I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


8. Inside The Mansion

I stood in front of the black gate that leads to the mansion. The communication device was in my right coat pocket. Sliding out the communication device, I switched it on and saw four separate screens. Ashes grey screen was the first that popped up, then Seven. Seven was lying in bed while looking into his own device. I could still tell he wasn't feeling well and was still in pain. Purple's purple screen showed up and he sat there quietly. My screen was the biggest one because I was the holder of this device. Ashes finally spoke up. "Do you have any of your darts in case there is someone in there?" He asked. I pressed my hand against my left coat pocket, and felt the out line of six darts. Three of these darts are called "Sleepers." Sleepers are to put somebody to sleep whenever they are shot with these. The other three were the "Hallucinogens." They were the hallucination induced darts. I then reached into my right pocket, where I had twenty very small, yet useful lock picks, and my cigarette lighter. I don't smoke, the lighter is just used to see at night inside of a house or a mansion. After making sure that I had all I needed, I looked into my device and whispered as I plugged in my earbuds. "Yeah..I have all of my darts, and obviously this device, and my watch, along with lock picks and my lighter." Ashes seemed to be relieved after hearing that. "Alright..good luck Broker..if you need one of us then tell us." Seven groaned as he tried to sit up and watch me. "Don't let anyone break your back, broker." I stopped whenever he said that and looked at the device. "That was one of the worst word play puns I have ever heard." I joked back with him and he laughed. It's good to see that he wasn't traumatized after all. Seven laughed whenever I teased him for making a corny joke. Purple was sitting on his bed playing his video games, and watching me of course. I got to the front steps of mansion, and felt my heart racing. Every time I break into a place, I get a huge rush of adrenaline. I felt like a video game character using an adrenaline shot and developing powers. I crouched and looked at the dark neighborhood, I'm sure that nobody could see me in the night. The black clothing really helps during the night time break ins. After sitting the device down, I grabbed a lock pick from my coat. "Alright..I'm going to pick this lock..let's hope no one is at the front door waiting for me." The satisfying clicking sound from the lock being unlocked made me feel superior. "Alright..now it's time to enter this huge place..it's like a palace." The huge doors made a creaking sound that echoed throughout the halls, and the huge space in front of me. "Wow..this place is huge as hell..it's looks nothing like what I've been in before." I heard Purple start to snicker. "That's what she said." Purple's joke made Seven laugh, but I didn't. "Quit that language Purple." Purple went quiet and stopped laughing and returned to his serious personality. "Thank you." I told him. The more I looked around, the bigger this mansion appeared. There were a set of stairs on each side as you entered. It was always the choices of which stair case to travel that always bothered me. I had a hard time making choices, but in the end it didn't matter which path I took. "What do you see in there?" Ashes asked curiously. "Just a couple of stair cases, one is on the left side and the other is on the right." Ashes looked interested but he couldn't see my face in the dark. Everyone could only see my face if the moon shone through a window, or if I lit a candle. I think lighting a candle would be risky though. Ashes gave me some advice. "Take the right stair case first. I just have a feeling that you should go that way." I listened to him and continued crouching as I slowly shut the huge doors that belong to this place. The steps were flawless. They looked as if they were cleaned occasionally, and were solid white. They seem extremely high up, but I have no fear of heights. "This is gonna be a long climb." I said as I looked up. The mansion was filled with darkness, but I could see parts of it thanks to the windows, and the moon. I have a tiny lighter that I use though for light, so I will be using that on occasion. I soon got to the top of the stairs. "Alright, I made it..now I'm just going to go in some rooms." I used the flame from my lighter to barely see down a hallway. To my shock, it looked as if there were about twenty rooms in each hallway. "Wow.." The huge space took my breath away and I grew envious of the people living here. It must be nice to wake up and walk freely in this open wide space, and not have to worry about feeling shut in. Seven held his head from his pain, and could barely talk. "Why did you say wow?" Seven looked confused and wanted to know what I saw. "This place is much bigger than what I thought it would be. There are about twenty rooms in one hallway." The group became more attentive whenever I said that. "Do you hear anyone sleeping? Any snores?" Ashes asked. "No. I just hear eerie silence. The only sounds I hear are the winds." A wind blew a curtain in the hallway which lead me to jump up very badly. Seven must have seen me because of the moon light shining from the window. He began laughing very badly and then stopped whenever I hushed him. I took one earbud out of one of my ears, the right one. I was still crouching and entered one of the many rooms that I will be searching. "Alright..Lunar want's a coat. It'll have to look like a guys coat though." I said as I used my lighter to shine in this room. There was a wardrobe that looked like it belonged to a woman. "Ew..why do all rich women wear fur clothes?" I wondered as I held the small little flame inducing item. Suddenly, I heard a big silence in my left ear. The communication device was switched off all of a sudden. "What in the?" I used my light to see where the bed was, and I sat down on it. No body was even in this mansion? I began hitting the battery inside of the device. "Come on, work! What happened to this stupid thing!?" Maybe raising my voice wasn't a good idea at all. A hint of foot steps were heard walking down the hall way. Great, now I need a place to hide. The only option I could think of was either the closet, or under the bed. Hiding under the bed would be much smarter because people tend to check closets more if they become suspicious. I quickly slid myself underneath the bed and let go of the little light so that it would quit shining. Sounds of the foot steps faded away as they sounded close to me, almost like someone invisible was standing in the door way. I don't believe in ghosts, but this was making my mind wonder, or if it was all in my imagination. The sounds of a voice proved to me that it wasn't my imagination. An exchange of laughs were heard between two men, and I began to eavesdrop. "I can't wait to take my wife out to this new restaurant." One of the voices said. "Yeah, my wife could never stop bragging about that place. It has all the nice expensive dishes you can get." It sounds like they were on their way to have a double date with their wives. No wonder the women's room was empty, she was probably getting ready. My back began to hurt and my arms grew tired so I had to lean down onto the floor even more. I kept watching the bedroom door to make sure nobody walked in. To my convenience, they began to walk down the steps that I took to walk up. The timing was amazing because had I went up the steps five minutes earlier, I would have gotten caught or even worse.


