I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


20. I Think You're A Threat

We only have five more days until our deadline, I've not yet ventured out to steal. I was trying to think of ways to kill Hollow, the one that can control objects, and sense danger. I wondered about Whisper and stopped walking in the forest. "If his brother can control objects then what does Whisper do..? Makes me nervous to find out." A sigh escaped my lips, and I kept walking. I was out in the forest, looking for new hunting grounds for Lunar, so that we can get more food. Stopping at a cliff, I could see a lot of deer eating grass below. I counted the number of deer, and stopped at twenty. This spot should be good enough. The cliff looked inviting, so I just sat down to take a rest. There's always been something about cliffs, that made me want to just sit on the edge of them. High winds blew my shirt, which made me feel cooled off, since it was a hot day. Weather here is weird, one moment its freezing, and before you know it, it's very hot again. I felt a hand on my shoulder, mistaking it to be Lunar. "What are you doing outside? I told you to rest for toda-.." My sentence stopped when I turned around, and Hollow was standing there. "What do you mean by that? Hmm.." Hollow questioned what I was about to say. I hate lying to people, but I had no problem lying to someone I hate. "My sick daughter, she follows me everywhere. It's so hard to keep a stubborn kid at home." Hollow turned his head away from me. I still didn't know what he looked like. It was impossible to see his face, even if the sun was shining. I stared at his hood, trying to find a face somehow, but it was like looking inside of a cave. "Oh really? It's good that she didn't come with you." His words were obvious, he would have killed my daughter if I had one. "You know, Whisper and I were almost attacked yesterday. It's been bothering me ever since. My trust is low with you Broker. I think you're a threat. Something tells me that it wasn't you that tried to kill me, but it was somebody else in this forest, somewhere, hiding." Hollow grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up over the edge of the cliff. "I have more power than you. You're just a human, after all." He laughed and I gripped onto the sleeves of the black piercing cloak. "No one in my group has gone anywhere lately, we are still trying to think of a plan." My voice strained when he began to choke me slightly. Why did he say I was a human, after all? Is Hollow even human? Hollow slightly groaned with an annoyed tone. My body felt lifted even more, and before I knew it, I was 50 ft in the air with him. "AH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I screamed, being thrown like a projectile. A whistle was heard by Hollow, and it was a deafening sound. It sounded nothing that loud over the device that I watched him on. I was getting closer to the ground, when I landed on his stupid horse. Hollow snapped his fingers once he levitated back onto safe grounds. The horse disappeared at the snap of his fingers, causing my feet to hit the ground and fall off of the white saddle. "Sorry, I was bored. I wanted to play with your fear for a second." My heart was pounding, I could feel my pulse radiate throughout my entire body. "Don't do that again. I'm serious." I threatened him, and he leaned over me. Hollow's height was intense, looking up at him was like looking up at a goth, blackened, deadly tower. "What did you mean by me being a human earlier?" I felt odd talking to this moron, but my curiosity had me at my throat. "Oh, I'm a hybrid. I'm half of what you are, human. My other half is..well." He made it clear that he wasn't afraid to say anything about himself. "The other half of me is programmed. My dad, or well..your half brother, installed something inside of my brain when I was born. It was to help me grow very tall, intimidating, able to jump high, create my own horse, however I wanted. All I have to do is think, and the chip activates inside of my mind, of whatever I think about. I can sense anything or everything around me if it's going to kill m-.." He stopped talking, his reflexes acted faster than one second. Hollow stomped on a venomous snake, about to strike him. "See what I mean? If it was going to kill you I wouldn't have stomped on it though, but I need that money you are going to steal." The snake looked as if it dissolved into the ground, fading away. "I can control objects, by the way. So if you would have shot me the day we met, I would have just turned the bullet around, facing you, stopping in front of your forehead. Toying with you..making you get scared on whether you were going to die." I turned away, walking back to my home. "Well..just go away, I don't have time for this. I need to start gathering my tools so that I can..go steal the valuables." Hollow followed me for about ten minutes, before stopping. "Just one reminder." I faced Hollow when he spoke up. "What the hell do you want?" I wanted nothing more than to kill him right then and there. "If I see someone else attempting to murder my brother and I, then there will be a slow, painful, awful, regretting that they were even born, kind of death." Hollow faded away, like a ghost. Oh come on, this guy can teleport along with the other powers? His words echoed and repeated in my head, while I walked back to the hideout. I felt guilty for bringing Lunar into this years later, but if he were still on the streets, then he could have died a long time ago. Lunar could have died the same exact day I gave him new clothes, but I don't regret bringing him into the family. 


