I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


21. Change Of Plans

Today is the day, I had no choice, not waiting any longer. Either I was going to steal something expensive, or let one of my family members die. Purple, Seven, and Lunar were still asleep while I awoke in the middle of the night. Night time has always been comforting, no matter how high my stress levels were. I stayed awake until day light, with thoughts of how everything is going to turn out. Light soon faded into the hideout window, causing the shadows of the trees to form on the living room wooden floor. My eyes were still heavy with exhaustion, but I made my way down the hallway. Lunar was already getting up, entering the bathroom very fast to take a long shower. Lunar has always been eager to take a shower every single day, staying in there for an hour at the most. I can understand though, he had to endure eighteen long years without a single shower. I remember a couple of times where he even forgot how to use a shower handle, which made me feel horrible for him. Purple was sitting in the living room, and asked me how I slept. "I just woke up at six, had a hard time falling back asleep. How did you sleep?" I asked Purple in return. "I slept fine I guess, just had some sore throat problems, I might be getting sick." Seven popped his head from around the kitchen corner. "Why didn't you wake up at seven Broker?" I laughed at him and yawned. "Oh shut up dude. How'd you sleep?" Seven walked into the living room as well, and sat on the same couch I was sitting on. "I slept for eight hours..so it seems like I won the sleeping competition against you guys. Lunar didn't sleep much either." A familiar scent flowed throughout the place, and the bathroom door was open. Lunar stepped out with wet black hair, wearing the same clothing that I stole for him four years ago. He was walking much better now. Memories were brought back to the first day he lived with us, and took a shower. "You still fit in those?" I asked him. "Yeah? At first they were loose because of my weight, but I had to grow in them better than before." He was right, four years ago the pants were somewhat loose, and the shirt would drape over his skinny arms. "We need to make some new clothing, I found some good hunting grounds for you by the way." Lunar slumped down on the grey couch across from me. "How far away is it?" He asked. "Not that far, maybe about twenty minutes. I never thought I'd ask..but..would you take Purple with you and teach him how to hunt?" Purple looked at me surprised. "What? You mean I'll get to shoot stuff like in video games?" The kid was always obsessed with games, and shooters. "I don't think it's like a game, but if you wanna think of it that way then.." I had no choice, I decided to stop babying Purple, and instead to teach him how to protect himself. In case I ever die, he would know how to fight off danger, like Hollow and Whisper.


I used both of my arms to support myself, and stood up from the couch."Change of plans, everyone." They all turned their attention to me quickly. "I'm going to check out this museum filled with rare diamonds instead. I was thinking last night, and I doubt that I could steal the watch I was talking about before. Who knows if that same person is still living there. I know where this museum is, I've stolen from it before. Remember?" Purple looked stressed and shifted his eyes to the floor. "It took you a while, and you almost got caught though. Are you sure?" I tried to get him not to worry anymore. "Yeah, they have super expensive and rare items in this place." Seven handed over my communication device. Purple gave me every dart I own. Lunar gave me a new gun. "Where did this come from?" I checked out the gun and loved it. It resembled a revolver, with a red handle. "I crafted it..after your gun got broken." I slipped the new gun into my old holster. "Damn..thanks a lot for that..I really appreciate it. If anything happens to your bow I'll make you a new one also." Lunar smiled and patted my back. "You're welcome..just be careful alright? We'll have the door locked extra tight, secure." I walked out of the hideout and took a deep breath of fresh air. Checking my pockets of my coat, I had everything. 

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