-Loki Fanfiction-
-Norse Mythology-

(In order of appearance)

Eleanor: Tamala Shelton ����
Mother: Kat Stewart ����
Felix: Ian Somerhalder ����
Benjamin: Bradley James ����
Abraham: Rory Potter ����
Mayor: Lachy Hulme ����
Freya: Delta Goodrem ����
Gersemi: Ellie Goulding ����
Thor: Chris Hemsworth ����
Loki: Tom Hiddleston ����


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

"You'll see mother again, in Hell." He finishes, before pulling the dagger out and slamming back into my abdomen. I let out another blood curdling scream when he throws me to the floor.

"Abeโ€ฆ" I cough out, looking up at my younger brother with pure shock.

"You stabbed me on the wrong side." I add, making Abraham look at me with guilt filled eyes.

"El-" My brother begins, but doesn't quite finish his sentence as a blood curdling crack echoed from his neck. I splutter out a sob as I watch Abraham's body crumble to the ground: lifeless. I look up at the being whom took the life out of my brother. And I'm startled at who I see: Loki.

He runs over to me, jumping over Abraham and collapses to his knees, applying pressure to my wound.

"Loki?" I whisper, looking into his blue eyes. Warmth and love radiating from his aura.

"I'm not dying, I justโ€ฆthere is a needle and thread in the sewing kit over there." I say, pointing over to the drawer near the table.

"Darling, we won't be needing that." He exclaims, taking my hands away from my bleeding abdomen. He rips open my dress and corset, making my body visible to him. I watch in pure shock as he glides his warm hands down my body and over my wound, a coldness spreads over my abdomen as the wound automatically heals, Loki removes his hand to show a pink scar, just above my hipbone.

"How are you feeling, darling?" Loki coos, wrapping me in a blanket that was scattered on the ground.

"Peachy. Loki, how are you here? Mayor had plunged a dagger into your chest." I whimper, sitting up and embracing him into a hug.

"I'm the God of Mischief after all, Eleanor." Loki purrs in my ear, as he nibbles on my earlobe.

"And another thing. How did you get past Thor?" Loki pulls me from his embrace, and looks me in the eyes.

"He's back? Thor is back?" Loki practically yelps, jumping to his feet.

"We must get out of here, El!" Loki exclaims, dragging me up from the ground. I watch as Loki finds a baby blue dress from the drawer, and throws it at me.

"You must get dressed." He says sternly. I strip off my torn clothes and pull on the dress, Loki buttons me up and we walk towards the ladder going down to the ground.

"I can trick Thor if he's out there. The great baboon won't know it's me." Loki says, and with a click of his fingers a doppelgänger of myself strides down the ladder, as Loki takes my hands and pulls me to the other exit of the cubby.

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