She's not afraid

My first story so... *squeals of delight and fainting whilst imagining it was real life*

Florence is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. But one day she meets two boys who could change her life. What will happen when she has to decide who to give her heart to?

"Why are you so afraid of falling in love?"


1. 1 ^.^

[Florence POV]

I was sitting in the back of small library in Dereham, Norfolk. I was sat at a table where you couldn't see me to well, lots of different books from horror/thriller up to romantic comedy were lying on the table, along with my notebooks and sketches of who knows what. Also my iPod 5 was lying on the table, I had one earbud in listening to an interesting mix of Greenday and Take That. I was in my own little world, drawing a picture of myself and also trying to write songs. That's when everything changed. I was sitting there, minding my own business, when two people came into the library, panting. They dashed up to the bookshelves near me, glancing at the big glass windows ever so often. Then a group of girls of all ages passed the window along with a few photographers. Once they passed, the to boys sighed and took of their beanies and sunglasses. They both looked very familiar and they both looked quite handsome. No stop that Florence. I looked at them both one last time and sighed and got back to reading my German book. After about a few minutes somebody tapped my shoulder. I looked up and it was one of the boys who came in earlier. He looked quite good looking from up close. Brown curly hair and shocking green eyes. He started to say something, but I couldn't hear him. I pulled out me earbud and turned of my music. "Sorry? I couldn't understand you.", I smiled at him. "Oh, that's okay. Is it okay if me and my friend sat at your table?", he asked in a charming voice. "Yeah sure-let me just put some of my stuff away-", I said reaching over the table. "No it's fine, really.", he said smiling at me. "Oh, okay.", I said blushing slightly and pulling my hands back. The boys sat down at my table and I kind of started at them. Then the other boy, with slight windswept hair noticed and looked at me. I blushed and looked away a bit too quickly. I continued reading and they started chatting. When I looked back up, I noticed they were both looking at me. I smirked to myself and got back to my work. "Doing homework?", the curly haired one asked me leaning over and looking at my notebooks. I quickly shut a few of them, blushing, not wanting him to know what was in them. "Ohh... Secret?", he said which made me blush more. "No. I only have to read this book for German, but those *moving my hand indicating the notebooks* are full of sketches and -uh- songs and lyrics.", I said quite awkwardly. "Can we read them?", his friend with the windswept hair asked. I quickly gathered the notebooks together scanning the pages for anything too embarrassing, but I didn't find anything. "Uh- yeah here.", I said passing them a notebook each. "I'm Louis by the way, and this is Harry.", the windswept hair one said. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Florence.", I said shaking their hands. "You look really familiar.", I say quietly examining them whilst they read my books. Harry looked up and grinned, "Yeah, we're in One Direction, from the X Factor you know?" "Oh okay but I mean from somewhere else.", I say raking my brains. After a few minutes Louis starts to grin and shows Harry a page of the notebook. They both grin and look up at me. I fond myself starting to blush. "What?, I ask. "Who's this Louis and Jack you've written about?", Louis asks. I blush, "Jack is just a friend and Louis, I met him when we were on holiday once." "Just a friend?", Harry questions and I nod still a bit red. "Wait a minute. Louis. Louis. You weren't on holiday in Blackpool once were you?", I ask Louis slowly figuring out were I've seen him before. "Yeah, why?", he asks. "Omg, did you sing Teenage Dirtbag on stage?", I say , hoping it was him. "Yeah, I did. Wait a minute - Florence? Florence from Germany?", he says remembering. At least I hope. "Yeah.", I say smiling. We both get up and he engulfs me in a huge hug picking me off the ground. I take a deep breath smelling his cologne again. "It's been too long.", he says smiling, letting me down. I giggle, "Now I know why I lost contact with you." "Yeah, I sorry. I just auditioned and well we kinda hit off.", he says, "But I did miss you.", he says making me so happy. "I missed you to.", I say, smiling. "Uh- does somebody want to tell me what's going on?"


What do you think? Just watched the 1D movie with my mum, now watching it again with my dad😂

Love them so much ❤️ (1D and my family XD)

Should I continue?

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