I am not Broken, I am Broker

A thief, known as the 'Shadow Broker', steals for anyone. If you want anything, anything in the world, all you have to do is talk to him. If you want books, expensive jewelry, money, valuable house hold items, even knives, swords, guns. He gains people's trust, if he believes they won't tell the police about his organization. In exchange for these items that he steals, he gets half the money that they earn if they sell these items. One day, against all odds, he becomes friends with a "customer". Whenever this customer wants Broker to steal from a mansion, everything turns out for the worst.


12. A Different Kind Of Mission

Every breath felt fresher than the previous one each time I inhaled. Being trapped in one room makes you starve for fresh air. I kept looking down at the GPS occasionally. Lunar and I had only twenty more miles to go before I get my hands on David. "Slow down..I have a habit of walking slow." Lunar's voice was behind me but I refused to walk slower. "Sorry but I'm in a rush here. I don't know if my family is dead right now and it's because of me." Lunar finally caught up to me and was struggling to stay beside me. "I don't know..I thought you would blame me for all of this instead." I turned to him, slowing my pace, I sighed to catch my breath. "Why is that?" His eyes avoided mine, with a guilty look on his face. "Because I'm the one that..told you to go into that mansion..I'm sorry I endangered your family." Hearing him blame himself made me feel frustrated. Normally, a person would blame the one that was responsible for telling them to go somewhere, and then something bad happens. I'm not that kind of person though. It's cliche and annoying as hell whenever people blame somebody for the actions of others. I know I blamed Ashes in the past for some stuff, but I realized that I shouldn't do that. I put my hand on Lunar's shoulder. "You're not the one that put them in danger. This guy that is holding them captive is the one at fault. He's the dangerous one and also putting my family in danger. Not you..alright?" He went quiet and nodded to show me that he understood. We continued to walk fast but I felt tired from my pace. I decided to slow down and we both took a break on a curb and there was sweat from Lunar's forehead. Today was hot and sunny, I was used to it because I'm an outside kind of person. Questions ran through my head and I turned to Lunar as he sat beside me. "In the past couple of days did you go by the hideout? I noticed you asked where I've been. Did you see anyone like a gang by the hideout?" Lunar shook his head and picked up a piece of grass. "No..I only visited the hideout in the day time. I assume they must have raided your place at night." I hated that everyone was in danger, but I'm glad that Lunar wasn't also kidnapped. "That makes sense. I'm glad you're alright though." I took out a bottle of water that I brought with me from the hideout and held the bottle above my head, tilting it downward so I can drink. I twisted the cap back on the bottle and pressed the bottle against Lunar's chest. "Drink something, you look dehydrated." He smiled and then drank some water. "Thanks..I am pretty thirsty. The sun doesn't help much either..it's so hot today." He drank half of the water but I didn't mind because I try to be understanding. We got up so we can continue our long walk. "Did you say this guy is your half brother? You never knew him as you two grew up?" Lunar was curious about my life. "No..the Thorn family never kept me. They disowned me because of what I do, and how they view it as a criminal act. I don't go by my real name, because I don't wan't to have their last name." I told him. "As if kidnapping people and threatening to kill them isn't worse." Lunar said. "I'm sorry you have to go through this..you were only trying to help me." He sounded very guilty. "Don't worry about it. When we get back to the hideout I'll give you the clothing that I got for you. You'll like them." The navigator said that we had about ten more miles to go now. "Only ten more miles to go. I just hope that I can see my family again and to get rid of this idiot.." I know my negativity didn't help the situation any, but I couldn't help it. My son and best friends that I consider my family, were being held captive in a secluded room with an idiot that is apparently my half brother. He also has a psychopathic personality to him. The look on his face, the evil tone of voice whenever he got close to Seven. I then remembered that he was also holding a gun. Fear ran through me..


