Midnight wonderstruck

What happens when Stella wakes up with a special gift?


1. running

I wake up to a blurry sight of trees around me. I try to sit up, but it's almost impossible with my head spinning and whirling around. I brace myself and stand up. At that moment my head instantly doesn't hurt and I can see a crystal clear Forrest surrounding me.

I see black shadowy figures in the distance, slowly getting closer. Shouting all burrs into one blob, but in amongst that blob of shouting I hear my name, Stella. I start sprinting. Jumping over logs and dodging different tree branches is not an easy task, when you're trying to sprint at full speed.

I take a sharp turn, almost slipping over. I hear a voice,

"HEY, HIDE IN HERE!!!!!" The voice calls.

I flip my head to see a vague outline of a cottage/cabin. I run towards it, hoping for the best.

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