-Loki Fanfiction-
-Norse Mythology-

(In order of appearance)

Eleanor: Tamala Shelton ����
Mother: Kat Stewart ����
Felix: Ian Somerhalder ����
Benjamin: Bradley James ����
Abraham: Rory Potter ����
Mayor: Lachy Hulme ����
Freya: Delta Goodrem ����
Gersemi: Ellie Goulding ����
Thor: Chris Hemsworth ����
Loki: Tom Hiddleston ����


4. Chapter 3

"Eleanor!" I hear someone screamed, I quickly push Felix off of me and jolt forward, I pull my skirt down before my mother bursts into the cottage.

"Mayor! He's got Abraham!" Mother shrieks, running out the door again. I scramble to my feet and follow her out the door, leaving Felix flustered on the gravel floor. I see all the village out of their houses and staring at the scenes taking place in front of them. Mayor Arthur had Abraham by the scruff of his neck and was walking him over to a horse that was tied up outside the Pub.

"Boy! This'll teach you to barge into my house like that!" Mayor spits, tying Abraham's hands to the horses reins.

"No! Stop please!" I scream, just before Mayor could hit the horses backside.

"He's my brother!" I scream again, earning Mayor to look over to me.

"Your, brother?" Mayor says, giving me a smirk.

"Looks more like your son." He adds, earning gasps and chuckles from the audience.

"Father." Felix says, walking beside me. He takes my hand in his, and kisses the crown of my head.

"Let him go." 

"And why would I do that?"

"I'll marry Felix. Now." I butt in, earning more gasps.

"I'll marry Felix now instead of next week, if you let my brother go." I mutter, letting go of Felix's hand and slowly walking over to Abraham.

It takes Mayor a few minutes to decide, before he gives his answer.

"Three days. You have three days. When they are up, you'll be married to Felix. Deal?" Mayor states, giving me a smirk. I glance over to Benjamin who is being held back by some of the Army. He gives me a sympathetic look and mouths a 'don't'.

"Deal." I reply.

-Freya's POV-

"I'm going to kill him!" I screech, running a hand through my hair.

"Who?" My daughter Gersemi asks, fixing her flower crown that was laid perfectly on her blonde hair.

"Loki! That's who!" I screech, picking up my hand mirror and throwing it out the palace window.

"Mother, it's all over a necklace, get over it." Gersemi says, hopping up off her lounge.

"It's not just that! He's done something to Hnoss, she's missing!" I say, pinching the bridge of my nose. I start walking around the palace, trying to think properly.

"She's probably seducing someone." Gersemi whispers.

"Daughter!" I spit, looking at her with hatred.

"Mother! She's the Godess of Lust and Desire, what do you expect?!" Gersemi defends.

"Plus, have you seen most of the Gods staring at her like she's meat, even that Loki guy has a thing for her." Gersemi spits, her jealousy showing.

"People look at me, but not the way they look at Hnoss." She whispers, sulking back on her couch.

"That's it, I'm going to Odin!" I say, stomping out of the Palace.

"What's he going to do?!" I hear Gersemi yell from inside the Palace walls. I start walking over to Asgard, walking past other Gods and Goddesses. I make it to the front steps when I see Thor; he was standing like he was waiting for someone. I give him a smile as I walk past him up the stairs to the front of Asgard. I'm about to walk in when the ground begins to shake and the clouds go a metallic green and swirl into a black. A scream of a guy could be heard inside the palace, making me tremble with fear. Did something happen? I turn around to see Thor, not fazed by the events taking place in front of him.

"Thor! What happened?" I ask, earning him to look at me with a worried expression.

"Hnoss, every two minutes she gets older." Is all he replies with before walking up the palace stairs and into the building; leaving me paralysed.

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