I don't care about my blood related family, I only care about the ones I was around my whole life. Lunar tried to cheer me up. "We'll get to them in time, don't worry so much." He patted my back, trying to comfort me and it did help. I gained back my hope and we had only five more miles to go and I felt exhausted. "Yeah..I guess so. Thanks for that." Lunar asked me more questions. "How do you not have more friends than what you already have? Are people intimidated by your hobby?" I thought about his question. "Maybe..but then again I never allowed a customer to get to know me. I was always closed up but I started to get tired of not befriending people. The last guy I helped out, Joel, and you, are the only ones that I've actually talked to besides talking business with them."  I appreciated his conversation because it helped distracted me, and as we got to a dirt covered road, the GPS instructed that we needed to turn left. To our left there was nothing but trees, a forest. "The hell? This place is in a forest?" It was like this was Davids own hideout just like mine. "Maybe it's a secret place like yours." Lunar spoke up and we made our way into the forest. "I hope there's not any wolves out here. They're common in this area." Lunar looked scared and unsure if he should keep following me. Through his hesitation, he decided to follow me anyway. "I have a couple of darts. Remember?" I told Lunar. "If one were to attack us, I can shoot a sleep dart into a wolf." Five minutes into walking through, there were no signs of danger. I could see a huge building in the distance and it looked like it was covered in vines. I reached into my coat pocket and I only had two sleep darts and I got worried. I tried to remember why I don't have more darts with me, and I remembered that I was in a rush earlier, back at the hideout. My hand was used as a visor to cover up the sun that was disabling my sight. "That's the place..I think." I began to run and Lunar ran with me and we got there within a few minutes.There were two guards there, and I told Lunar to kneel behind a tree as I sneaked up to the guards and shot them with sleep darts. After shooting the guards with the darts, I motioned my finger for Lunar to come out from behind the tree. "Alright..we're gonna sneak in this damn place, the key to sneaking is to feel like you're a shadow." He looked confused and I gave him a piece of my black clothing. "Use this hood. Look for cracks in the floor, try to avoid them at all costs." The front door to this building had a key hole, and I began to lock pick. This door was awfully hard to unlock, but after ten tries, I finally succeeded. I could hear Davids loud voice and he was talking to himself. "Where did that moron go?" He mumbled and I could hear his footsteps pacing back and forth in the room on the upper floor. I was worried about Lunar and told him to stay there as I went up to the next floor. I had to hurry up, I just know that David is looking for me in that trap room that belongs to the mansion. Making sure that my steps weren't too loud, I walked as fast as possible up a stair case. There was a solid black door that I was faced with soon after arriving upstairs. I made sure Lunar was still okay, so I leaned over the balcony and he was still sitting there. I'm sure that the only other people that were here, were the guards that I took out. I heard punching noises and then a gun being loaded. My heart pounded and my palms were sweating. "How would you like to die today huh? I'm sure this will make little Broker come out of his hiding place in that room he's in." Hearing David's voice say those words filled me with rage. I peeked through the window of the black door and my adrenaline boosted whenever I noticed David was holding a shotgun up to Ashes head. Ashes was shivering and begged him for his life. I could also hear Ashes say something. "Please don't kill me in front of my best friend..if he's hiding in the room I'm sure that he would come out right now..if he knew you had a gun to my head." I busted into the room and took out my own gun and before I knew it, I heard the shotgun sound off before I could use my own gun. "Brok-!.." Ashes voice stopped mid sentence when he was about to say my name.


I saw red everywhere. Red on the wall, red on the chair that Ashes was sitting in. I don't have to explain what I mean by "red". The look on Ashes face before he got shot, is something that broke my heart. He looked happy to see me, like he knew I'd come to save the day. I felt like I let him down by not reacting fast enough. I lost control of myself and it felt like I had another personality, but I know I didn't. I just lost my temper very incredibly. My hands uncontrollably grabbed the hair of David, and slammed his head back onto the table that this moron sat on during those stupid times he would talk to me. I never stopped slamming his head over and over and over. He laughed in my face and pushed me off somehow. I gave him a nose bleed, and I heard the sound of David's shotgun being picked up. David had his shotgun in his hand and I forcefully knocked it back out of his hands. Taking my own gun out of my pocket, I held it right in front of this assholes right eye. I was beyond shaking very badly, but I gained control and had a steady aim. "Oh..I'm so sorry that I killed him. His name was Ashes, how ironic. Are you going to cremate him now?" His remark made my body heat go up like hell fire. "Don't disrespect my brother like that." I cocked back my gun and held my finger on the trigger and leaned forward, before whispering into Davids ear. "You know how people say, see you in hell?" He nodded and laughed. "Well..I won't be seeing you there, because I'm going to make your death so horrible, that you wont exist anywhere." I didn't hesitate to shoot him immediately after I finished my sentenced. I knew nothing about my half brother, and I didn't care to know him before I killed him. It was the first time I've ever killed somebody, but I didn't regret it. It satisfied me to see his blood and his life fade from his eyes. After coming back to my senses, I fell to the floor and then wondered where Seven and Purple were. I sat beside the table that had Davids body lying on it. I stared at Ashes body across from me and I was lost for words. We were best friends my entire life. To have that taken away from you is something that will never heal. I've never been through the death of a beloved friend like this and now I had to stare at his lifeless body. I heard fast footsteps come closer and Lunar appeared in the door way. He gasped and covered his mouth and then ran back out whenever he processed the bloody sight. I wondered where Seven and Purple were. I didn't want to know, I didn't want to search this place and find them dead also. Tears flooded my eyes and I held the gun in my hand and looked down at it, wondering if I should use it on myself also. I knew that Purple wouldn't want me to do that, so I stayed strong. Purple may call me "Broker", but he's been calling me "dad" more lately. He called me "Broker" because it was out of respect, but I told him that I prefer him to call me his father. 


I will begin to search for Seven and Purple as soon as I regain my sanity. I avoided looking at Ashes body as I finally gained the strength to stand. I walked, but staggered while trying to balance. I dropped my gun as I walked, and I made my way into the hallway and met Lunar outside of the room. He was crying and covering his head as he sat slumped against the wall. I sat beside him and put my arm over his shoulder. "Sorry you had to see that. I had to do it..I had to kill..David. He shot..Ashes though.." I cried as well as I stared in front of me. The first time in a very long time. The last time I cried, was when I was a little kid. "Thanks for being here with me so I can have someone to lean on though. I have no idea where Seven and Purple are. We should search for them in this place as soon as we can." My nose felt stuffed as I talked and I sniffled as I stood back up again. "I'm sorry about Ashes..I really am." Lunar said and he avoided eye contact with me. I knew why he didn't look at me, he felt guilty. "I'll be fine." I told him, but I knew I wasn't going to be fine. Not for a long long time. My heart regretted the fact that whenever I went back to the hideout earlier, I scattered out some sleep darts and didn't keep enough so that I could shoot David with one. I only had two, and they were used on the guards. I don't want Lunar to feel like it's his fault, so I'm going to avoid acting cold with him. He's a good kid. If he was working with David then that would be different. I would have killed him as well. 

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