Midnight wonderstruck

What happens when Stella wakes up with a special gift?


2. Mason's POV

Mason's POV

It was a casual evening, I was sitting in my lounge room practising the art of genoval. When suddenly a shock of power races though my body and I know why, it's because of her. I race out the door, it's dark and gloomy. A vision rushes through my eyes and I see her running from them. She's a smart girl, which hopefully means she'll turn down the path towards me.

I was right. I see her looking around for safety.

I decide it's finally time.

I call out for her to take cover with me. She listens.

~ twenty minutes later~

"I am certain they have gone" I say to her, looking deep into her eyes.

"Are you sure?" She says.

The memory floods back into my head. The yelling, the chaos, the screaming all overtake my body, leaving me WEAK.

I look her dead in the eye, not saying a word for a strong 10 minutes.

"You should get some rest" I say, softening my voice.

She nods a lies down on my couch, pulling the blanket right over her head.

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