I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


4. Helping Out A New Friend

A couple days more have passed since speaking with Lunar. I try not to get so attached to my customers, or anyone that uses me for their own possessions. Sometimes, with people like Lunar though, it's quite hard not to. I have never been attached to my family, as bad as that sounds. I don't plan to go back to my own family, they are just rich snobby morons that only care about themselves. I know I break into people's houses, that much is true, but I see it as a good purpose in my eyes. It's to help out people that need expensive items, which in turn, they can pawn them. I always get half the money whenever they pawn the items I steal, that's part of everyone's agreement. My family knows about what I do, but they never really told the police about it. They chose to disown me instead, and think that one day if I get caught, then I will learn my lesson. Not even that would stop me. A sudden knock was heard on my groups hideout door. The floor made a creak every time I stepped forward to the front door. I opened the door and there Lunar was."Hey.." A familiar voice was heard. "Hey Eclipse." I said his last name jokingly. "What's up? You never visit here usually." I said to him as I stepped outside. I never allowed any of our customers in our hideout. There are expensive stuff in there that we sometimes keep to ourselves. "I found a house I like. It's a couple of streets from here." What he said sparked my interest, so I listened more to his details about this house. "It's a mansion though..and there is a black gate that you would need access to." He sounded as if there were no hope for me to find a way to enter. "Not a problem." I said in confidence, and a smirk on my face. I leaned against the front door and saw Lunar looking at me weird. "Not a problem? There are probably a ton of cameras." Lunar said doubtfully.


 Little does he know that I once broke into another mansion at night that had about fifty cameras. "I've dealt with much worse than that before. So..do you want a house hold item? Any gold? Want me to try and find a safe and get you some money?" The kids eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his socket. There was a gurgle noise that was heard suddenly. "Sorry..I haven't had any food..the thought of having money for food makes me..hungry." I bet he hasn't eaten in days. Our policy is to not help out our customers and get attach to them..but..the kids hungry. "When's the last time you've eaten?" I asked him out of curiosity. "About two days ago." He seemed depressed and I got closer and whispered, to make sure none of my friends heard. "Well come with me. Watch this." There was a puzzled expression on his face as I led him out of the forest of where the hideout is, and into the city. I pointed across the busy street and at the local burger place. "Okay? What do you want me to watch?" Lunar was still confused as he followed me across the city street. "Alright, follow me and watch this..go sit in a booth or something." We both walked inside this restaurant and Lunar sat in a both as I told him. I memorized the employees times and work hours, and their names. They have no idea who I am though, they've never even spoken to me. I eavesdropped on a customer ordering, and an employee entering the name of their order inside their computer system. Now the trick is, this certain employee gets off work in the next two minutes. Another employee takes their place, not knowing what the customers face looked like. "Alright your number is forty five." There were a couple of sleep darts inside of my long coat.


Of course I'm not going to shoot a big ass bow and arrow in the middle of a restaurant. I have a mini blow dart tool, that will work with the tiny sleep darts. The customer sat down and I saw the employee leaving, and another employee taking their place. I hurried and shot the sleep dart at the customer as soon as they laid their head on the table, they must have already been tired. "Order forty five! Your food is now ready!" I heard the new employee announce the number of the customers food. I got up like the slick criminal that I am, and played everything off cool. Too bad for that customer, he had his money out on his table, so as I passed by his table, I slowly picked up the money and acted as if I was tying my shoes. My back was turned to the employee, so it looked like I was tying my shoes, when in fact, my long coat was hiding my hands that were taking the money off the table. "Thank you." I told the worker as I finally made my way to the counter, I paid for the food that wasn't mine, but Lunar's instead. We exited the building and he stood there in shock looking at me like he had a hard time processing what just happened. "WHAT!?" Is all that spewed from his mouth. "Is that how you get your food normally? So you don't have to pay?" He asked. "Yeah, but today it isn't my food. It's yours." I handed him the bag of three burgers and there were tears in his eyes. "I thought this was against your rules or something..no one's ever done that for me.." I patted his back to make him feel better. "It is, but who says you aren't secretly my friend now?" Lunar looked at me as he ate his fresh food. "If your other friends find out..then they might cast you out, so don't consider me a friend yet. I've never had a friend before, anyway." He finished his food within ten minutes, and we sat outside on the curb of the street. I was quiet most of the time after the last thing he said, but I finally responded. "Look. I can consider who is my friend whenever I want to, and whoever I want. They're still my friends regardless, they need to stop getting so jealous as hell all the time." Lunar put the wrapper of the burgers into the used bag. "Well it's good that you consider me a friend. Thank you for the food.." He shook my hand and smiled with tears still in his eyes. "You're welcome, kid." We walked back to my hideout. "Tomorrow you should show me the mansion you were talking about to me earlier today." I told him as we finally made it back to my place. Lunar nodded and avoided eye contact with Purple whenever he walked past us. I'm guessing that he avoided eye contact because I just helped him out, and he felt awkward that Purple didn't know. "I've never heard his voice before. I just realized that." Lunar said as soon as Purple went into the latch of our hideout. "He considers himself a ghost to other people besides our family of friends. I don't know, it's like he gets this sort of selective mute whenever he's around other people and even when he's with us at the same time as other people. Purple is a weird one. I consider him a son though..I raised him whenever his parents abandoned him in the street. I found him behind a trash can when I was just ten years old." I made sure that Purple wasn't listening in, by peeking into the door. "Wow..he's a weird one? They all seem weird." Lunar's remark made me sort of laugh, because he was right. "Yeah, including me..but I'm weird in a good way." I reminded him. "Purple seems to have had a rough past..I can understand why he has anxiety around others." Lunar said. I nodded and remembered all the stuff that me and Purple went through together. "Well..uh..anyway.." Lunar said, as if he was about to go. "I have to get going..and I will show you the mansion tomorrow. Thank you again for helping me, Broker." His appreciation was shown by his eyes and tone of voice. "No problem." He walked away and I waved to him when he turned around to give me a good bye wave at the end of the forest. I guess he really is a cool kid after all. 

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