The sounds of the front doors creaking and shutting was enough to reassure me that they had both left. I wasn't going to come out of my hiding space just yet though. I had to figure out what happened to this damn device of mine. I began tapping away at the screen and noticed it flashed red. Flashing red means that the device is broken, or has been overused. "Damn it!" I slammed the stupid little device onto the ground and crawled out of my hiding place angrily. I grew worried about not having a way to communicate with anybody. "I hope no one from a gang attacks them while I'm away." The mere thought of that made me sigh and it was hard to catch my breath because of stress. "Maybe I can do it alone this time..maybe." This was the first time that the device wasn't on. I felt more scared being alone now that I'm in this huge place by myself. I searched the rest of the cabinets and night stands in this particular room. Nothing. Maybe there were other rooms with much more better stuff. There was only one way to find out. I took out the lighter once again and made my way down the hallways and into another bed room. This room was painted blood red, and a black carpet complimented the blood red walls. "Well this is an interesting room." I thought to myself and I began missing my group and showing them what I found. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise surround me. It was the kind of noise that sounds like a sword being drawn from its sheath. The sound that metal on metal would make. I felt enclosed for some reason, although I didn't know what just happened. I used my thumb to flicker the cigarette lighter and my heart dropped. To my shock, this room was a trap. I was inside of a metal bar cage. Using my light, I shined it onto the black carpet that I stepped on whenever I first entered this room. The outline of a pressure plate was underneath the carpet. I should have known that I stepped on something, but I just thought it was the way the carpet was made. A note on the wall fell off and landed inside of the cage that was holding me. There were words on it, and they said; "This room is made for burglars. If you are a burglar, you will be trapped within a cage that shoots out metal bars from the floor. The pressure plate will be able to identify the owners that live here, and if you don't live here, then you're out of luck." This letter must have been hanging on the wall and fell off and into my cage. I have no idea how I'm going to escape this. If I had Ashes to talk to, or Purple or Seven, then I would probably have been able to figure out a way. Lucky for me, there is drawer near this cage. "There has to be a way to unlock this cage.." I said to myself as I made the flame of the lighter shine on all of the bars. There was a tiny key hole that one of my lock picks can easily fit through. "Psh..morons." I said in confidence and took out one of my lock picks, and began picking away. The sound of a loud click was echoed through the hall and the bedroom that I was trapped in. I freed myself, whenever I doubt that any other criminal could do that. "I just have to be careful with the rooms I go into." I mumbled to myself because I have no one else to talk to. If there was a sign on the wall of the bedroom I was in, I'm sure there's bound to be one in each trap room. This is exciting to be honest, because I have never been in a place with smart ideas, and traps. "This is gonna be a long night." I smirked as I made my way down the hallway even further.

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