Midnight wonderstruck

What happens when Stella wakes up with a special gift?


3. waking up

Stella's POV

I wake up feeling dizzy and a little bit queasy. I look around in confusion, then I see a boy.

"Where am I" I say looking towards him.

"Oh, Stella you're awake!" He says jumping out of surprise . "Here swallow this with a glass of water and it will make you feel better"

I take the pill from his hand and stare at it. It's green with a pink glow. I stare at him, not knowing to trust him or not. "How did you know my name?"

"Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Mason and I'm your freagel" he says smiling at me.

I ask him what a 'freagel' is and all he responds with is: I'm here to guide you through your magical adventure. When he said that I cringed at how corny that sounds. In the end I decide to take the pill, because even if it does kill me it will at least put me out of my misery.

"Look I know your are probably really weirded out right now and confused, but I am told to say that stuff. But I'm going to tell the full-ish story. Right now you have your witchcraft powers and I am here to teach you how to use them." He said looking at me whilst taking the smile off his face and looking more stern.

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