-Loki Fanfiction-
-Norse Mythology-

(In order of appearance)

Eleanor: Tamala Shelton ����
Mother: Kat Stewart ����
Felix: Ian Somerhalder ����
Benjamin: Bradley James ����
Abraham: Rory Potter ����
Mayor: Lachy Hulme ����
Freya: Delta Goodrem ����
Gersemi: Ellie Goulding ����
Thor: Chris Hemsworth ����
Loki: Tom Hiddleston ����


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

-Loki's POV-

I'm awaken by a loud clap of thunder, I jolt forwards as beads of sweat slide down my forehead; he's here. I glance to my right and notice Eleanor was absent by my side. I frantically glance around the room looking for her, that's when I notice her; sitting with a blanket around her glorious frame, in front of the fire, poking at the orange flames with a long stick. 

I grab my underwear quietly and slide them on, before I hop out of bed and walk over to Eleanor. I sit down and place my hands on her waist, I carefully lift her up and place her on my lap. I move her hair over to her right side and leave open mouthed kisses along her neck. 

"Morning." Eleanor moans, tilting her neck to the right. I hear her breathing hitch in her throat, making me remember what happened last night. 

"How are you feeling, darling?" I ask, trailing my hands up and down her waist.

"Very...enlightened." She mumbles, leaning her head on my shoulder, and closing her hazel eyes. I trail my hands up her waist and over her stomach up to her breasts. I start fondling her in my hands, earning a moan to escape her lips.       "Loki." Eleanor moans my name, as my left hand slides down her naked body to her heat. I brush my fingertips over her heat as she shivers in her skin.

"Loki! Someone is in the village!" A loud yell from behind the door bellows. I roll my eyes as Eleanor shifts from on top of me. 

"I'll be there in a minute!" I yell back, before rising to my feet, I quickly change into my clothes and start heading to the door.

"I'm sorry, El." I say, as I see her tying the ribbon around her her clothed waist.

"Don't worry, Loki. I love you." She says, coming over to me and pecking my lips.                             "I'll jump out the window, so no one gets suspicious." Eleanor mumbles, fixing the collar of my shirt. Eleanor gives me another kiss and walks over to the window.                             "Good luck, my God." She mumbles, before crawling out the window. I take a breath and start heading towards the door, I hear muffled whispers and the loud booming voice of a person I know all to well. I strut out as all eyes become fixated on me. I walk out onto the gravel road and stop dead in my tracks.

"Hello brother." He says. I watch him as he slowly walks over to me, twirling the MJOLNIR in his hand.

"I'm not your brother, or don't you remember what I am?" I reply, watching him stop a few metres in front of me. The tension begins to build as I feel his eyes burning into me.                           "Why are you here, Thor?" I say, looking up at him.

"Father isn't proud of your actions, Loki. He's devastated in you, so is mother." Thor says, giving me a pitied smirk.

"I'm not proud of Odin killing my family, but, I'm sure we've all moved on." I say, stepping forward.

"I am your family, and you will always be my brother, Loki!" Thor bellows, stepping forward.

"I will never be your brother!" I spit, earning the village to gasp, and Thor to look at me with a glare of hatred.

"Where is Hnoss?" Thor mutters, giving me daggers.

"Wrong village." I mumble, giving him a smirk.

"Don't lie Loki!" Thor bellows again.

"Why would I lie?" I question, giving Thor a small smirk.

"If you're lying.."

"I'm not!" I say, keeping my ground. I watch as Thor gives me a look of hatred and walks out of the village. When he's out of ear reach I yell to everybody to run, which they did.

Parents got their children, husbands got their wives. Everyone had someone, as for me; I did not. I watch as most of the village barricade themselves in their houses, and some leave all together. This wasn't going to be pleasant.

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