I scream

"Nooo there was hot weather!! I tired of hot weather!!"I said

"Its okay every will be fine "I said to my self and take a long breath

Dad knock the door

"Sup?"I ask

"I'm sorry but i have to do this"Dad said

"Get off of my room!"I yell

Dad left me , I start crying and fall asleep

Maid knock the door

"Who's that?"I ask and i rub my eyes

"Maria"She said

"What's up?"I ask

"Taxi will be here are you ready to go?"She ask

"Yeah , i will be there in 1 hour"I said

"But taxi will be here in 10-15 minutes"She said

"Tell he to wait la !!!"I yell and walk into my bathroom

I wear Short jeans AC/DC shirt with black vans

I take MacBook Pro and IPhone 6s charger and headphones in my bag pack

I put makeup on my face , dark red lips , i fill my eyes brown. I grap nike hat

I take my bags go downstairs

"Hey jessie someone want to meet you"Dad said

Its Jeremy Smith

"Sup jerk?"I said

"I know you're going to leave baby"he said and trying to hug me I pull him out

"Fuck you"I said and punch him

"Let's go"Dad said and kick him

"I hate you dad"I said and hug him

"No you not hate me jessie"Dad said

I get in taxi

"Bye i love you take care of your self okay?"Dad said and kiss my forehead

"Love you too"I said

"Bye bye"Amanda said and smile

"Bye bitch!!"I said and show my middle finger to her

"Go airport"I said to taxi driver

While i sitting in car I listening "All about you "By mcfly I trying to thinking about last night

RCA PUB (Last night)

I wear shorts jeans and black shirt with vans .

"Ruby i love you !!!"I said

"Me too!!"She said

I started twerking

"Whoaaaaa girl"Someone touch my butt

I turn around to see who he is , he has brown eyes brown hair aww he so cute

"Sup?"I said

"Get out off my way"He said

"You think who are you ? My dad?"I ask

"Do i look like your dad?"

"No you're not"I said

"So move please"He said

"Shut up"I said

"You shut up"

"Make me"I said and move closer to him

"Yeah,but you will be little moan"He said and kiss my neck

"What's your name baby?"He ask

"Jessica , you?"I said and touch his butt

"Calum , calum thomas hood i am single "He said

Someone throw they drink to us

"What the fu*k?"I said

Girl who has blonde hair blue eyes she do it

"What bitch? What?"I ask

"Get off of my boyfriend"She said

"I don't know he said he's single"I said

"He's not!"She said

"Okay bye !"I said and i get out

I find my car , i saw paper is in front of my car

CALL ME JESSICA xxxxxxxxxx

calum h.

"What the fuck?"I said and i take paper in my car (Black audi)


"Fuck!"I said

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