My tiny voice said to the camera. The camera my little self was holding, was one that I found in a dumpster, but it still somehow worked. "He was crying..and no one else helped him. I don't like it when grown ups ignore helpless babies." Purple was crawling to me and attached his little thumb around my index finger. "What is it? Are you hungry?" The camera was set down, but we were still in sight of the lenses. "Ohhh..gah something smells horrible! You must need a diaper change instead of food." The camera caught me changing Purple's diaper. Purple's tiny cry became loud. "Shhh..I'm changing you, don't worry. I'm not going to let you sleep in the rain again!" A fresh new diaper was on Purple. He sucked his thumb, and I held him in one arm, while my other hand held the camera. "Do you want to color?" I asked him. He tried to talk, but the only sounds that came out, were baby noises. I laughed while holding him and rocked him back and forth to make him happier. There were coloring books spread out on the floor, Purple crawled to one. "What color do you want?" I asked as I knelt down to him reaching up for the crayon box I held in my small hands. Purple reached for a purple crayon, as always. "Purple again? Hmm..you know..you love that color a lot. The name Purple doesn't sound too bad huh?" He giggled as a baby and clapped his hands happily. I handed him a purple crayon and I chose a red crayon, before joining in. "I wonder how somebody can abandon a cute baby like you! Soon, I'll teach you how to talk, and walk." I sat the crayon down. He made a noise, trying to say a word. "D..d.." I got closer to him. "Are you trying to say something?" I talked to him very slowly, so he could understand me. "Dad?" I asked him. "Dada..Dada!" He giggled, wrapping his finger around my thumb. I was happy that he said his first word, so I recorded him talking a lot.


The home video ended and Purple looked embarrassed, but he was grateful for me being the one that raised him. "So that's how I got my name? T..that's interesting.." I looked over at my now teenage son. "Yeah, you've always liked that color and so I named you after your favorite color." After the video of Purple and I finished, a new one popped up. This particular video was showing Ashes and I first meeting each other. This is before I ever found Purple abandoned. The sound of Ashes mother being abusive, was heard by everyone on the street that was in this recording. 


"Ashes get your ass back here! I'm going to punch you extra hard if you keep disobeying me!" My camera switched to little Ashes walking down the sidewalk with crossed arms. I was talking to myself while filming. "Well that wasn't nice.." I said to myself. "ASHES DID YOU HEAR ME!?" His mom followed in behind him and hit little Ashes in the face very hard with a belt. Ashes started to cry and tried to run away from her. My younger self followed Ashes whenever he ran away and his mom made a heartless remark. "FINE! GO RUN! DON'T COME BACK BECAUSE I'LL BE GONE WHEN YOU GET HERE!" His mom had a luggage of clothes and packages, like she was moving away. Ashes finally stopped in a wet and rainy alley. I kept my camera recording my first words to him. "H..hey there. Are you okay? That lady was mean to you.." Ashes tiny face looked up and he rubbed his eyes and turned away from me, not trusting me at all. I understood, because he was used to abuse after all. "Is your name really Ashes? That's an interesting name. My name is Dante..but..I want to change it some day." He kept his back turned from me the whole time. "Well..I'll stay here with you till you calm down, so you won't be alone in this stupid stinky alley!" I tried to sound cheerful, I remember smiling at him. I recorded for two hours, of only myself talking to Ashes. Finally, he turned to face me and wiped his eyes dry from the rain and tears. "I don't want to go back to my mommy." Ashes voice sounded whiny, because of crying. My company must have calmed him, because he walked forward and hugged me although we were little kids that didn't know anything about each other. We had no idea we'd become very close and I'd become a big brother to him. That day I didn't know I would lose my best friend years later, to a shot gun bullet to his head. "My mommy beats me all the time, and says I remind her of my uncle. My uncle isn't a nice man either.." Ashes sat down and cried some more, I sat down beside him. "Prove to everybody that you're nothing like a mean man! You should prove it by building something nice, and cool! Do you want to help me create a home? It's like building a real life lego block! I'm building my own little hideout." The camera pointed at his face and he looked excited. Some more memories were played on the home video. Ashes and I growing up, Purple learning how to walk, and when we met Seven. 


I turned the TV off and sat there staring at the blank screen. My heart felt like it dropped, from looking at the memories. "Well, that's how we all met.." I said to Lunar. Lunar looked like he felt horrible. "So you all were abandoned? That's awful..it's just good that Broker took you guys in.." My eyes hurt, from holding back my tears. "I also have to be thankful for my family." I told Lunar. "They've helped me in more ways I can thank them for." I took the DVD out, and slid my precious memories back into my bag. Seven looked down and sighed, I guess he was thinking about his old family. Exhaustion came over me, which made my bedroom look more inviting. "Anyway, I'm going to try and sleep, I hope you all have a good night and sleep well." Everyone exchanged a good night, and the lights were switched off.

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