I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


6. Eliminating Threats

Seven's alarm clock echoed throughout the hideout. It was a loud rock song, as always. Every day, his alarm sound would change. It was loud enough to wake everyone up, including me. We all met in the meeting room of the hideout. "Morning Broker." Everyone said at once, as I walked into the room. "Damn, it's like I'm a celebrity being greeted in the morning." I yawned and Seven laughed at what I said. "Sooo today is the day! I get to spy on people and see who lives in this mansion." Seven said to me as I got my coffee. He seemed very excited and clapped his hands together like freaking child in an ice cream shop. He seemed pretty energetic, and hyped. "Oh yeah, Mr. lucky number Seven here has to check the mansion for some security cameras." I told the rest of the group. Ashes handed Seven his little communication device, so we could see him on the screen of our own devices. "Make sure you have it turned on and turn the volume down. Use some ear phones to hear our voices." There was an ear phone outlet in the top right of this device. No one else can hear us talking to each other if one has an earphone plugged in. Purple slipped on his black and purple clothing, and stretched. He cleared his throat afterwards. "Um.." Purple began to talk but he fell silent again. He looked like he was thinking and then his face got red. The embarrassment was obvious. "I forgot what I was going to say." I patted his back as a form of comfort. "It's fine, don't feel so awkward about it." I told him. His face color changed back to normal after. Purple jumped up as if he remembered what he was going to say. "Oh yeah..I remember now. What if there are traps or this is a set up? Lunar could be working with someone against us." Purple has always said this about every single customer of ours. So far, it hasn't come true. I looked at Purple strangely. "Relax..even though its been almost four weeks since we've met him, I gained trust. Don't worry so much." The thought of there being traps in a mansion terrified me. "I'm just saying..people can't be trusted." Purple said, as if to deflect my positive outlook. Purple has had a bad experience with people, because he is always quiet in front of others, besides the ones that raised him. We raised him basically. He is the youngest in our group, being the ripe age of only sixteen. I am the oldest, twenty-seven. Ashes is aged twenty-two. Seven, well..you would think he is age seven, because of his name and his humor. But never mind that. He is only twenty-one. Seven walked over to Purple. "Dude, you can't trust anybody. I can't even trust this soda can in my hand. I mean it can grow crab legs and start stabbing me for all I know." All he does is joke, to make people laugh if they are in a bad mood. I guess that can be useful sometimes. Purple showed a slight smile and looked away, to hide that he was smiling. "Seven, you go out to the mansion right now, and we will wait for you to get there. Turn on your device when you get there and we will be waiting to see your face appear on our screens." He nodded and headed out.


