I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


22. Crystals Worth A Million

This museum was bigger than I remembered. I switched my communication device on, making my way through the dark. Crystals were shining and illuminating the room with all kinds of colors. Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, and Pink were all over the different walls. Four screens popped up on my device. Purple, Seven, Lunar, and myself. My screen was the fourth one. Sometimes I imagine that Ashes screen will eventually appear in the top right corner. I stroked the top right of my device, sighing and wishing he could see us now. Seven opened up a can of 7-Up soda, which made me jump out of the day dream. "Well..so far I see here, are a bunch of different crystals. I can use the invisibility dart, to make sure the cameras can't catch me." Seven took a sip from his drink. "Damn, you got skills. Just try to watch out for any guards." Purple was wearing his hoodie, covering his face. "Yeah that's exactly what I'm doing right now." Once I noticed Purple covering his face, I stopped looking around the corner. "You alright Purple?" He nodded, reassuring me. "Alright." I peeked around the corner of the shelf I was hiding behind. Four invisibility darts would last me for a while tonight. Darts are like needles, I can feel every inch sink into my skin, entering my veins. Familiar static noise invaded my ears, my eyes shifted down to my little device, and it was suddenly showing nothing but a blank screen. "By this time you are probably hoping to God that you won't get caught." Hollows voice showed up suddenly, as if it was coming from a speaker. I stood up, looking around to see if I can spot the long black cloak. "How the hell are you here? How did you know I'm in here?" He laughed a little bit. "Well I followed you. I also sneaked into your house at night, while you were sleeping. A dream. Your dream showed me that you would be here." Hollow can read minds when people are sleeping. What else is new? "Just don't get in my way, I'm trying to get you something expensive so that you will leave my family and I alone." The sparkles and shine from the crystals were beautiful, it almost made me wish I owned them. "Oh I won't. Whisper and I will just sit back, and watch. Won't we brother?" Whisper could be heard in the back ground. "Oh we definitely will." His voice sounded plotting, but I pushed away my nervousness. Injecting an invisibility dart into myself, I slowly crept closer to the shiniest crystal I saw. 


"Ohhh shiny..that turns me on." I could tell Hollow was smirking as I reached into the glass box, picking up the blue crystal. "Blue is such a sexy color, but you know what the sexiest color is? Red." Whisper laughed at his brothers comment, because he wears a red cloak. "Just kidding, it's black." Whisper stopped laughing and a hit sound was heard over a microphone. "Ow idiot, I'm just telling the truth. Anyway, Broker, I have an announcement." I sighed and slipped the blue color into my pocket. "What is it this time?" Hollows black hood appeared on my device. They hacked it somehow, and are now showing up as my communicators. "Sorry, but it's best if you see us while we talk to you." My grip became tighter onto my device, out of anger. "You better not bother my family, or else I will blow you two away worse than I did to David. He was nothing but trash. Someone who took away my best friend." Hollow and Whisper fell silent. A sniffling was heard from Whisper but he stopped. Something in me felt bad after I said that sentence, and hearing the sniffle. "Just get the fucking job done, and do not mention our father like that again. Everything was going good until you. YOU BROKER!!! YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!! IF I WOULDN'T HAVE FOUND HIM LYING ON HIS TABLE, WITH BULLET WOUNDS INSIDE OF HIS FACE, MAYBE I WOULDN'T BE LIKE I AM TODAY!" Hollow slammed his hand down on the table, even making Whisper jump up. Hollow's voice can go beyond the human capacity of loudness. The louder Hollow got, the more dizzier I became. "ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE JOB DONE, OR ARE YOU GOING TO DISRESPECT SOMEONE I CARED ABOUT?" Something wet dripped out of my left ear, almost felt like water from a shower. My reflex was to check what was coming out of my ear, so I put my finger up to it, collecting some of the wetness. To my shock, it was red. Hollow was so loud that my ear bled. "IT'S NOT LIKE YOU DIDN'T DISRESPECT ASHES! SELF CENTERED IDIOTIC PRICK! AND BULLSHIT! YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE THIS EITHER WAY. AFTER ALL, HE PROGRAMMED YOU TO BE A MONSTER ANYWAYS." Hollow sat back in his chair after getting up and knocking items off of shelves. His hands scraped along the table, as he sat. His nails reminded me of something worse than a black chalk board being scraped with knives. "You best..remain..quiet. Broker." I stared at my screen, once I suddenly saw Hollows eyes. His eyes glowed in his dark hood, showing nothing but red. No pupils, no white. Just red. It scared me half to death honestly, so I shut up, and continued taking more crystals. Hollow's eyes faded, but he was still shaking. "Anyway..what my announcement earlier was going to be..was..we are waiting..near the museum you are in. Once..you get done..then we will meet you outside..of the doors." He had to take breaks in between his words, because he was clearly out of breath. I nodded, not trusting to say a single word to him. Whisper sat quietly behind his brother the entire time. He didn't know how to comfort Hollow as he was having his melt down. I doubt that they both know the meaning of comfort. 


This was my final crystal, the rare Hylen. Hylen is made of real, pure gold. This will cost over a million, for sure. I placed the golden Hylen into my bag, and then turned my attention to Hollow again. "I'm done. Meet me outside." The screen went black, but I could see Hollow and Whisper running out of the door of the place they were sitting inside. What if they were going to take all of the crystals, before killing me? My thoughts were horrible, but I had to endure this and stay strong for my family. It was very cold outside, as I sneaked back out of the front double doors. Streets in the city were empty, and everyone was asleep at this hour. From a distance, there was a tall black cloak, and one red cloak beside him. Whisper and Hollow were walking toward me, rather fast. They got closer and closer, when Hollow stopped in front of me. "Give me the bag. Now." Hollow demanded. I did not hesitate, and quickly gave him the stolen goods. "Good. Now you don't have to worry about your family getting killed. Nice huh? If only someone could have done this for my dad. But no, you killed him. It's strange, isn't it? The mere thought that you could have been my uncle if we grew up around you." Hollow was right, the idea felt very very odd. "Listen, I'm not gonna say sorry for killing him, I had to do it. He was gonna kill my son, and another one of my close friends." Whisper looked down and held his arms close together. "Yeah. Whatever. Whisper, let's go back to our hideout. We need to sell this fast, so we can rebuild our gang. Maybe recruit people who want to become followers." Hollow's glowing red eyes appeared. They looked very angry, yet confident. "Maybe rebuild this..to see how many I can get to pour sweet, very sweet vengeance on the thieves." Whisper looked at his brother, then back at me. He looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn't because of Hollow being there. "YOU HEARD ME, OR DO I HAVE TO WHISPER IT TO YOU! GOODNESS!" He was quite hateful to Whisper, but would sometimes act protective over him. Hollow walked to Whisper, grabbing his arm and pulling him. "Come on!" I still wondered what Whisper was going to say. What matters now, is that I got the job done. I doubt that they will find us some day, or at all. Once I get back home, I plan to talk to my family about moving completely out of this city. 


Seven was sitting in the living room when I arrived back. "Hey! What happened to the signal man?" He looked at his device, examining it. "The brothers hacked it. Sorry I was gone for so long, they were talking to me through it." Seven looked annoyed and pissy. "So we all got immensely worried over you, while the whole time you were talking to cloaked mage look alikes?" I looked down the hallway, and out came Purple and Lunar. I explained to them all about what happened back at the crystal musuem. They all agreed to the idea of moving, but it would take a couple of months by walking. We decided to get a plane, after gathering up enough money. 

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