Seven, and Purple were sitting outside of the hideout once I arrived back. "Hey dad, you see any good new spots?" Purple got up and greeted me. "Yeah I did, but I also saw Hollow." Seven looked weird at me. "What did I tell you about looking into fat people's mouths." Seven tried to joke, but looked away awkwardly and cleared his throat. "Never mind." I kinda wanted to laugh, although I felt in a horrible mood. Holding laughs in were hard for me, so I let out a small one. Purple looked into the front door of the hideout. "Lunar's been sleeping all day, woke up with a few bad dreams though." I sat down beside Purple and Seven. "What did that Hollow guy say to you?" Purple asked. "I found out this thing isn't a human. He claims to be a hybrid. A cross between human, and a chip in his brain." Purple couldn't believe what I was saying and stopped biting into the apple that he held. "That can't be possible, maybe he's delusional, you know?" I reminded Purple about how we all witnessed Hollow jumping incredibly high, landing on a horse while chasing Lunar. "Yeah you're right dad, but how can stuff like this be real in the world? This is like something that is written in a book, or a story, not in real." Purple kept being skeptical, but I believed that Hollow really was half and half. Seven jumped up from sitting on a rock. "LE GASP! WHAT IF WE REALLY ARE IN A STORY, OR BEING WRITTEN ABOUT, AND THE AUTHOR JUST GAVE HOLLOW HIS POWERS! PLOT TWIST! WHAT IF THE AUTHOR IS CONTROLLING WHAT I SAY RIGHT NOW, IN QUOTATIONS?!" I jumped at Seven's loud voice just popping up out of nowhere. "Shh keep it down." It was hard to talk, and laugh at the same time. "Then the author gave you a funny personality, and created Purple to be an amazing son." I ruffled Purple's hair. Purple laughed at Seven, and continued with the questions for me. "If you know what Hollow is, what is Whisper?" It took me a minute to think about. "I'm not sure..Whisper wasn't with him today. Whisper seems secretive, so I doubt that he's going to just spill all of his information. Whisper is hard to talk to, he doesn't share anything. Hollow is just more bold, not caring what he says. I think Hollow is bold because he doesn't feel threatened. He can just kill whoever he wants, whenever he wants and how he wants." Purple finished his apple finally, throwing the core across the forest. The front door to the hideout opened slowly, and out came Lunar. "Hey guys, talking without me?" He had a hard time walking, because he was sore from all the running. "Yeah, we're having a group therapy session. I'm still traumatized four years later, about the time Broker chose six over seven!" Seven made a stupid corny and whiny voice, which made us all laugh. "You're stupid." Lunar jokingly insulted Seven. Purple stretched, standing up and walking over to Lunar to help him walk and sit down with us. "How are you feeling?" I asked him. "Still sore in my calves, all of that running near killed me." His legs looked bruised, but nothing too bad to last for an entire week. Heat soon faded away from the forest, the sun stopped shining through the trees, darkness came over everything. "It's getting late, so we should get back in." Hollow wears black, so if he were to be out here, we wouldn't even see him anywhere. We all retreated back into the home, and tried to relax for the rest of the night. Purple and I played games, while Seven watched shows on another TV, with Lunar joining him. 

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