About thirty minutes later, Seven arrived at the mansion. The static was heard on all of our devices at the same exact time, and we saw Seven standing there in front of the black gate. "This is Seven, signing in bitches." He imitated some corny stupid rapper. I didn't laugh but Ashes sorta did. "Will you just get to it?" I said. Seven pulled out a golden key and showed us over our monitors. "Sure I will. I already pick pocketed the person holding the key to this place. Its golden, matching with the key hole." He smirked as he unlocked the gate. "How did you get to them that fast?" I asked him. He closed the gate very fast and whispered as he crouched behind a tree that belonged to the front yard. "I saw this man leaving the gate fortunately, and as he was walking away..I pick pocketed his coat. No one else was around, conveniently." Once again, he never failed to impress. "Now I remember why we have you as our pick pocket." I sat back in the wooden dusty chair and took a bite out of my pizza. "So where are you now? I notice that you're under a tree." I could tell by the shade over Seven's face and the shape of the shadows looked like leaves. "Almost to the front porch, but I have to scan for cameras. If there are cameras then I'll shoot them with this hack dart." The hack darts are to be used against cameras. They can turn off the cameras, and destroy them. I listened to him repeat his steps as if he was in training. "Good..you remembered." We all watched Seven shoot various cameras with the dart, and then he was on the front porch soon after. "Alright I'm on the porch now. I'm going to look in and see if there are any other white cameras.." Ashes listened to him as well. "Make sure you stay crouched. One single image captured by the cameras could put you in danger." Ashes reminded him. We saw Seven take his word and crouched as he lodged a dart in between the crack of the front door, shooting another camera. Ashes, Purple, and I all watched in amazement at Seven. This is the first time we have watched up close and personal. He shot every camera surrounding the mansion, and surrounding the gate. It's no surprise that such a big place had a camera in each corner. After an hour, he was finally done with eliminating cameras. "Good job..I'm proud of you. Hurry back before someone sees you or the rich snobby fat guy comes back." Seven laughed at what I said and hurried back to our place. We all turned off our devices, and sat them on the table. "Purple, how do you feel today?" I asked in concerned whenever I noticed his face looked uneasy as he sat down his device rather roughly. "I'm fine..just tired." I knew that was an excuse and I rolled my eyes. I have always felt like I was his father, I taught him how to walk and talk whenever I was only ten years old. "Don't give me a lie. Tell me what's wrong. Is it your problems bothering you again?" Purple looked away and hid his face and walked to his room. Ashes looked at me and stopped me by grabbing my arm whenever I tried to follow Purple. "He's still a teen. Let him go to his room and get over it by himself. We are supposed to be tough, remember?" I got annoyed at Ashes and pulled away. I consider Purple my son, even though he isn't. Unless I was a ten year old father, then that would be some Sci-Fi movie stuff. "I don't believe that just because we are men, we shouldn't show emotion. I want my son..I mean..Purple, to feel like I care." Ashes shook his head at me. "Why do you keep calling him son?" I avoided his question and went to Purple's room. "Hey buddy. I know you don't wan't me to pry, but.." He turned over on his side when I entered his room. I sat on his bed and looked at him laying down. I could sense that he was depressed today. Most likely depressed about his problems that hardly anyone understands, problems that is rare among people. "Just tell me what's wrong." I pleaded, and he got up and sighed. "It's the same thing as always. I hate being mute around other people and I also wish I knew where my real parents are." I hugged him to make him feel better slightly. "You talk around us don't you? And here's a real parent right here." I pointed to myself and ruffled his hair. "I try to do my best to be there for you and Ashes, and Seven." I consider Ashes and Seven more friends, than sons. I could tell that I made Purple feel better but only a little bit. "Thanks I guess.." He said after hugging me and then continuing to lie back down. "If you need anything then I'll be in the living room." I told him as I exited his room and made sure I closed the door so no one would just walk in without warning. The front door to the hideout suddenly opened, and Seven was gasping for air suddenly and he looked beaten up. "WHAT HAPPENED!?" I rushed over to him and Ashes did as well. Seven was bruised and closed the door very quickly. There were scars on his arm and fresh blood and his nose was bleeding. "A gang..came up to me and..and.." He could barely get his words out and he began crying. "They followed me, until I got to the edge of the forest. I hope they didn't see where we're located." Seven panicked and Ashes rushed to the kitchen sink to dab a wash cloth in some lukewarm water. I never kill, and I won't kill someone, but damn it..when they hurt my friends, or my son. The sight of Seven hurting and having a hard time breathing brought out a side I never knew I had. A side that not even Ashes knew I had. Purple obviously heard the commotion and walked out of his room very fast and saw everything going on. "Is he okay..? What happened..?" He stared at Seven very worried. I was stern and strict with Purple. "Get back in your room, now." I ordered him because I didn't want him to see me have this urge to murder somebody. I also didn't want him to see Seven like that. Ashes slightly pressed the wash cloths against Seven's wounds. "How many were there?" Ashes asked him. "Probably..six of them. I can't remember much..I got knocked out for a secon-.." I cut Seven off whenever I slammed my hand down on the table. "TELL ME WHERE THEY STARTED TO FIGHT YOU. TELL ME NOW!" Seven and Ashes jumped up and looked at me in shock. My breathing became heavy, and I wanted the answer to my question. No if, and's, or but's. "They were uh..by the street of the mansion..and they tackled me because they thought I was one of the rich people." I shook and slammed open the front door. "I'll be back." I told them, without saying where I'm going. Ashes swung open the door in annoyance. "Where are you going Broker? What if they find out where we are? You can't just leave." I turned around whenever he asked. "I'm going to get revenge." I told him with an evil look in my eyes. Ashes sighed and stared at me in disbelief. "That's not the Broker I know." He said, before closing the door. I began having second thoughts about the revenge. If I kill somebody, I raise my chances of being caught by the police. I took the sleeve of my hoodie and bit down with anger. I bit so hard that my teeth felt like they were going to break. I didn't know what to do. My logical side took over and I turned around, facing the door that Ashes closed. I stepped forward and walked back to the hideout although I still wanted to kill that gang with poison darts. Tears filled my eyes when I realized it was the first time in a very long time that I had thoughts of killing somebody else. I also had tears because I felt like it was my fault that one of my good friends got hurt and almost killed. I decided not to get my revenge, so I can still be with my friends, and Purple.

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