-Loki Fanfiction-
-Norse Mythology-

(In order of appearance)

Eleanor: Tamala Shelton ����
Mother: Kat Stewart ����
Felix: Ian Somerhalder ����
Benjamin: Bradley James ����
Abraham: Rory Potter ����
Mayor: Lachy Hulme ����
Freya: Delta Goodrem ����
Gersemi: Ellie Goulding ����
Thor: Chris Hemsworth ����
Loki: Tom Hiddleston ����


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

"Hnoss, I'm sorry those Midgardians did this to you." The man says, pulling away. I glance up to see the all mighty Thor peering down at me. I swallow a lump that formed in my throat, and carefully pull away from his warm embrace.

"Hnoss. What is the matter?" Thor asks, taking my hands in his huge ones.

"Who's Hnoss?" I ask, carefully picking my words. I know for a fact the one wrong move could end with my head like Mayor's. Thor looks at me puzzled, his blue eyes scanning my facial features.

"You?" It came out more of a question than an answer.

"You were brought here to Midgard when you were five, you are the daughter of Freya and the sister of Gersemi." Thor explains, giving yet another puzzled look. I shake my head continuously, this is a dream! This is all so wrong!

"Come with me, you must change before we go home to Asgard." Thor says, taking my left hand in his right. He leads me to the cubby, where Abraham was hiding.

"Go change; I'll be waiting here." Thor whispers, bringing my left hand up to his lips, and planting a delicate kiss to my slightly bruised knuckles. I bow my head and ascend up the ladder. Once up the ladder I notice Benjamin with Abraham. He was helping Abraham pack clothes into his bag.

"Abraham?" I ask, earning a glare of hatred from both the males. I watch as Benjamin takes the bag from Abraham's grasp, and leads them to the ladder of the treehouse. Benjamin climbs down the tree house and I watch as Abraham turns around in his spot.

"You lied to me, El." Abraham accuses, walking up to me; his features holding anger and sadness.

"I watched you decline and fear that monster Felix, I watched you squirm in his foul embrace. Of course mother never saw the way you looked at him, with pure disgust!" Abraham says, his voice full of venom as he spoke about Felix.

"I heard the things he told his mates, the corrupted and sexual things he dreamt of doing to you. He would boast about how you would be another successful fuck! That this time it would be different, that you would be his for all eternity." Abraham adds, walking a few steps closer to me.

"And then that God came along, with his pride on a string and mischievous grin on another. The way you looked at him, with aw and lust! You never looked at Felix like that. I knew there was something, a bond between you two. It was like a loving bond, but far more erotic." Abraham says, tears welling in his eyes.

"Abe-" I try, I watch as he wipes his eyes on the back of his long shirt and strangles out an "I'm not finished." I watch on as my sixteen year old brother starts talking about Loki and I.

"I saw you, down at the river. Last night, at sunset." Abraham whispers, his hands now by his sides.

"I watched you for quite a while, you went to bathe in the water and then he showed up; your precious Loki. He followed you into the water and..." He stops abruptly, and looks down at the wooden ground.

"Abraham…" I plea, my voice shaky and soft as tears start running down my cheeks. Only causing him to snap his head up and scream at me.

"I saw you fuck him!" More tears streaming down my cheeks as Abraham carries on, ignoring my pleas and objections for him to stop.

"You fucked him, Eleanor! And by the profanities spilling from your lips it wasn't the first time! You hated the way Felix touched you, and you knew him for years. A complete stranger waltzes in and after three days of knowing him you let him take you! You were and still are a married women, Eleanor!" Abraham spits, venom and hatred glued to every word he yelled.

"Mother also committed Adultery." Abraham says, walking over to the table in the far corner of the treehouse, I watch as he stopped and picks up a dagger, turning to face me.

"She did this, just to keep the food on the table when dad died." He laughs, his footsteps creeping closer to me as I back away slowly. "I still remember the screams, and moans. Her beds headboard crashing against the stone walls, I watched, every night another random guy, sweaty and breathing heavily walk out her bedroom like it was nothing. Like, her children weren't in the next room, listening to her fuck another man!" Abraham yells, stomping his foot and making me flinch in my spot.

"A-Abraham, please. I b-beg for M-mercy." I stutter, my hands coming up in front of me, shielding me from what might be to come.

"Funny, I've heard you beg before, El." Abraham says, walking closer to me, twirling the dagger between his nimble fingers.

"But, I believe that, it was for Loki to, what was it? Fuck you faster."

My eyes widen in shock at my brother, the foul and crude words coming from his mouth made me feel extremely sick.

Then the realisation clicks, like a single cricket in the night.

"Mother?…" I whimper, looking into Abraham's bloodshot eyes.

"That, that was easy. I told her about all the nights I lied awake, hearing her animalistic moans of pure ecstasy through the stone walls - you would think that the stone walls would block her Adultery behaviour, but it didn't. When I confronted her, she acted exactly like you are now - she denied it. I laughed, called her a slut, than she ran at me. Abused me, told me I should respect my elders. That's when I pulled the rope from around her dress, up to her neck. I gripped it tight, I thought my hands would rip off - they didn't, obviously. But, it was so amusing, to watch the life drain from her features. Her eyes, they were beautiful, glossed over with death. I knew my planned had worked, and it was glorious." Abraham said, him right in front of me staring me right in the eyes.

"Now, it's your turn." He says, pulling back his arm and stabbing me in the right side of my abdomen. I let out a wicked scream, as Abraham pushes the dagger in further.

"You'll see mother again, in Hell."

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